The Association of British Scholars (ABS) Chennai and the United Kingdom based-Kala Sangam signed a memorandum of understanding here on Thursday, marking the beginning of an interesting cultural collaboration.

The MoU would enable artists from India to travel to the UK, to get a feel of the arts there, with the support of the ABS and Kala Sangam, which would also guide and mentor the visiting artists. The organisation is based in West Yorkshire. President of the ABS, P.M. Belliappa said the MoU facilitated dialogue between Chennai and the U.K. on the broad canvas of art and culture. In the context of societies getting fragmented, it was very important to encourage values of patience and tolerance of views of the other side, through the humanising value of learning the arts, he said.

N. Murali, Senior Managing Director, Kasturi & Sons Ltd., said the MoU represented the coming together of two organisations that have made a mark in different spheres, in different countries. “The ABS has been doing excellent service, and Kala Sangam, though just about 10 years old, has already made a mark in the U.K. in a spectrum of activities,” he said, commending Kala Sangam's work in arts and with persons with disability. Bharatanatyam exponent Priyadarshini Govind said that besides talent the criteria for selecting candidates for the grant that the MoU supports was , that the candidate be someone who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities. “This shows their concern,” she said, adding that the arts and artists needed a lot of patronage. Acting director of the British Council, Kartar Singh said the partnership between the organisations would continue and grow. CEO of Kala Sangam, Geetha Upadhyaya, outlined the activities of the organisation.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012