1. The charanam of a well- known composition on Ranganatha starts off with ‘Bhooloka vaikuntham’, in a direct reference to the sanctity of Srirangam. Which raga is this song set to?

a. Kambhoji

b. Harikambhoji

c. Yadukulakambhoji

d. Chenchukambhoji

2. This famous Mahabharata warrior is said to have voluntarily breathed his last on the day of Vaikuntha Ekadashi. Who are we talking about?

a. Yudhisthira

b. Bhishma

c. Bhima

d. Arjuna

3. Identify the odd one out:

a. Mura

b. Kamsa

c. Mahishasura

d. Chanura


a; the song is ‘O ranga shayee’ by Tyagaraja


c; all others are demons vanquished by Krishna or Vishnu


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