Do you know cartoon character Dora’s surname? It is Marquez.

Parth Oberoi and Soham Bhadra — the team from Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram who won the Chennai regional round of The Hindu Young World quiz held at Kamarajar Arangam on Wednesday — said that questions about cartoon characters came as a surprise.

“I thought we would be at the bottom and wouldn’t even pass the prelims. This is my third Young World quiz,” said Parth, who kept the victory a secret from his mother when she called to find out the results.

The duo, who has been busy cramming newspapers for the past month, said they did not have the chance to prepare together.

Their score of 90 points will now take them to the all-India finals to be held in Bangalore on December 5, in which the winners of 15 regional rounds will participate to get into the top six spots.

During the finals, quiz master V.V. Ramanan had the audience on their toes when he tossed questions like: “They are called Magpies” at the children of classes VII, VIII and IX.

‘Magpies’ is the nickname given to the New Castle United football team by their fans. Each time a question was asked, members in the audience like K. T. Aditya and Vinai of Ravindra Bharati Global School had their hands up.

When a question relating to the character Rook Blonco came up from the cartoon series Ben10, they, like many others, said they knew half the answer.

Out of the 906 teams from 180 city schools that had participated in the written preliminary round in the morning, only six made it to the final round which had 24 questions in all. S. Hariharan and Siddharth Pillai from Chettinad Vidyashram came in second with 87 points; and Bala Vidya Mandir’s Hari Madhavan and S. Sadhana Smruthi came in third with 64 points.

Suresh Srinivasan, vice-president (advertisement), The Hindu and G. Sathish Kumar, associate vice-president (advertisement), The Hindu, gave away the prizes.

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Students, who have missed out participating in the quiz, can still participate in an online quiz by logging onto