Therapists, guardians, clowns, best friends – Noora Michael’s five rescued cats are all this and more. The 32-year-old who works at McKinsey & Co’s support team is witness to the love that cats show their humans in exchange for so little. Noora’s first rescue was Laddoo who was found starving behind an electricity meter box, covered in soot. Two days after he was given food and a safe haven, he groomed himself to reveal a dazzling white fur coat. Her second cat Thambi was flown from Mumbai to Chennai by his rescuers when Noora saw his picture on an online adoption forum and offered to adopt him since he hadn’t found a home yet. Thambi returned the favour by becoming a loyal companion to Noora’s mother. She reveals that her mother recently recovered from her second stroke and that the cats intuitively watch over her. “When my mother wakes up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, they wake up and wait for her until she’s back”, says Noora who adds that they don’t go back to sleep until their mother figure is safely in bed.

She adopted her third cat Ramu when she saw him struggling for his life at a veterinary clinic. “I’ve never prayed so hard for anything else”, she says of the days his survival was doubtful. Today, he’s the picture of good health. “He’s the calmest, most gentle cat” she says of Ramu. Her fourth cat Mango was a whisker away from being run over by an auto when she was rescued. “She stands guard near the water filter and mews and alerts my mother when it fills up”, says Noora who was amazed the first time it happened.

Her fifth rescue is a black kitten that was being ill-treated by people, owing to superstitions about his colour. “The very day after I adopted him, I got a promotion and a big bonus”, says Noora who named him Lucky. She remembers a day when she received a very upsetting phone call. “Within minutes, all five cats surrounded me. Mango pushed her hand under my palm as if to say ‘pet me, everything will be okay’. They read moods beautifully”. She signs off with an unconditional endorsement of the species’ steadfast loyalty- “I don’t understand how people can call cats selfish! They’ve changed our lives with so much love”.

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