The building is dingy and pieces of loose concrete keep dropping from its ceiling, reports T. Madhavan

The Chennai Corporation’s tax collector’s office in Nolambur is in a state of neglect. The office which is on the ground floor of a dingy complex has no basic amenities.

S. Ramachandran, a resident of Nolambur, said the office is cramped and dim due to poor lighting. The building was earlier used by Nolambur panchayat, which merged to a merger with the Chennai Corporation in 2011. “The Corporation has done nothing to improve the facilities for the staff. The building also houses a depot (Dn.143) of Chennai Metrowater,” he said.

Narrating the scary experience of visiting this office, Ambattur resident S. Raghuraman, said, “Pieces of the ceiling are found strewn over the floor. When enquired, an official said it had been in a bad condition for several years. Once a servant maid of the office injured her leg due to shower of loose concrete.”

The tax collector said that he would sit inside this office wearing a helmet to protect his head. A member of the Chennai Corporation Staff Union alleged that very little attention care was paid to the safety of their staff or tax payers.

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