The waiting areas at the tower blocks to have seating arrangement and access to drinking water

Everyday, hundreds of persons walk in and out of the twin tower blocks of the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (GGH). Soon, they will get to wait in renovated waiting areas and have access to drinking water on every floor of the blocks.

The open-to-sky waiting areas at the tower blocks – each consisting of ground plus six floors - are getting a facelift now. “The twin tower blocks were opened in 2005. The plastic sheet covering of the open-to-sky waiting areas had worn-out and we have taken up works to replace it,” GGH Dean V. Kanagasabai said.

The hospital has been facing problems in maintenance with visitors dirtying the walls by spitting. “So, we are putting up tiles on the walls for 6 to 7 feet so that it will be easy for the staff to clean,” he added.

Often patients’ attendants tend to dispose of waste and wash hands through the windows on each floor. “This falls into the waiting area and dirties the place. For this, we are fixing plastic sheets on the windows on each floor for at least three feet. The remaining portion of the window will be covered using a mesh with small openings. This will help in mosquito control too,” he said.

The hospital is spending about Rs. 40 lakh on the civil works. In addition, the hospital is installing two reverse osmosis plants at the tower blocks. “We have already installed one plant, and are in the process of installing the second one. We will fix one tap on each of the floors of the two blocks for the patients and their attendants,” he added. The RO plants are being installed at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh.

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