Young Sridhar (Bhaskar) learns that the man, who has brought him up, is not his biological father. His search begins much to the anguish of his foster parent (KSN Sundar). The ‘real’ father (V. Chandru) is traced and the plot thickens.

Sailaja (Nivedita), single child to her parents, is lonely and would love to have Sridhar as her brother. Karur Rangarajan as the long-serving cook of the family painted a realistic portrait.

Packed with emotion, a commendable display of histrionics made the proceedings of ‘Yaar Paiyan’ riveting.

Sundar has written the story, dialogue and directed the play too. K.S. Nagarajan, doyen of Tamil theatre and father of Sundar, made an appearance surprising the audience that was overwhelmed by the senior’s dedication. Some members actually waited for the actors to come out and congratulated them on their performance.