They finally figure out that they’re the bosses – Over the years, the furry ones will discover that they rule your home and heart. You-ll soon hear yourself saying — “Place Choco’s bowl next to Pepper’s sofa but not too close to Bambi’s special cushion.” The humans can then use the remaining space subject to the pets’ approval.

They might be old, but they’ve still got it – Sure, they might have aged limbs or less-than-perfect vision but they will still have veto power over the younger pets in the household. Trust a senior pet to keep a close watch over the others and hold the fort while you’re away at work.

Sometimes, they forget — Senior pets often forget to act their age, and it never stops being entertaining. You might spot your 13-year-old cat chasing a piece of silver foil or a stray gift-wrapping ribbon only to look at you sheepishly.

The therapist is in – Says dentist Mansi Jaysal, seen in this picture with her 12-year-old dog Sam, “I’ve noticed that over the years, Sam has become more patient and almost like the family shrink. She stays close to anybody who’s feeling ill, or low, and makes no demands. She’s in sync with every member of the family, right from a toddler to the senior-most member.”

Those long, comfortable silences – The best thing about an aged companion animal is the feeling you get from knowing that you are in the company of a trusted friend, who waits silently as you watch TV, but only until it’s time for the non-negotiable 4 p.m. walk that you’ve taken with him for over a decade now. The love of an old friend and these cherished rituals are some of life’s rare certainties, and prove that there’s beauty in the winter of their lives too.