A blood test for two couples and their two newborns resolved a dispute over parenthood, at the Corporation hospital in Shenoy Nagar on Saturday.

It all started when a mother with tag number 4 noticed six hours after birth that the baby had a different tag number. Both the female babies were born in the morning on Friday.

“The hospital authorities took note of it and found that our baby was with another mother with tag number 4,” said D.Prathiba, a close relative of the mother with tag number 5.

However, the family members had a heated argument over the issue at the hospital. According to a senior Corporation official, the mother with tag number 5 refused to hand over the baby to its original parents and a blood test had to be conducted.

Health officials found that the blood group of one of the babies was O positive, while that of the other baby was AB positive. The problem was resolved when the officials found that the blood group of a couple, Anitha and Saravana Kumar, was O positive. The blood groups of the other couple were A positive and B positive. Corporation officials convinced the parents that if both the parents were O positive, the baby would certainly be O positive.

The baby with tag number 5 and O positive blood group was handed over to the mother with tag number 5.

An official said the blood test proved that the tags were right. In this case there was a human error. “There is no need for any other test in this case,” said Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni. Action has been taken against the hospital employees concerned, he added.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012