Arjun, Cheran and Vimal, heroes of Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal, directed by Vasanth, share tidbits about their upcoming film.

The casting is intriguing — well-known heroes are pitted against fairly new names. On the face of it, looks like director Vasanth could have an ace up his sleeve. Arjun, one of the three heroes of Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal agrees with the observation. “I was thoroughly impressed with his Kaeladi Kanmani and Aasai. So I knew I was in capable hands when I worked with him earlier. This is my second with Vasanth, and in all the 150 films I’ve done so far, I’ve never played the role I have in MPMK. It’s very new,” says Arjun. “I know Vasanth can only create standard products. So when he narrated the story, I gave the nod at once.”

In the case of actor Cheran, it was different. “When Vasanth called me up and said he wished to meet me over coffee, I was there in a jiffy. He told me I should be part of his film, and I needed just 10 minutes to say ‘Yes,’” he says. Without listening to the story? “Yeah, without knowing anything about it.” This is the first time Vasanth and Cheran are joining hands. “Of course, earlier we’ve met at functions.”

Cheran has been a long-time admirer of Vasanth’s body of work. “And that was enough for me to sign on the dotted line.” But didn’t he consider the scope of his role in a film that has three heroes? “No, in fact, I was confident that Vasanth had thought of me only because it would suit me. And it has,” he avers.

“I’m slightly selfish. I’m only concerned about my character, and always look to do something unusual on screen. MPMK has offered me such a chance, as has Mani Ratnam’s Kadal, my next. MPMK is more about the heroism of the character than mere macho power,” says Arjun.

How was it to work with Cheran, I ask Arjun. “Cheran is a friend and I was very happy to know he was on board. But we don’t have combination scenes in MPMK. I have a scene with Vimal, though.”

Comments Vimal, one of the heroes of MPMK: “I was a little hesitant to talk to him on the set because it was the first time I was meeting him. But he made me feel so comfortable. Chronologically I may be younger, but in looks and enthusiasm Arjun is more youthful.”

Vasanth and Arjun first came together for Rhythm — the commendable attempt with an appreciable plot and great performances should have worked magic at the turnstiles, but didn’t. “Still after it was beamed on television, people showered compliments on it,” Arjun smiles at the irony.

Two of the three heroes of MPMK — Arjun and Cheran — are directors too. “But as the baby of the team, I’m a learner who imbibed a lot about acting from director Vasanth — nearly as much as I did from my mentor at Koothu-p-pattarai, N. Muthuswami,” says Vimal.

But did the other two find Vasanth’s direction so infallible that they offered no suggestions when the shooting was on. “Why should I? He knows his job, and I’m cent per cent satisfied with the way my character and the film have shaped up. Working on MPMK has been an elevating experience,” says Arjun. Cheran echoes the sentiment. “I’m 200 per cent happy,” adds Vimal.

Despite the façade of levity, Vimal is very reluctant to utter even a word about his role in MPMK. Afraid of his director? “Not at all, why do you feel so,” he counters. Ishtam showed that city-bred roles don’t suit Vimal too well. Does he play a college student this time? “I play an educated guy. That’s all I can divulge now,” he smiles evasively.

“And I’m a character full of life. It’s the first time you’ll see me on screen in such a mood because I’m generally the love struck, brooding hero,” laughs Cheran.

The music

The audio of MPMK was out recently. Film love and that too thrice over, has to have music. “True, Vasanth and Yuvan Shankar Raja make a heady combo. I love the songs in Vasanth’s films and MPMK is no exception,” opines Arjun. Cheran seconds it.

“I’m not sure whether I should even be commenting on these veterans. All I can say is that the songs have come out really well,” is Vimal’s take.

Probably an interesting rendezvous of melody and romance will soon greet viewers.

Till then, three cheers!