Corporation faces shortage of Tablet PC operators

It might take some time before residents in certain parts of the city can participate in the caste census, as the Chennai Corporation is unable to find people who can operate Tablet PCs during the enumeration.

This has slowed down the process of carrying out the socio economic and caste census in 426 sq km of the city. While supervisors started work in most of the areas on Tuesday, a few other neighbourhoods will have to wait.

Over 3,000 enumerators are involved in carrying out the Census in all 15 zones of the city that have split into 12,312 blocks for this purpose. Typically, each team has 13 members, and is headed by a supervisor, who works with six enumerators and six data entry operators.

Data entry operators will make note of residents' details on the PC, as the enumerators ask questions. Due to the current paucity of such operators who can work on a tablet PC, the process has not taken off in some localities. One of the supervisors said that two of six enumerators in his team were yet to find a data entry operator.

Most of the enumerators, who are government employees and teachers, said they did not know how to operate the Tablet PC, and, therefore, needed support from data entry operators. Even though many corporation employees are willing to take part in the census because of attractive remuneration, most of them are unable to because of their poor computer skills. Interested persons could contact the Corporation Zonal office in their respective areas.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012