A sense of happy re-union prevailed at Spencer Plaza here on Saturday, as hundreds of children with expressions of curiosity that slowly transformed into delight, met friends from school, at the Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Competition.

The competition organised by Landmark Bookstore and Funskool India had children aged between 6 and 14 battling out with one another with tops spinning fiercely on red and black metal ‘stadiums.'

The Beyblade spins like a top, but there is more strategy and poise that goes in to the game, said P. Madhu, sales promotion manager, Funskool India.

Right from history of the game to the details of its close followers, the children knew everything, and called themselves by names such as Psykick, Saint Shield and Blade-breaker, innate to Japanese manga series beyblade.

There is a rip chord attached to a launcher that has to be pulled to release the beyblade, explained Ashwin Rajan of Asan Memorial School.

While most children at the event were gaming fans, many found the idea of getting to have friends as rivals interesting. However, Vedanth (4), otherwise an interested beyblade player, would not just concentrate and kept throwing the toy outside the ring. He said, “I like playing only with my brother.” Waiting for his turn to play the game, was Aashish (8) who starred in Manmadhan Ambu. According to him, Ayush (7), his brother played the game better. Vishnu Nair, on being asked to choose between beyblades and cricket quickly said, “Beyblades, for this season at least.”

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