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Sanjay Pinto

‘Minor’ issue, major questions

KYC norms for social networking sites? »

Be right, not first

A Faraday shield to separate rumour from information »

Hashtag antagonism

Reactions on Twitter: do we see double standards? »

The age of the mini-editorial

Social media is a great leveller, and everyone’s an expert »

The Social Network — No post-at-site orders

Social media sites are where the pulse of the common man is felt »

Unknown abusers

Anonymity fuels internet hooliganism. How do we guard ourselves? »

The Social Network — Privacy in public

Social media can be used to keep people close, yet at an arm’s length »

The Social Network — Discourse of action

Regulating social media isn’t easy, but it may be necessary »

By word of 'Mouse'!

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, the consumer is the winner »

The Social Network - Précis or privacy?

If there was a toss up between Facebook and Twitter, what would you vote for? For most of us who are on both platforms, that choice would...»

The pulse of the people

Facebook and Twitter offer excellent opportunities to gauge public opinion »

Profiling tools

THE SOCIAL NETWORKIt’s time to say no to people who invade your privacy »

Old Media, New Media

THE SOCIAL NETWORK .0The twain can (and do) coexist, but only one is bound to be accurate »

Is the setting private?

THE SOCIAL NETWORK Not really. What’s accessible to your friends is unwittingly accessible to their friends too »

Campaigning Vs. violent threats

TO BE a change agent, you don’t need to call people names »

The hide & tweet effect

In his dramatic monologue on ‘The Faultless Painter’, Robert Browning used the expression “less is more”. More recently, one of the most...»

Free speech vs. hate speech

Blocking Twitter handles is like yelling ‘shut up’ to a person screaming! »

A tale of two concerns

What is sauce for mainstream media should be sauce for social media too »

Turning complainants into followers

Wallposts and tweets are in; complaint boxes, out »

The bare-it-all syndrome

The new culture of volunteering information about ourselves has a flip side »

Block & Tackle?

Trolls are a threat to free speech »

Will self regulation help?

Let a body of prominent tweeters expose handles that cross the line of decency »

Barking up the wrong wall

Cops found a soft and wrong target to test-fire penal provisions against the social media »

Sermons on Twitter!

AS MORE world leaders enter the social media, will Twitter purge its platform? »

Twitter as a barometer of TV content

The social media empowers every user with ‘expertise’! »

Champion of the masses

Twitter, Facebook: A stethoscope to feel the pulse of the nation »

Wanted: A wall of shame

Let Twitter publicise identities of frequently blocked handles »

Brave ‘news’ world!

THE LIKES of Twitter and Facebook are now a force multiplier »

Checks, balances and loopholes

On protecting users from being befriended by strangers without compromising on freedom »

Posts ka side effects

Congrats! You’re among the top one per cent most-viewed profiles… »

‘Think and I shall say it’!

Here's the new social network game changer at the workplace »

I Confess...

The 'Kiss and tell' syndrome can make online content go out of line »

Power Shutdown

Power supply will be suspended in the following areas on May 08, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. »



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