The problem began more than a year ago when the work for laying sewerage lines was commissioned, says Liffy Thomas

Time taken for completion of development works in many localities is unusually long and Perungadi is one such place. It suffers much whenever the civic body takes on a project. For over two months now, residents in many pockets are walking and driving on gravel stones. That’s because black topping is not done on a majority of the roads, raising a dust storm every time a vehicle passes through.

“This is the third time they have put metal on Ramappa Nagar Main Road but have not started black topping. Previously when they dropped gravel stones, it got washed off in the rain,” says Michael Arul Dhas, president of Kamraj Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association. He says members of the various residents’ welfare association are vexed making complaints to the representatives in the zone as well as to the Corporation’s online grievance redressal as no action is being taken.

The problem began more than a year ago when the work for laying sewerage lines was commissioned. “Cemented roads were dug up to connect sewer lines to homes, but work is still on. This is delaying road-laying work,” says B. Maximux, president of Kurinji Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association.

Once laying sewerage lines is completed, work on metro water would start. Thirumalai Annex 1st Road is filled with two-inch carpet of mud and gravel stone. Ganesh, running a shop opposite the Corporation school, says his wheezing has only aggravated.

“The dust rising in layers when vehicles whiz past makes it difficult for me to stay long at the shop,” he says.

For pedestrian, too, walking is a tough task.

Those on four-wheelers say that the suspension and shock absorber need repair driving on battered roads. Formerly a Panchayat, Perungudi is said to generate high revenue through professional tax.

According to Corporation Councillor G.M. Janakiraman, of the 207 roads in the division sewage work was completed in 81 of them.

Black topping of roads will be done in the 81 roads, for which work has started. But, estimate for the rest has to be prepared and work is expected to be completed in a couple of months. He says that road laying work has been completed at 3rd and 4th Rajiv Nagar (south) Cross Street and 3rd and 4th Senthil Nagar Cross Street as they come under the ‘grid system’.

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