If you’ve always been a cat person who loves their unique personalities and their attitudes, but are concerned that raising a kitten might be hard for you because of the work hours you keep, adopting an adult cat might be the best way to go. Sudhersena A who rescues and finds adoptive homes for kittens and cats observes that they make ideal companions for people who work full-time. Except for fixed meal times, she finds that not much else needs to be done as they manage their daily activities on their own. Adult cats are often litter-trained too, and keep themselves well-groomed. Sudhersena adds that they are content to stay home while you’re away at e office. While kittens need to be fed more frequently and monitored closely, adults do not require this level of monitoring.

Citing her own cats (that she adopted as adults) as an example, Sudhersena says like dogs, cats too express their fondness for their humans by purring, curling up with them or asking for attention from time to time. Adult cats might be all grown-up on the outside but are still kittens at heart. It’s not uncommon to find them chasing laser lights or pretending that a piece of silver foil is their latest ‘prey’. They channel their ‘inner kitten’ ever so often and double up as mood-boosters for stressed-out owners.

Lastly, it is a great idea to say ‘yes’ to a cat from an animal shelter as the adult ones too have been rescued from difficult situations and will be glad to find a place to call their home forever. If you’re certain that you’re ready for a pet, remember that both kittens and cats are delightful companions and will return the kindness you show them many times over.