Road sections of the proposed Adyar high-speed elevated transport corridor have been modified, keeping the overall alignment.

In the face of criticism that the three-tier road system with buses running on the topmost tier was impractical, the option has been given up. Now the first part of the alignment from Tiru-Vi-Ka Bridge, close to the Theosophical Society, to Nandanam will be a single-tier road running above the Adyar banks. From Nandanam, the high-speed corridor would continue as a two-tier road.

In May 2009, the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust, then known as Adyar Poonga Trust, announced five elevated circular corridors, 47 km long. These were to carry high-speed public and private transport. The Adyar corridor is a part of this larger scheme.

During public consultations in June 2009, the alignment of the Adyar corridor, its cost and promised results were contested by residents. Wilbur Smith Associates, consultants for the project, submitted a revised draft feasibility report. K. Phanindra Reddy, Member Secretary, Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust, said “the draft report is being reviewed by experts.”


A. SrivathsanJune 28, 2012

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