The CB-CID Cyber Crime Cell has sought the assistance of Interpol in the investigation of 12 cyber crime cases.

In a press release, the CB-CID said it has so far arrested four Nigerians from Mumbai and 14 Indian account holders from Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi in connection with various cyber crime cases.

Nigerians are the masterminds in these cases and they recruit Indian account holders for collecting money from the victims, the release said. In these types of cheating cases, the culprits randomly choose mobile numbers and send group SMSs or emails. Promising attractive prize money, these messages would persuade the victims to part with their banking and personal details.

The release said that there have also been numerous cases of online job rackets, where SMSs or emails are sent to individuals promising overseas jobs with attractive salaries. CB-CID has advised the public to be aware of such SMSs and emails, and urged them not to respond to them.

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