1. Which saint is believed to have married under the 'magizham' tree in the Tiruvottriyur temple?

a. Appar

b. Sundarar

c. Tirugnanasambandar

d. Vallalar

2. If Tiruvottriyur was once known as the land of the 'magizham' blossoms, then Tiruvanmiyur was known as the land of the ____ blossoms.

a. Malli

b. Jaadi

c. Madhavi

d. Shenbagam

3. This song by Periyasamy Tooran on Goddess Tripura Sundari of Tiruvanmiyur, has a reference to Kamadhenu, the divine cow whose marks are said to be discernible on the lingam at the temple. Which raga is this song set to?

a. Saveri

b. Sama

c. Asaveri

d. Shuddha Saveri


1. b

2. c

3. d; the song is 'Taye Tripura Sundari'

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