Eighteen bus bays and 30 shops are ready. Loose ends are being tied, writes K. Manikandan

The bus terminus, for which the Tambaram Municipality took possession of a piece of land eight years ago, is expected to go operational in a couple of months.

The bus terminus, though not a full fledged one, is being developed on a piece of land measuring 4.26 acres, on Grand Southern Trunk beside Madras Export Processing Zone – Special Economic Zone.

All civil works have now been completed, including 18 bus bays, 30 shops, space for a food court, toilets and time office and rest rooms for the bus crew. Final touches are being given; talks are on to arrive at traffic patterns and a system regulating the movement of buses into and out of the terminus.

Officials at the Department of Municipal Administration and Water Supply said out of the project cost of Rs. 4.95 crore, 90 per cent was a loan from Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure and Financial Services, while the rest of the contribution from the general funds of the municipality.

The 4.25 acres of land was transferred to Tambaram Municipality by the Department of Public Health way back in 2005, but it was not until 2008 that inspections were made. Work started in December 2010 and had to be completed by the middle of 2012. Plagued by several problems, including typical government procedural hassles, its completion got delayed repeatedly.

Once completed, the 3,630 square meet (39,000 square feet) terminus would be able to accommodate about 40 buses, including those parked in the bus bays. Buses originating from and terminating at Tambaram would be operated from here, thereby partially easing congestion on GST Road around the existing Anna Bus Terminus in West Tambaram. More than 6,000 services of Metropolitan Transport Corporation alone pass through Tambaram in addition to buses operated by other State government corporations.

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