Monsoon is the time to play with colours. Not just in clothes, but also footwear. A walk at Fountain Plaza, a haven for affordable and trendy footwear, makes you realise that when it comes to shoes this season, the brighter, the better.

Syed Adil of Mac Footwear says: “V-strap and silicon flip-flops in striking colours are in this season and is a hit among college students. It works really well for them because it is affordable and lasts long.”

Not only the colours, but also creative designs such as superheroes and other interesting caricatures on the footwear make them attractive. And they can be had for just Rs. 150 or Rs. 200.

Priyanka Jain, a visual communication student says, “These cheap flip-flops last for 6-8 months, which is good enough for the price you pay. If you wear them continuously during monsoon, they last throughout the season. The monsoon-special footwear available at branded stores too have a varied options, but who will spend so much to walk on muck.”

Even in T. Nagar, the roadside shops seem to have donned a neon covering. “We have colourful and trendy flat chappals on display. From the past two weeks, the sale is going good and many are choosing flats over heels,” says Santhosh, a footwear seller in T. Nagar.

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