Tamil Nadu's Kalaignar Kappeetu Thittam is a novel medical health insurance scheme that has benefited thousands of families and is now being appreciated by several national and international agencies, Governor of Tripura D.Y. Patil said here on Saturday.

He urged the Tripura government to emulate Tamil Nadu and implement a similar health scheme for the benefit of the poor.

Lauding Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's works, Mr. Patil said “His exceptional achievements include construction of the largest library complex in south Asia also for the poor.”

Mr. Patil, who participated in the 15th anniversary of Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, commissioned the state-of-the art Cone beam CT scan at the hospital,

Balaji Dental Hospital is the second institution in the country to procure the equipment which minimises radiation and hence is especially useful in treating paediatric patients, according to hospital founder S.M. Balaji.

The new machine would minimise radiation, besides providing excellent 3D images of the jaw, which will help dental surgeons plan their procedures to correct congenital deformities in children, and perform restoring of fractured faces with better accuracy, Dr. Balaji said.

As part of the anniversary programmes, George Sandor, a dental surgeon from Regea Institute of Regenerative Medicine, University of Tampara, Finland, will deliver a lecture on 'Stem cell and tissue engineering in head and neck'. Dr. Sandor, who gave a brief overview of his talk, cited the salamander which regenerated its limbs lost in accident.

He explained the various experiments done over a period of time and the successful use of fat cells to develop stem cells that are later used in constructing damaged jaw structures. He said the aim of research was to reduce the time taken for surgery and improve the results for the patient also by providing them the best possible alternative to metal implants. By using the patient's own stem cells it was possible to help the body to regenerate its lost bony structures, he explained, using slides from his surgeries.