Chennai Adoption Drive is holding an event this Sunday

“To be greeted by someone at the door is wonderful”, says Jairam Seshadri who recently relocated to Chennai from Canada. After making the decision to adopt, the long-time dog lover got in touch with two young volunteers who had rescued and vaccinated an abandoned Indian puppy. “Adoption is the best thing to do – why not save a dog that’s in need of a home?” says Jairam who adopted Rani, a dark brown female mongrel with liquid eyes whom he refers to as a daughter. He recalls that the rescuers (sisters Deepa and Padma Ramesh) and the puppy were all anxious about parting ways. He took the girls and the puppy to a local coffee shop for a chat to ease their minds and assure them of his commitment, and then took Rani home. “I also wanted to thank them for giving me a dog”, he says with a chuckle.

Rani transitioned quickly from a timid pup to a family member, and keeps Jairam’s 87-year-old father company while he’s away. “They’re like children, and shouldn’t be treated any differently” he says, adding that he believes that those who treat their dogs badly are likely to do the same to people. “She’s been a positive influence in our lives”, he says. Jairam is now considering adopting a companion for Rani who often studies her reflection in the mirror, possibly believing that the image is another pup.

Says Aishvarya Prakash who is bringing a rescued 2-month-old kitten to Sunday’s adoption drive – “Kittu was rescued by a security person who found her severely injured”, she says, revealing that timely veterinary help saved the kitten’s life. “She was such a fighter and wanted to live”, says Aishvarya. Kittu is now a playful, independent kitten who hopes to find a forever home on Sunday – one that will keep her indoors and give her the love she richly deserves.

If you’re looking to adopt a kitten or a puppy, visit Chennai Adoption Drive’s event on Sunday, 28 July between 10 am and 3 pm at 78/1, McNichols Road, Chetpet (landmark: below Chetpet Bridge). There is no adoption fee and vaccination records will be given to new owners. Call 8939311148 or email for details.