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Baradwaj Rangan

Taking a knife to a classic

Thoughts on Hitchcock’s Psycho, Gus Van Sant’s remake of the film, and the ruthlessly butchered version shown on television »

Dreams die first

Can you believe QSQT is a quarter-century old? And can you believe that love, once, was so unattainable? »

Pictures for posterity

A fascinating new documentary throws the spotlight on an indefatigable preserver of Indian cinema »

Twenty years after

Some thoughts on watching Jurassic Park on the big screen after two decades »

140 characters of change

Twitter has just turned seven, but it feels like it’s been around forever, given how completely it has transformed the world of cinema, for »

The man who loved movies

Farewell, Roger Ebert. Your work in the field of film criticism will always be remembered with two enthusiastic thumbs up »

The ‘D’ is silent

Quentin Tarantino’s new movie is somewhat restrained by his standards. And who knew he thought like a film critic? »

Adult discussions

'The Master' leaves you with all kinds of thoughts — about censorship, about the vandalism of art, and especially about acting »

The home and the world

Making the case that a certain kind of “good cinema” can be made without adhering to the aesthetic traditions of what’s traditionally accept »

Death of a way of life

What is life like in a tribal village of Kerala’s Palakkad district, which has been in the news for malnutrition deaths? »

‘What else can I do?’

A.R. Rahman is in a mood to talk about everything he’s happy to hold forth. »

Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga: The joke’s on us

Had a first-time filmmaker made Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, we may have smiled indulgently at the handful of scenes and lines that w...»

Chennaieil Oru Naal: Street memories

When the hijack-thriller Payanam created a bit of buzz a couple of years ago, I thought we’d see more action films that wove riffs...»

Print Pick

Amrita Sher-Gill: A Self-Portrait in Letters & Writings Rs. 5,750.00 This self-portrait in two volum...»

Hardboiled tweets

Thanks to social media, the world has become an even more unfair place. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. »

Does cinema influence behaviour?

It's easy to blame cinema as the reason we behave this way and that, but doesn’t some of the responsibility lie with us? »

Fanciful notion of what’s real

The question around the underwhelming Les Misérables isn’t how realistic a musical should be but whether musicals need to be realistic at al »

The party before the Oscars

The Golden Globes ceremony, as always, was a lot of fun. But now we also seem closer than ever to predicting whom the Oscars will go to »

The slow death of a romance

David Lean movies on your laptop to watching a brand-new film on your TV set is, I suppose, just another step in the evolutionary ladder of »

Totting up 12 months

Putting together year-end best-of movie lists is mostly pointless. Moments from the movies, on the other hand, can be quite useful »

Pages from the past

Lively discussions and book readings marked the launch of Penguin Classic Library in the city »

Lights, Camera, Conversation... — What's Swedish for popcorn?

What a relief to learn that the rest of the world is just like us — just as fond of mindless movies »

The great cost of great art

That sound you hear in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan is the sound of scratching — the scratching on the smooth soles of ball...»

Boys will be (bad) boys

Which development, would you say, has defined the movies as we know them today? The canted camera perspectives of Citizen Kane and...»

The Godfather of Disco

FACE-to-FACE In Bappi Lahiri's words, the stories behind the jewellery, the recent World Cup tie, and Chennai's place in the annals of disco »

The unbearable heaviness of acting

After all that puffing and panting, do you remember the character or the sweat-stained actor? »

Hereafter: Lives in limbo

Matt Damon plays the Clint Eastwood character in Clint Eastwood's Hereafter — the man of few words, the man from nowhere...»

Battle: Los Angeles - The non-art of war

On a settee at SETI Institute, a scientist is scratching the two-week-old growth on his chin, scanning his computers for signs of Int...»

Red Riding Hood - What big issues you have!

When the girl — a big girl; hence the loss of the diminutive in the title — with the red riding hood comes face to face with...»

Lights, Camera, Conversation... — Bye bye, beautiful

Tributes to Elizabeth Taylor have commemorated her performances, her charity, her whirlwind-circus love life — but let's not forget to »

The ordinary story of an ordinary man

Despite his air of an also-ran, Paul Giamatti's Barney is something of a success. He's a television producer who oversees totally unneces...»

The games people play

With each passing year, I am increasingly reminded by Hollywood of the grossly deprived childhood I've had to endure, filled merely with...»

Lights, Camera, Conversation... — Death becomes us

With their unprecedented sense of you-are-thereness, have the movies forever changed the way we are affected by tragedy? »

Case Sera Sera

Just what kind of man is Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) in The Lincoln Lawyer that his description invokes another, more famous...»

A tale of two women

The decades-spanning story of how novelist-journalist Vaasanthi came to write the not-a-biography-but-a-portrait of one of our most complex »

Straight shooter

I'm an artiste first and last, says Leela Samson, newly appointed Chairperson of the Central Board for Film Certification in an interview to »

Oh well... Whatever... Never mind!

The quantum of care and consideration that's been lavished on Adam Sandler's latest gromance — his trademark love story with gross-...»

A vote for voting

One day, just one day every few years, a cynic becomes a sentimentalist, admits Baradwaj Rangan »

Lights, Camera, Conversation... — That maker of movies

Sidney Lumet was a great moviemaker, but he also wrote one of the great books about making movies, with a title as unfussy as his cinema: &l »

Dial M for Mirror

Hitchcock devotees walking into Jaume Collet-Serra's Unknown, I suspect, will have the option of watching one of two films —...»

Lights, Camera, Conversation... — The genre of myth

“Why are you watching ‘Jyoti Bane Jwala'?” my conscious mind cries out, with the futility of the hero's sister's appeal...»

Single Vile Remake

There's a moment of mild levity at the beginning of The Roommate, during the opening credits, when the titles announce that this i...»

Blood pleasure

The beginning of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows is a churn of events. The year is 1760. We are in Liverpool, as a ship sets sail for th...»

Lights, Camera, Conversation… — It's a bird, it's a pain...

“Superman” onwards, the screen has sagged with the torment of superheroes, which is why “The Avengers” is such a relief — if only till the u »

Crash courses

I have this theory that George Lucas is responsible for Liam Neeson's late-career transformation into what a gossip-rag hack might term “...»

The other kind of “trailer trash”

Sneak peeks into upcoming movies are almost always futile attempts to make us interested. Where's the vibe? »

Lights, Camera, Conversation… — A festival of the times

Foreign cinema, these days, is no longer about big-name directors and acknowledged classics. And thank Dieu for that »

'I call it the Raja genre'

The soundtrack of Neethane En Ponvasantham, which has been picked up for a record price, is due on July 1. Gautham Vasudev Menon talks to Ba »

The great joys of people in peril

LIGHTS, CAMERA, CONVERSATIONAmong the low pleasures in life, few can top films about fellow humans beset by bees and killer fish and »

Northern stock, Southern spice

How a single film came out of the blue and transformed the North-South dynamics in Bollywood. »

In search of Srivilliputtur Palgova

FOOD SAFARI Baradwaj Rangan travels to this southern temple town to indulge his sweet tooth. »

A bit of critical thinking

Lights, Camera, Conversation: The demise of Andrew Sarris, like that of Pauline Kael, is really the demise of a certain kind of cultural cli »

When men met women...

LIGHTS, CAMERA AND CONVERSATION Nora Ephron, the rare writer who transitioned into a successful filmmaker, showcased a generation’s r »

What a glorious feeling

LIGHTS, CAMERA, CONVERSATION... One of the most beloved musicals of all time is 60 years old. And — no surprise — it’s not from her »

I deplore glibness: Jerry Pinto

The Proust Questionnaire is a fortnightly feature that alternates with the Saturday interview. These questions were most famously ans »

Men and women of great character

LIGHTS, CAMERA, CONVERSATION... They are the satellites around the stars — and sometimes, they become the centre of the film’s univ »

A star is gone

Lights, Camera, Conversation: Some thoughts and recollections on the death of a pop-culture phenomenon, and the gradual dying of an e »

The other side of happily-ever-after

Amidst all the hype over a certain bat, you may be missing out on the smashing story of a bug »

The abyss of passion

FINALLY, AN adaptation of Wuthering Heights that’s every bit as disturbing to movie audiences as the book must have been for the readers of »

Reality and fantasy

A complex drama revolving around the contentious issue of Kashmir »

Lights, Camera, Conversation… — First among the many, many equals

If you’ve been following the fuss about the ‘Sight & Sound’ poll, you’ll know there’s a new greatest movie of all time. However, do they »

The clown as King Lear

Shakespeare’s Lear continues to be relevant today with his theme of ageing, betrayal and the travails of excessive and foolish love »

Those masters of light

A string of pretty pictures is not the same as good cinematography, but that isn’t the only reason our colour films remain less impressive t »

Rocky Mountain High

A couple of national parks later, Baradwaj Rangan returns from Canada with tales of landscapes and ghosts, all clad in white »

Magic of the mind

Scenes that have nothing to do with the plot are sometimes there for a reason. Differently put, the best way to get from A to B isn’t necess »

The death of Ramu kaka

With AK Hangal gone, so is the self-effacing (and archetypal) character actor, content to blend noiselessly into the background »

Sunday Magazine Mail Bag

A bit lopsidedMany of the things Harsh Mander in his article (“Assam’s Tragedy”, August 26)  talks about, including the facts of t...»

The attempt to judge an attempt

How do we deal with films that promise much and deliver little? Well, it depends, doesn’t it? »

Different strokes, different folks

The reasons that drive people to dislike a piece of art are sometimes those that you cannot think of in a hundred million years »

Stocks and family bonds

The most fascinating aspect about Nicholas Jarecki’s first feature is that the studios let him get away with that title. Let’s change tra...»

In search of Madurai Jigarthanda

Baradwaj Rangan tastes a heart-cooler in the city that never sleeps. »

Ticktock, ticktock... the wait begins

Will we ever be able to see Deepa Mehta’s new film in our theatres? Never mind. We can still talk about it — or, more relevantly, around it »

Oh, the horror, the horror...

The appropriate response to women who hang around haunted houses, despite being terrorised out of their wits? Die already! »

Up North, a bit of the West

The Stampede in Calgary, Canada, was first staged in September 1912. A hundred years later, we experience the sights, sounds and, yes, smell »

An unseeing hero, an unimpressed audience...

Is it possible to make a sophisticated entertainment for a regional audience? Sure. But sophistication should not be confused with the super »

When silence speaks volumes

Sridevi’s performance in English Vinglish isn’t just about an actor’s skill, but about a style of acting that we rarely see on screen anymor »

‘My films are not star vehicles’

Filmmaker Vasanth talks to Baradwaj Rangan about rule-breaking, lyrics, and the music of his forthcoming feature about three people and thre »

The fundamental things apply...

Seventy years after its release, why does Casablanca remain so easy to experience? Perhaps because its building blocks are still being used »

The man who built Bollywood

That Yash Chopra left behind a legacy was never in question. But just what, exactly, is that legacy? »

New Arrivals: English books

Debt — The First 5000 Years: David Graeber;Conversations with Mani Ratnam: Baradwaj Rangan; Both the books pub. by Penguin Books I...»

Lights, Camera, Conversation… — The pause that recharges...

Like we take breaks in life, shouldn’t films be allowed to take breaks through songs? Um, yes and no »

‘Kamal too didn’t expect much from the film’

After articles on Nayakan by the star Kamal Haasan and the producer ‘Muktha’ V. Srinivasan – carried in these pages – a lot of people expres »

‘I wanted to tell people’s stories’

Akash Kapur talks about writing a book whose India isn’t so much shining as becoming. »

The comfort of clichés

There’s a special kind of heaven to be found in old things, which seem new again with the smallest of twists »

I’ve got a bad feeling about this...

To care or not care about the recent spate of Star Wars-related announcements? Fans may have little choice, even if the prospects look dim »

Agam scores an A

The Bangalore-based rock band gave an exciting twist to familiar Carnatic compositions and film songs »

Paper worlds, picture worlds

WITH FILMS adapted from books, it’s stressful when the movie version inside our heads, from the page, does not match the one on the big scr »

The lives of others

WE DON’T make many movies based directly on books. Neither do we make many movies based on people whose stories are more spectacular than fi »

Candid conversations on cinema

At the launch of Baradwaj Rangan’s book 'Conversations with Mani Ratnam', the noted filmmaker spoke about the influences that sparked and sh »

A view to a re-evaluation

Baradwaj Rangan defends the Roger Moore era of James Bond »

Destination Kochi

A city that did not have a single gallery of international standards is now getting ready to host a major three-month-long exhibition of con »

Bergman, who? Hello new-age directors!

LOW BUDGETS. Low costs. Low ambitions. High praise. Is Tamil cinema, thanks to digital-camera filmmaking, in the throes of a new movement? »

For the love of money

Why does most of our discussion about cinema centre primarily on box-office collections, especially if a big star is involved? You’re probab »

Talking about talking

The launch of Conversations With Mani Ratnam saw discussions about the man, his films and about art in general »

The amour for art cinema

WHY DEFINE “great movies” based on a cold and clinical foreign ideal of greatness, especially when so many foreign filmmakers are already ma »

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