It might have been a challenge for the corporate houses, but turned out as an opportunity for Hafiz Khan. In 2003, he founded his EZONE company to provide team bonding (or experiential learning) services to the corporates to help employees overcome communication barriers.

In an organisation where employees from all over the country work — with different culture — the issue remains to reduce all those gaps and encourage unity in order to ensure better performance of the organisation in the long run.

During the team bonding exercise, employees are divided into teams beyond their regional or cultural lines to compete with one another — “the best way to break the walls in communication.”

The national or multinational corporates hire Team Bonding service companies that help generate enthusiasm among employees to face challenges, trust on one another, create a sense that every player in the team can make a difference, and at the same time provide avenues that encourage learning through creative methods and discussion.

“Team Bonding is about team spirit, belonging and just getting to know each other outside the normal work environment. It is a fun way to develop cohesiveness. It is an ongoing process that boosts commitment among employees, and ultimately increases productivity,” says Hafiz Khan, facilitator of Team Bonding service company, EZONE, which has worked for corporate houses such as Hyundai, Nokia, HSBC Bank and Whirlpool.

The service is provided through a wide range of activities that evoke excitement, adventure, and challenge such as Fire walk — walking barefoot across six feet of coals burning at over 1,200F, a fear buster activity and the test of ‘Mind over Matter'; Catamaran ride — the mild, undulating water adventure that guarantees ‘fun and excitement.'

“When employees are taken out of the comfortable environment and are exposed to these exercises outside, it makes a lot of difference. They learn how to trust each other and face challenges,” says Manikandan, Deputy Manager, Employees Relations, Hyundai Motors, India. Other activities include Turtle Walk, Glass Walk and Free Jumping.

“These exercises hasten movement in the direction of positive camaraderie among employees and team players. Nothing accelerates personal empowerment and group bonding faster than this,” says Hafiz Khan who can be reached at 99401 42349.

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