It is the primary railway station in the State capital. Yet, a look at the station will show how easy it is for anyone to enter and exit anytime, without any check. Those who frequent the station say there is a semblance of security at the station only when an alert is sounded. Even after a major incident, the watch is only for the next few days. Otherwise, access is unrestricted.

Facilitating this are the innumerable ways of entering the station. For instance, there is an entry on the EVR Periyar Salai. Though metal detectors have been placed there at the building entrance, there is no monitoring of those who enter. Another entry and exit has been provided from Waltax Road. As if these were not sufficient, anyone can go to the station from the suburban terminal building side. A large number of people can be seen walking along the tracks from the Basin Bridge side to reach Central.

The matter of controlling access to Central arose when an electric train was hijacked from the station in April 2009. It hit a goods train coming in the opposite direction after crossing the Basin Bridge junction, resulting in casualties. It has been pointed out that the installation of CCTV cameras alone at the station will not suffice. There is a need for a constant monitoring of the movement of people and timely identification of mischief mongers. Also, frequent random check of tickets of those on the platforms and inside the trains will serve as a deterrent to unauthorised persons.

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