Leave the tag and collar on: After attaching an engraved tag with your number to your dog’s collar, leave it on permanently. Taking off the tag or collar when your dog is indoors will defeat the purpose if he accidentally runs out from your home into the street and loses his way.

Keep the gate locked: If you have gates that are frequently opened by visitors or delivery people, ensure that your dog has no access to an open gate. Request security and regular visitors to keep the gate latched. An open gate is also a risk for puppies or friendly dogs that might get stolen by passersby.

On walks, keep the leash on: Keep him on leash when you’re out for a walk. This ensures that he does not run away when confronted by another dog, or in fear of sudden loud noises. Letting him go out for walks alone is also not advisable. This renders him vulnerable to traffic accidents.

Be careful in new areas: Going on a trip with a dog? Relocating with your cat? Or are you requesting a friend to keep him safe while you’re on vacation? These are situations where the caretaker needs to be alert to ensure that the disoriented pet doesn’t escape in an attempt to find his old surroundings. Cats and dogs must be kept strictly indoors at all times. Give them a place to sleep with their familiar things (toys, pillows etc) and ease them into the new surroundings.

The vet: On the way to and from the vet’s place, keep your dog on leash (use a harness for your dog if he’s panicky), and your kitten or cat in a latched carrier (available in pet supply stores) — an open carrier for cats will not suffice as they may attempt to jump out during transport. Unlock the carrier only when safely inside the clinic after ensuring doors and windows are locked. The doors/windows should be opened only after the cat is back safely in the latched crate. The smells of other pets and the fear of injections make them anxious, so this is a time to be on your guard, more than ever.

(The friendly, vaccinated adult male Spitz in this picture was rescued when he was found near KFI School, and is need of a loving home. If you would like to adopt him, call 9677020908.)