The famous Thiru Vi Ka Park in Shenoy Nagar might have been closed to the public to facilitate Metro Rail construction, but when it was in its full glory the park seemed to have inspired (“‘Sel’ stands for my father, Selvaraj, and ‘Am,’ for my mother, Ambika”) to script a story which he appropriately titled, Thiru Vi Ka Poonga. Gaining experience under director Baba Vikram during the making of Kalaignarin Kannamma (script and dialogues by M. Karunanidhi), Senthil nurtured an ambition to direct a film on his own.

“For two years, I scouted around for a producer, but in vain. Confident about my project, I launched into production with my wife Jayanthi as producer. Then I decided to don the hero’s role too. Swathi of Acharyangal fame plays the heroine. The premise of the story is that love is not just a feeling of liking towards someone. There is love in every aspect of our life — love for animals, plants, friends and acquaintances. I intend showcasing the different types of love in this film. The story is set in Alapakkam, a township between Cuddalore and Chidambaram.” Having completed one third of the film, Senthil is gearing up for the second schedule. “Another highlight of Thiru Vi Ka Poonga is a song sung by popular dance master Kala, for the first time,” points out Senthil.

The long and the short of it

It was conceived as a telefilm, but as work on it progressed, the producers and the director felt it had the potential to be converted into a full-length feature. Consequently, Endrendrum took shape as a fantasy romantic film with Sathish (Unnalae Unnalae) and Priyanka Reddy in the lead. “Sathish is a good dancer and has even turned into a choreographer in Neethanae En Ponvasantham. But, in Endrendrum he plays a role quite different from his usual exuberant self. There is an investigative aspect in the film, which has a liberal dose of comedy too,” says director S. Sinish.

Tale with a political twist

After his first film Swadeshi with Vijayakanth, director Jaypee Azhagan completed Vaanam Partha Seemayile with Ashok and Priyanka in the lead. While this film is awaiting release, Azhagan’s another film, Pramukar, is in the post-production stage. About Pramukar, Azhagan says, “I have cast Trishul Karate Mani, son of martial arts specialist Karate Mani, in the lead. The film traces his evolution from a student to a youth politician and a commando. Manchwa from Hyderabad is paired with him. The story revolves around the beliefs, problems and political influences in a student’s life and how they affect his future.”

Accolades from all quarters

In Thuppaki, he shares screen space with Vijay and Vidyut, playing a character with negative shades. Gautam Kurup, who has received a lot of accolades for his role in the film, is awaiting the release of director Sharada Ramanathan’s Puthiya Thiruppangal. “While in Thuppaki I play a character through whose eyes the hero sees the mystery unfolding, I play a gangster in Puthiya Thiruppangal, a story based on child-trafficking,” says Gautam. While in Chennai for the release of Thuppaki, the Delhi-based Gautam has had a chance to meet several directors and producers, some of whom have offered him roles in their forthcoming films. “I am sifting through the offers and will take a decision on my next project soon,” says Gautam.