Participants at the cancer survivors' day welcome a new dawn

Participants at the cancer survivors' day organised by Vasantha Memorial Trust on Sunday celebrated their ‘rebirth' and welcomed the new dawn.

The survivors gathered early, enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast, got their portrait done by artists and celebrated with their family and friends. The ceremonial lamp lighting ceremony was led by five children who had survived cancer.

G.K. Ramamurthy, chairman of GKR Foundation, which supports the Trust, lauded J. Ramanathan, oncologist and managing trustee. “It is the most joyful moment in life when a person has survived and gone on to make something of their life. The survivors should involve the younger generation and build in them social awareness (about surviving cancer),” he said.

Dr. Ramanathan said 108 survivors participated in Sunday's programme. “Their participation shows us our worthiness,” he said. The Trust had so far sponsored the treatment of 136 children with blood cancer, he added. “Each year volunteers collect donation but since 2001 we have had a pillar of support in Mr. Ramamurthy who offered financial support and continues to do so,” he said.

Writer Sivasankari recalled that one of her novels dealt with the futility of the disease. She offered to speak to the survivors and write another novel about their battle with cancer. Director Balu Mahendra, actors Madan Bob, Shyam Ganesh, Sindhu Shyam Ganesh and Anuja Iyer participated.

The events included dances and special programmes by students from Ethiraj College and MOP Vaishnav College.