Here are four sets of apps to put you through college… sort of.

Jorte Calendar & Notella

Jorte is for Android devices, and is basically a highly customisable calendar that can sync with your Google Calendar so you don’t miss a thing. Via Google Docs, you could also take notes and remember when to prep with them (or get them photocopied from a nerd-friend just before an open-book text). Jorte’s strength lies in multitasking: you could use just this one app to stay on top of your busy schedule.

iOS users needn’t feel left out — Notella, available for $2.99 (Rs. 183), is a notes-taking app. Although it doesn’t come with Jorte’s multiple capabilities, it lets you sync your notes with Dropbox, Simplenote and Evernote. It also lets you search through all these accounts from one search bar. In fact, another app, BenchPrep, comes with a library and practice material, with built-in flashcards. It’s free for iOS and Android devices both.


Mint is both available for free for iOS and Android devices. Mint is a budgeting app, and lets you keep track of your expenses seamlessly. Colour-coded bars show you at one glance where most of your money is going, and custom alerts can be annoying enough to tell you when you’re spending too much on food, fuel, friends, etc.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

ICE is a must-have: it stores all your emergency contact information, doctors’ names and numbers, medical conditions and medical and insurance history, and any other special instructions your father wishes you remember. It costs Rs. 220 for Android and is free for iOS gizmos.

If you install the Google Chrome web app, ICE can sync between your smartphone and PC. What’s more, the app also lets you place calls quickly from your smartphone, and has an optional if-found message in case you lose the device.

Couple & Tinder

Have a significant other-half even before you’re in college? And is she/he going to study somewhere else? Couple’s an app that’s got your back – helping keep your relationship strong even when you’re far apart. You can chat from within the app, share photos and voice messages, manage a list of tasks you want to do together (like plan for a weekend retreat?), and last (and probably the least), share cheesy “thumbkisses”.

Of course, this isn’t the case with most students, who’d like the play the field. Enter Tinder. It’s free for iOS and Android – like Couple is. Like or dislike pictures, start a chat with people you find interesting, and be notified when you and that person you had an eye out for have liked each other.