Yudhi and Nakul are nearly identical in appearance. The twin Indian pups were rescued from homelessness five months ago and share similar features — warm brown fur coats and large, soulful eyes. But their rescuers Prasanna Gopinath and his wife Nirmiti believe that it’s their differences that make them inseparable. While one is a shy but silent mischief-maker, the other is an adventurous protector who draws his less-social brother out of his shell. The bond between them became apparent when they hit the three-month mark. “We noticed that they played with all other people and dogs, but would only sit or sleep next to each other,” says Nirmiti who observes that while other puppies adjust easily to their new homes when separated during adoption, Yudhi and Nakul seem to work best as a team.

“We found a wonderful family with another dog to adopt Yudhi,” she says, adding that the new family’s dog welcomed Yudhi eagerly by licking his face. Despite the affection shown to him, the young mongrel found that he missed his gregarious sibling. While he moped, his brother Nakul did the same, miles away. “The minute we brought Yudhi back, they became happier. They stopped sulking as soon as they were reunited.”

Nirmiti speaks from personal experience when she says that adopting two pets instead of one is an ideal choice for people who don’t have time to spare. “It’s much easier and it’s less work”, she says. “If you teach one, the other automatically learns. And they don’t mind being home alone for hours every day when we go out. The never get bored for they have each other for company.” She recommends this choice for older couples or those who work full-time. “Yudhi and Nakul have grown up with three generations of people,” she says, revealing that the sensitive dogs know that they can jump up on her or her husband to greet them, but will be gentle in their affections towards children or older relatives like their in-laws.

The duo is now looking for a home together, and is ready to spread the joy that they’ve shown their rescuers so far. They are toilet-trained, friendly and vaccinated and get along well with other dogs. To adopt them, call 9884780654 or 9962916903.