Besides traffic management, the facility will help police track escapee vehicles

The process of implementing the ambitious Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) of the Chennai Police has been set in motion with the State government floating global tenders for the Rs. 150 crore project that aims at evolving world class standards of traffic planning and management in the City.

Though a five-year-plan, the ITMS will see the light of the day in six months of the contract being awarded. Besides revolutionising the functions of the police by introducing automated systems that can detect traffic violations and generate challans attached with visuals of the offence, the system will be designed to locate and alert movement of stolen, suspect, VVIP, ambulance, fire service and missing vehicles, police sources said on Tuesday.

To start with, the ITMS would integrate 100 traffic junctions in Chennai where Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) cameras would be installed. A dedicated wireless network would initially link the 100 traffic junctions and 67 traffic police stations with the Control and Command centre located at the Chennai Police Headquarters.

Apart from the ANPR cameras, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras would also be set-up in the first phase. This would facilitate live streaming of the 100 traffic junctions. The ANPR cameras would detect, record and transmit traffic violations such as crossing of stop-line, jumping of signals, use of mobile phone while driving etc. Such violations would be fed into a software that would automatically generate challans.

The ITMS is being developed in a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) mode and the bidder who gets the contract shall install, operate and maintain the system for a period of five years. The payment would be made in phases till such time the efficiency of the system is maintained at a certain level. When the efficiency drops below 75 per cent, there would be no payment and sustained non-performance might lead to termination of the contract, the sources said.

“ The ANPR cameras should have the capability to book cases without any human intervention and generate a notice/challan along with the image as proof to the violator,” a police official said.

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