Residents allege the patta for a plot of land on Adyar river bed is forged

Former mayor M. Subramanian on Thursday submitted petitions to the Chennai Corporation commissioner and Chennai collector asking them to cancel the patta for a piece of land on the bed of the Adyar river in Keerai Thottam, Saidapet.

The patta, which residents allege is forged, has been used by an individual who has put up a board on the Adyar river bed claiming the 42-ground plot is his.

Representatives of several residential associations accompanied Mr. Subramanian, who said revenue department records from 1962 showed the land belonged to the State government and not to any individual.

In 2009 during his tenure as mayor, Mr. Subramanian along with Corporation and revenue department officials had removed encroachments on the river bed as, according to him, cultivation of greens in the river was leading to flooding in adjacent areas in Saidapet. “Removal of the encroachments also helped increase the water flow which reduced mosquito breeding,” he explained.

A. Pandurangan, a resident of Samiyar Thottam said, for two years after the encroachments were removed, localities such as Vinayakapuram, Duraisamy Thottam, Customs Colony Samiyar Thottam, Jothiammal Nagar and Nerupumedu were free of flooding. “But in the meantime, one person who had in his possession forged patta documents stating that the 42 grounds were his, had put up a board at that spot stating that he owned the plot,” he said.

G.N. Narayanan of Jothiammal Nagar Adi Andhra Makkal Podhu Nala Sangam said that since there was a mound in the middle of the river due to sand accumulation, water would enter their areas.

“For at least 40 years now, every year, residents in our area would bundle up clothes, keep vital possessions on shelves and move to the Chennai School on Jones Road in Manthope for a couple of days till the water subsided. We haven’t had this problem in the last two years. There are over 20,000 families in the area. We don’t want the flooding problem to recur,” he said.

At the Corporation, the Joint commissioner (education) T.N. Venkatesh received the petition on behalf of Corporation commissioner D. Karthikeyan.

Residents allege the patta for a plot of land on Adyar river bed is forged

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