It would be a career high for any actor to play the role of a colourful personality like Silk Smitha. Vidya Balan did it with panache in The Dirty Picture. Now, Sana Khaan portrays the seductress in the about-to-release Nadigayin Diary. Last seen in Ayiram Vilakku and currently acting in Thalaivan, Sana has just completed Nadigayin Diary which will be released in Malayalam and Tamil. “Knowing the kind of person Smitha was, I have essayed the role with a lot of love and dedication. She was a dignified person in real life; what she portrayed on screen was only the character. I hope my portrayal will help uphold her name in the industry as someone who gave it her all. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing the role and hope the effort put in by the entire team will make it a success,” says Sana who is at present busy shooting for the upcoming Mental with Salman Khan. This action film also stars Daisy Shah, along with Tabu in a supporting role. The film is directed and produced by Sohail Khan under Sohail Khan Productions.

Love and despair

Disasters are fodder for filmmakers. Post-tsunami, scores of films were made around the world highlighting the terrible consequences it wrought on human life and property. But, director Aravindaraj’s Kavithai treads a different path. This is Aravind’s thirteenth film — his first was Oomaivizhigal in 1986 and the last was Irandu Mugam in 2010. Says Aravindaraj: “Kavithai, is a poignant love story with the tsunami as the backdrop. I have highlighted the effects the disaster has on the heroine and her lover. To make it meaningful, the tsunami strikes on Valentine’s Day when the two are supposed to rendezvous on a fishing boat near the beach. The boat capsizes and she is caught inside, unable to escape. All that she has with her is a malfunctioning cellphone which she manages to fix. Her lover picks up the signals and goes in search of her; obviously she does not know her location. The climax is about whether she manages to escape, whether he reaches her or not.” The heroine is played by Aravindaraj’s daughter Mahakerthi. The final-year Visual Communications student makes her debut with this role.

Unique line

We sometimes wonder how creative a story should get to capture audiences’ attention. Director Venkinila, a Physics teacher-turned-filmmaker, thought up a unique story idea for his under production film Kayavan. “My hero is a doctor whose life is affected by the misdeeds of a group of rowdies. He manages to kidnap them, but being a doctor, he is bound by ethics that prevent him from killing anyone in cold blood, although that is exactly what he would like to do. So he hatches a master plan. He lines up patients who are in need of organ transplants — heart, eyes, kidneys and liver — and harvests the organs from his captives, thereby doing way with them gradually. An investigation is initiated, when all that has taken place comes to light,” says Venkinila. Mithun plays the doctor, while his love interest is Twinkle Naisa.

A new genre?

Director Alphonse Putheran hopes his new film Neram, which releases in May, will mark the beginning of a new genre which he calls ‘serious comedy thriller’. “Here the actors go through thrilling sequences while the situations will be funny to watch,” says Alphonse. Neram has been made in Malayalam and Tamil with the latter being released by Red Giant Movies. “On viewing the film and getting a U certificate, Red Giant readily agreed to release the Tamil version. The hero (Nivin), heroine (Nazia) and the villain (Simha) are common to both the languages, while all the other actors are different. The romantic angle in Neram is a very important part of the screenplay, complementing the serious moments,” says Alphonse.