Arjunan Kadhali

What it is about…

SS Movie Makers’ Arjunan Kadhali has been produced by Sivasakthi Pandian and directed by Parthe Baskar, who has also written the story, the screenplay and the dialogue. It has Jai and Poorna in the lead, while Thambi Ramaiah, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Vijay Mithran play important roles. The camera is handled by Chitti Babu, and the music is scored by Srikanth Deva. The story is about the bond between a father and daughter and how this equation changes when a young boy enters their life. The audio CD was released by music director Deva and the first copy was received by producer Sivasakthi Pandian.

Music highlights

The best song in the film is the first one ‘Kanthiranthan Kanthan’, sung by Navin and written by Vaali. ‘En Uyirey’, sung by Priyadharshini and written by Kabilan, is good, while ‘Mana Madura’, sung by Senthil Das and Sangeetha and written by Nadhasan, is interesting. ‘Yaro Yaro’, sung by Kalyani and written by Kabilan, is again a fine composition, and ‘Ennamo Senchaley’, written by the director and sung by Mukesh and Rita, is a song that’s catchy both in terms of lyrics and tune. ‘Yetho Yetho’, sung by Vijay Prakash and Chinmayi, gets a nod for its lyrics. The last song ‘Vazhi Vidu’, sung by Jayamurthy and written by the director himself, wraps up the album on a bright note. The music director scores in this number with his instrumental fusion.

What they say…

Producer Sivasakthi Pandian: This is the 12th film from our production company. I am proud to say that three of our films got National awards and two bagged state awards. Four films ran for 200 days, while half-a-dozen were hits. I was on the look out for a good story, and when director Parthe Baskar outlined Arjunan Kadhali, I felt this was the right project to back and immediately commenced shooting. I am sure the film will be a success.

Director Parthe Baskar: I am the son of R.D. Baskar, brother of Ilaiyaraja, and am married to Srikanth Deva’s sister. When I was asked to direct Arjunan Kadhali, I was delighted as Sivasakthi Pandian is a big producer. I am glad that he has appreciated my effort.

Hero Jai: Arjunan Kadhali is a family entertainer. Interestingly quite a few of my family members are involved with the project — I am related to Deva and director Parthe Baskar and the music is scored by another family member Srikanth Deva. It’s only natural that we are all keen on its success at the box office.

Music director Srikanth Deva: My father Deva scored the music for 11 of producer Sivasakthi Pandian’s films. When he commenced his 12th production, he invited me to compose the music. But being sentimental, he wanted my father to compose the first song (‘Kanthiranthan Kanthan’), written by lyricist Vaali. Besides composing the entire musical score, including the background score for the first song and its charanam, I did the re-recording too.