The song ‘Isai Thamizha’ is a tribute to the music maestro on his birthday

When A.R. Rahman turns 46 on January 6, it will be a special day for him. Thirteen singers are getting together to perform a song, ‘Isai Thamizha’ composed by Girinandh and written by Niranjan Bharathi (great grandson of Bharathiar) and produced by Raindropss. Rahman’s sister, music director Raihanah, a de facto ambassador for Raindropss, which is promoting the cause ‘Educate A Child’, says, “I’m one of the singers. My sister Fathima’s daughter Amina is also singing along with other established playback singers.” The others who have lent their voice include Shalini Singh, UK Murali, Suchith, Vandana, Sricharan, Al Rufian, Deepika, Georgina, Prithvi, Rasika and Harish. The team will also sing 15 of Rahman’s compositions.

Says J. Aravind, founder and creative head, Raindropss, “We are all ardent fans of Rahman, and ‘Isai Thamizha’ is our way of thanking him and wishing him well.”

Says composer Girinandh, “I am privileged to have been selected to compose the song. I have used a lot of electronic sounds along with Carnatic strains with the overall feel in the world music genre and, it is quite experimental in nature.” ‘Isai Thamizha’ is a five-minute audio-video presentation and will also be performed live at the event to mark Rahman’s birthday.

The live mini-concert will be held at a public venue to coincide with his birthday.