When Ami Shukla heard about a homeless, pregnant cat from her friend, she resolved to help — what she didn’t know at the time was that she would end up saving the whole family. “My mother Manda is a strong believer in helping animals,” says Ami who believes kindness is hereditary. “And now my daughter who’s nine has started to love animals.”

Ami and her family met Bubbles, the mother cat, when she had just littered and recall being taken aback by how small and helpless the kittens were. “One of them was on the verge of death,” says Ami who gave the family of four a safe haven in her apartment while her mother nursed the weak one back to health.

Today, Ami jokes that working at her desk at home is rather challenging, for her feline friends constantly distract her. Ami finds that caring for cats is easy if you work full-time or are an older person, since they don’t require baths and walks. “We’ve litter trained them, so there’s not much physical work,” she says. “And Bubbles understands all my emotions. They are so affectionate.”

The Shukla family adopted Bubbles and one of her kittens so they can have each other for company and are looking for a compassionate adoptive home for the other two kittens named Soapy and Slippy. The kittens are vaccinated, healthy and hyperactive and are ready to delight their new owners with their clownish antics. To bring them home, call 9840375469