For all unlimited package users at no extra cost

BSNL Chennai Telephones has doubled bandwidth speeds across the board for all unlimited package users at no extra cost.

The higher bandwidth speed, being provided as part of BSNL's nation-wide strategy to increase penetration by offering enhanced broadband experience, will now reset the base benchmark for unlimited plans at 512 Kbps instead of 256 Kbps.

For instance, the Home Unlimited plan at Rs.750 a month will now offer basic speed of 512 Kbps in place of 256 Kbps while the Unlimited Plan at Rs.1,350 a month will now offer 2 Mbps up to 15 GB instead of 1 Mbps correspondingly.

An estimated 1.50 lakh of BSNL's 4 lakh DataOne users will benefit from higher speeds.

“A 512 Kbps connection can provide a buffer-free streaming of video,” a Chennai Telephones official said.

BSNL had earlier experimented with doubling bandwidth for its users during the Indian Premier League Twenty20 matches.

The positive feedback from users has prompted the decision to raise the basic speeds of broadband users, the official said.

A common complaint from users of the Home Unlimited scheme priced at Rs.750 a month had been the tardiness of downloading bulk data that took away much of the functionality of the free usage.

“Raising bandwidth speeds is one of the ways to provide better broadband experience for users. Having pioneered the unlimited broadband model that does not go harsh on the user on the basis of usage, the next level was always to provide higher speeds,” an official said.

BSNL Chennai Telephones has set a target of adding another 2 lakh broadband customers during the current fiscal.

At present, the broadband user base of 4 lakh represents 40 per cent of its 10 lakh landline customers. By the end of the fiscal, the target is to convert half its landline subscribers to broadband.

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