A programme on the subject will be held on February 23.

It’s exam time! Whether it is Class X or XII it is necessary for children to stay focused. In order to guide them, a few organisations have embarked on novel programmes. “We want to help the children manage stress. They have to get out of the system of rote learning and instead understand the concepts,” says R. Kalpana, Director, The Academy for Communication and Learning. The academy partnering with the School of Success is planning to conduct a one-day workshop on “Leadership on Study Management.”

The event will be held on February 23 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at School of Success (R. A. Puram and Anna Nagar). School of Success, Mahalingapuram, will be the venue on February 24.

Participants will be taught creative techniques to stay focused; enhance memory; concentration skills and most importantly it will help children to take charge and turn their studies into fun. The programme is thus aimed to get the best out of them. For registration, one can call 97899 06146 / 87544 89699. Till date, School of Success (www.schoolofsuccess.in) has managed to touch the lives of 6000 plus children across the globe. They have made their presence felt in cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Singapore and several towns in Tamil Nadu (Madurai) and all over India.

The Academy for Communication and learning is a Chennai-based training organisation which has been conducting behavioural and communication programmes for all age groups. Pioneered by human resources professional, R. Kalpana, ACL, believes that leadership skills can be developed in every one of us as each has the potential to emerge as a leader in different situations. ACL is all about better communications.

“Young adults today are a repository of ideas but are unable to express their ideas at the right time to the right person. This affects growth of their personality,” says Kalpana. She finds this problem common among the students of tier two and tier three engineering colleges. “Here most of them are from rural areas such as Namakkal, Krishnagiri and other remote towns. Communicating in English is their major problem. Hence, they find that they are unable to put across their views in group discussions or be successful in interviews even though they are technically sound,” says Kalpana.

At ACL, she has special programmes for college students - creating impressive resumes; communication skills lab; team building and leadership skills; improving interpersonal skills; public speaking and debating skills; conversational English; handling examinations and competition; attitude and motivation and aligning career goals to organisational objectives.

By undergoing training with ACL one is sure to develop right working skills and self- confidence in their professional and personal lives. The academy strives to groom students, professionals and entrepreneurs in becoming leaders and successful individuals enabling them to achieve excellence in the corporate environment.

Thus the training imparted here will enable students to develop an open mind for learning, better listening skills and enable them to become good team players. ACL is at 2/2 (New) / 53/2 (Old), First Floor , Madhavan Nair Road, Mahalingapuram. Ph: 2817 3818. E-mail - kalpana@acl-india.in

Website : www.acl-india.in

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