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Charulatha Mani

Light and melodious

Sindhubhairavi is one of the most interesting and colourful of ragas. A melange of swaras finds it way into this accommodative raga. Sind...»

Harmonious symmetry

A raga that adorns the classical system of music like a sparkling solitaire is Kiravani. It is unique, meditative, and calming, bringing...»

Valour and worship

Arabhi is an ancient raga. It is an audava sampoorna raga, a janya of Shankarabharanam. An auspicious raga, Arabhi conveys...»

For a calm mind

A raga that is intense and brings forth the bhakthi rasa with verve is Poorvikalyani. A beautiful arrangement of notes makes this raga s...»

Mood enhancers

In yesteryears, dramas and religious discourses often opened with a sprightly piece in Kedaram. Kedaram brings forth joy, being mood enhanci »

A Raga's Journey — Aspects of Abheri

Abheri as we know it today is one of the most attractive and popular ragas. It is known in North India by the name Bhimpalasi and...»

Response and reply

We received the following feedback to our new column “A Raga's Journey”. Sumathi Krishnan writes:It is good that...»

A Raga's Journey – Hindolam Highlights

In moments of quietude, I wonder, “If a raga were to be given a form, what would it look like? A beautiful maiden or a handsome m...»

A Raga’s Journey — Magical Mohanam

This raga is the signature of Oriental Music. It existed in ancient Tamil music as the Mullai pann, and much of Kung Fu...»

A Raga's Journey — Poignant Pantuvarali

Like a river that flows through hills and valleys, cobbles and pebbles, the melody in every raga moulds itself into subtle gamakas and br...»

A Raga's Journey: Kinetic Kalyani

There exists a graceful raga that, with its seven notes, is capable of creating innumerable phrasings, each more stimulating than...»

A Raga's Journey - The allure of Anandabhairavi

Good music is indeed therapeutic, and all ragas, in their own way, soothe the mind. One raga that is proven to reduce high...»

A Raga's Journey — The magic of Mayamalavagowla

A raga that is symmetric and very easy to teach and learn is Mayamalavagowla. This is the reason beginners' lessons in Carnatic mu...»

Riveting Ritigowla

A raga that is very easy to identify even for an uninitiated listener is most certainly Ritigowla. A ghana raga that is attractive and re...»

A Raga’s Journey — Soulful Suddhadhanyasi

Ragas that have in them all of five notes are usually the very adaptable and instantly captivating ones. The pentatonic raga Sudd...»

A Raga's Journey — Heart-rending Hamsanandi

A raga that instantly sets off a meditative and intense mood when handled is Hamsanandi. This raga is easy to identify even...»

A Raga’s Journey — Hopeful, festive, vibrant Vasantha

A raga that is suitable for singing in the evenings, a raga that ushers in the festive spirit and one that dispels fear and...»

A Raga's Journey — The passionate appeal of Simhendramadhyamam

A raga that is grand in every way, regal, meditative, bold and striking is Simhendramadhyamam. Chiselled with utmost beauty, ever...»

A Raga's Journey — The charm of Charukesi

A raga that evokes inexplicable emotions in our hearts and often melts it would be Charukesi. Eternally popular, extremely well-loved by...»

A Raga’s Journey — Sorrowful Subhapantuvarali

A raga that evokes grief and sorrow in the hearts of listeners is Subhapantuvarali. One often hears this raga played on the shehnai for s...»

A Raga’s Journey — Arresting Abhogi

Abhogi is a bright raga, listening to which people get a spring in their step and hope in their hearts. This raga’s vibrance and positivi...»

A Raga’s Journey — Bewitching Bhagesri

Bhagesri, a raga that relaxes the senses and calms the mind, is predominantly north Indian in flavour. It is suitable for lighter pieces...»

A Raga’s Journey — Appealing Amritavarshini

Amritavarshini is a divine raga said to usher in showers of rain when sung. The moods associated with it are joy, exuberance, appeal, and...»

A Raga’s Journey — Kingly Kharaharapriya

The luxurious pastures of this raga – Kodipalai in ancient Tamizh music; the regal Kharaharapriya in Carnatic music – are evergreen and h...»

A Raga’s Journey — Soothing Sahana

On listening to Sahana, the emotions that one experiences include compassion, pleading, fervent appeal, helpless surrender, and piety. A...»

One for the team

The Whistle Podu campaign has spawned many fan videos to cheer the Chennai Super Kings during the IPL season. Sudhish Kamath meets the peopl »

A Raga’s Journey — Jaunty Jonpuri

Jonpuri has its roots in Hindustani music and has spread its branches far and wide into Carnatic Music. This attractive raga is said to h...»

A Raga’s Journey — Charming Chakravaham

A sampoorna melakarta raga is suitable for singing in the morning hours (6 am to 9 am preferably), Chakravaham conve...»

A Raga’s Journey — Dynamic Durbarikaanada

A moving raga that has the power to melt mountains, Durbarikaanada is very popular in north India. “Durbari” raag has limited scope in tr...»

Mesmeric Maand

A RAGA'S JOURNEY Maand is supposed to have evolved from Rajasthani folk music »

Bewitching Bhairavi


Sweet and sour Lathangi

A RAGA’S JOURNEY A raga that is most suited for classical music, Lathangi is seldom seen in populist devotional tracks or semi-Clas »

Joyful Suddha Saveri

A raga that has only five notes in its scale, one that is very joyful and found in widely in Indian and Oriental systems of music is Sudd...»

Devotional Kambhoji

A regal raga, majestic like a temple elephant adorned with precious finery — that is Kambhoji! One of the most prominent ragas in Carnati...»

Two for joy

Some ragas are very unique, and the pieces composed in them are very few. Yet, due to their beauty and striking features, these ragas ha...»

Atana for inspiring valour

Certain melodies inspire courage, valour and ‘veera’ rasa. A raga that most effectively does this is Atana. An ancient raga, Atana was ve...»

Sivaranjani for pathos

A dramatic raga that derives its strength from bringing forth the pain and sorrow in the hearts of people is Sivaranjani. Poignant and he...»

Heart-warming Tilang

A joyful raga that inspires enthusiasm and positivity in our hearts is Tilang. Merely mentioning its name gives us a springy feeling! A f...»

Six-note splendour

A raga having six notes in the ascent as well as the descent (Shadava), with symmetrical tetrachords, is Sriranjani. It is known to ple...»

Twice as nice

Some ragas are like twins, we cannot speak of one of them without mentioning the other. They are alike, yet have their own distinctive st...»

Folksy flavours

Senchuruti is a folksy raga that is bright and suited for conveying bhakthi bhava beautifully. »

Making a difference

The audio of the film Chikki Mukki was released recently by the children of Nesam »

Notes that intrigue

A raga that may be likened to an overflowing Akshayapatra is Kapi. What can one say about this endearing raga? Listening to it is...»

Towering Todi

With the music season going on in full swing, ragas are filling our systems with positivity and good vibes. A regal raga that one very o...»

Notes of peace

A raga that is colourful, well-known and full of emotive appeal is Mukhari. This raga is often spoken of as a sorrowful raga (shoka ra...»

Tones of grace

A raga that is most suited for bringing out sringara and karuna rasas is Nattakurinji. A pleasant raga, its phrases are ver...»

Chennai city events

Hit it off Rotary Club of Madras Golf Tournament is here. The countdown for this year’s Rotary Club of Madras...»

Call of the swan

Hamsanadam literally means ‘call of the swan’. It is a peaceful evening raga exuding divinity, bhakthi rasa. Joy and love brim in one’s h...»

Of music and mood

Mumbai duo Roop Kumar and Sunali Rathod, and Chennai sisters Charulatha and Sri Mathumitha, kept fans enthralled with their eclectic reperto »

A song for the season

Sunitha Sarathy launches her new single ‘Nimmadhi’ »

Mystical Revathi

A raga that is mystical, dark, and appealing in a heart-wrenching sort of way, would be Revathi. The Hindustani raga that closely resembl...»

A bright start

Hamsadhwani — a raga that is bright and auspicious, one that is most suited for commencing a Carnatic concert. That probably explains why...»

Power Shutdown

Power supply will be suspended in the following areas in Sembium from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. On Monday: Periyar Nagar, Sathyavani Muthu Nagar, Kakkanji Nagar, Karunanidhi Salai... »

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