The Highways Department will develop road grids on major roads such as Rajiv Gandhi Salai and Outer Ring Road.

A study of the existing conditions in areas around the stretches is under way and a consultant will be appointed shortly for preparation of a detailed project report.

Rajiv Gandhi Salai has over 300 approach roads that cry for better civic amenities and development. “The world-class standards stop with the main roads. We want the smaller roads that lead to the main road to be developed and widened. We are looking to widen many of these roads into four-lane facilities so that land owners further down the line would also be well-connected,” said a source in the Highways Department.

The Highways Department has embarked upon a preliminary study of these roads in association with the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA).

According to officials of CMDA, many pieces of land lying beyond 100 metres on either side of the main road have been found to lack adequate access. The road grid will be hierarchical in nature and would be planned in such a way that smaller roads would feed into larger roads to facilitate streamlined flow of traffic in the area.

Each of these road grids will become a unit or sector of planning and will be made self-sufficient in terms of social infrastructure such as parks, schools, crèches, shopping centres and public health centres.

CMDA sources said that the new initiative would include the upgrade of existing roads and development of new roads that would branch off at every one-kilometre interval on major roads such as Rajiv Gandhi Salai.

The zone of price rise on account of the major roads is expected to expand with the development of new grids. Currently the development is restricted because of the reluctance of landowners to sell their lands which have little access. The value of land that has inadequate access is very low when compared to that with road frontage.

The consultant is likely to take into account all aspects of development in the areas which are lacking access, the official added.

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