A look at the songs in the upcoming Kallathuppaki


What it is about…

Kallathuppaki, directed by Logiyas, revolves around five school students, their friendship and their enmity towards their P.T. master. A twist in the tale comes when the students and the master are pitted against a notorious gang of contract killers. The cast includes new faces S.T. Tamizhchelvan, Vijith, Vicky, Prabhakar, Kutty and Saavanthika and established actors Sampathram and “Pasanga” Scindy. Guru Bhagavan, another new-find of Logiyas, plays the villain. The audio of the film was recently released.

Music highlights

Except the first song ‘Utthi Utthi’ which is written by Ilamkamban, the rest are written by D.S. Gauthaman. Sung by S.K. Balachandran and K.C. Ravidevan, ‘Utthi Utthi’ has a rustic feel. The composition is based on raga Karaharapriya. ‘Vanakkam Chennai,’ sung by Ananth Menon and S.K. Balachandran, is a hip-hop and techno number. ‘Kenathu Mettula’ is a peppy duet by T. Rajashekharan and Sripriya.

‘Thaba Thaba,’ sung by Jaiswapnah and S.K. Balachandran, is hard-hitting with its metal rock feel. About violence and helplessness, the song is full of percussion beats ranging from ethnic, Arabic and techno to rock. The song is in three parts — starting with Keeravani raga in Jaiswapnah’s voice, it then switches to Vasantha Bhairavi in S.K. Balachandran’s voice before ending in Keeravani again.

‘Midnight Kalloori,’ sung by C.H. Raju, M.M. Manasi and S.K. Balachandran, is a number with south Indian percussion, making it suitable for the dance floor. The shehnai in the BGM adds to the ethnic flavour.

What they say…

Producer K.C. Ravidevan: Along with my brother C.S. Murugesan I have produced Kallathuppaki, a movie with a message. A diploma holder in Film Technology from the Chennai Film Institute, I have assisted Kamal Haasan on Virumaandi. I have also directed a number of TV and advertisement films.

Director Logiyas: I worked as an assistant under various directors for 14 years. Impressed with the attention to detail in the screenplay, Ravidevan has taken up Kallathuppaki as his debut production. The film has shaped up well and I hope the audiences like it.

Hero S.T. Thamizhselvan: I am from Madurai. I was in Standard Ten when producer Ravidevan spotted me acting in a school play. He got in touch with me and signed me for the film. Kallathuppaki was a novel experience for me and I am happy to act in the film which has four more new faces. I did what the director asked me to do and was appreciated by the entire film unit.

Music director S.K. Balachandran: I have earlier composed the music for Katha and Parents in Telugu. Kallathuppaki is my first Tamil movie. I am a playback singer and a sound engineer. I have won the Nandi Award for best music direction for the serial Ammama.com. I’m happy that those who have heard my compositions for Kallathuppaki have liked them.