That purr: There’s no stamp of approval quite like a low, motor-like purr from a satisfied kitten. A kitty knows it’s the best way to thank his human for a warm lap, a plate of food or a sunny spot next to a glass window.

The jealousy: If you’ve ever sheepishly returned after petting a friend’s dog, your possessive cat will pout and sulk until you reassure him that he’s the centre of your universe.

They love your clutter: Ever quickly tidied up your cat’s napping place only to find him trotting over to a pile of books elsewhere and curling up on it? Make no mistake — cats appreciate clutter and take great pleasure in assuming acrobatic positions atop gadgets, newspapers or bags before they pick the best mess to settle down on.

Cheer up and play: A cat and his human share a near-telepathic connection. They’ll always seek you out when you’re blue and draw you into a foolish game or entertain you with their clown-like antics.

R & R simplified: Your fur-ball is the world’s most peaceful sight when he’s asleep. He can nod off anytime, anywhere and will use his internal clock to determine when it’s time to wake up for breakfast. He’ll have you know that while there’s probably some merit in getting up and seizing the day, there’s also a lot to be said for yawning contentedly and going back to sleep.


Why getting a pet’s a good ideaMay 28, 2013