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From Chennai to Kolkata: pangs of terminal envy

Bishwanath Ghosh travels through the newly opened airports in these cities and finds namma terminal wanting »

“I’m a Jack-in-the-box”

Writer, poet and playwright Randhir Khare talks to Bishwanath Ghosh about the experience of being a chameleon, moving from genre to genre. »

Gym on the beach

Many of us don’t consider exercise beneficial unless we shell out a lot of money. »

Rescue the Coast Guard, someone

The Coast Guard relies solely on the services of Chetak, the single-engine helicopter which has its limitations »

Seeing Chennai

Chennai is India’s oldest modern city and yet not many tourists are aware of this fact »

I will survive!

After FICCI gave her the Best Woman Entrepreneur Award last year, Patricia Thomas found herself the toast of the lecture circuit. Her story »

Muthiah Discovered

The pieces of your favourite column, Madras Miscellany, are set to be compiled into a book this month. Bishwanath Ghosh meets the man who ha »

In Search of 7, Coral Merchant Street

As the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam awaits its most crucial election result, Bishwanath Ghosh tracks down the house where the party was born 62 »

Marine officer charts a new course

Meet a young California-born Tamil, who after fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, has returned to his roots to learn his mother tongue. »

Life In a Metro - A victory for Fort St. George

Its revival as the seat of power is likely to ensure better preservation »

Life in a Metro — Workout for the brain

Instant messaging is good news for man, bad news for mankind »

Life in a METRO — The power of popularity

Majority opinion is everything — it can even change your surname »

The Book Man bows out

Bishwanath Ghosh meets K.S. Padmanabhan, who retired last week after a long career in publishing — his company being one of the oldest »

Life in a Metro - Resting in Peace

Uninterrupted sleep is no longer a necessity - it’s a luxury »

LIFE IN A METRO— Cool Writer

The business of writing has changed – everyone wants to become a published author »

Life in a Metro — Cool Writer

The business of writing has changed – everyone wants to become a published author »

LIFE IN A METRO — Clothes Make the Woman

What people do is more important than what they wear — right? »

Walk on the heritage side

Chennai-ites often whiz past landmarks without sparing much thought for their historical value. Bishwanath Ghosh talks to a group of women t »

Life in a Metro —Touching Writing

People who like to write and read, to express gratitude for the wonderful things that have been happening to them for the past 10 years o...»

Life in a metro - Life in a Lodge

It's not so bad, sometimes, to forsake the big city for a small town »

Life In A Metro: My name is Red Dot

It’s strange how technology connects us even as it drifts us apart »

Life in a Metro — In pursuit of parking

Earlier, happiness meant owning a car. Now, it's finding a spot »

In the state of Paschimbanga, a slice of Pondicherry

Young women on bicycles, a bed with stairs, steamer rides — perhaps this article should have been written in French. Bishwanath Ghosh on his »

Life in a Metro — Back to school after 25 years

Why nostalgia may not always be a good thing »

Hidden100: The seeds of the Raj were sown here

In 1639, the very year Shah Jahan made Delhi his capital city, the seeds of the Mughal Empire's doom were sown in a hill-surrounded sout...»

LIFE IN A METRO — Books, a click away

E-tailing for books means access to those not available in stores. Who's complaining of changing times! »

A Sunday on South Usman Road

This could well be the story of an adventure. After all, walking through Chennai's busiest stretch during the festival-shopping season comes »

Life In A Metro: Coach Class

Only train travel gives you the sense of a journey taken »

Life in a street-smart city

If you want to understand Chennai, dig into the life and times of people who've lent their names to its roads and streets, says Bishwanath G »

Vikram, Vetala and Sankar

Bishwanath Ghosh meets the man who has illustrated Chandamama since time immemorial and is still at it »

Life in a Metro — The lingering taste of birthday cake

We are so focussed on the future that we often forget to relish the present. And before we realise, a year has gone past »

Of fame and Facebook

It’s interesting that you are no longer considered a celebrity if you don't have a Facebook account »

A Ghost in Hong Kong

Bishwanath Ghosh faces an identity crisis while negotiating the quintessential union of east and west »

Life in a Metro — Idli chatter

Why don’t we celebrate this staple of south Indian menus? »

On top of the world

Winding up the Hong Kong experience with ever-escalating sights »

Life in a Metro — Goodbye, guide

The death of Dev Anand has left us with two important lessons »

Life in a Metro: Relative values

No more summers at grandma's. We're an insular society today. »

Life in a metro — The place I call home

In which the author describes why this city is like none other »

Life In A Metro — Mobile living

How much convenience is too much? »

Life In A Metro — Woman troubles

The country’s capital is paved with unsafe streets »

Life in a Metro — The man on the balcony

Recalling a late friend who defined a street »

Story of a Sabha

The association of the Gowda Saraswata community celebrates its centenary »

Life in a Metro — Symbols and symbolisms

A boat ride in the time of elections can throw up a lot to ponder about »

The Sunday Diary: Heritage today, gone tomorrow?

How things can change in just a year. I joined The Hindu in April 2011, and during the first ten months when my working hours were more...»

The Sunday Diary: When the original Shivaji came to town

And here I was, blissfully unaware all these years of the great Maratha's Madras connection »

Candid about Chennai

Journalist-author Bishwanath Ghosh's latest book “Tamarind City” attempts to analyse and define Chennai with honesty and sensitivity »

Madras mosaic

Tamarind City is an outsider's attempt to unravel Chennai's complex character. »

Why I love Gemini Flyover

Precisely 39 years ago, on the evening of July 1, 1973, a public function took place near Gemini Studios, at the intersection of Nungamba...»

Reports on Gemini Flyover heartening, says Karunanidhi

The Hindu report titled ‘Flyover wall mended after 3 days’ by Deepa H. Ramakrishnan and the column ‘Why I love Gemini Flyover’ by...»

Chennai is a grown-up kid

THE SUNDAY DIARY In Chennai, the men in khaki take over as soon as the clock strikes eleven. When will they stop behaving like the na »

The Sunday Diary: The man who stood between you and Paris

Robert Clive was hailed as the ‘heaven-born general’ and he went on to lay the foundation of British rule in India »

India’s oldest mall is dying

What did not change in a 100 years has changed in just 10 years. Today Spencer Plaza, even though still an important landmark on Mount Road, »

Sleepless at sunrise

Marina, at night, is sprinkled with people who are habituated to sleeping on a bed of sand »

The hands that shape the world

I often wonder what a labourer feels when he looks at a palatial house he has helped build: he would have had a free run of the property whi »

Madras’ birthday today. South Chennai is partying

Funny that a city known to the outside world as conservative and orthodox should be founded by a hardened drinker and womaniser — an ente...»

A Mount Square for Chennai?

It’s a lovely evening and you want to put on your smartest clothes and step out. But you don’t want to spend three hours in a cinema thea...»

A question for the Mayor

Mindless clerical errors are increasingly distorting names of prominent roads in the city »

A nook for book lovers

Those attending to the books section in chain bookstores look lost when you ask them for a particular book »

Up close in a traffic jam

We may dread getting caught in traffic jams, but what better opportunity to get a closer look at fellow humans and a ringside view of our...»

Pride and too much patience?

Two things I find about Chennaiites immensely admirable — the great pride they take in their city, and the never-ending supply of patienc...»

Train to nowhere

MRTS was a good idea. But something went wrong somewhere »

  Madras 373: Tamarind City

Excerpts from the prologue of Bishwanath Ghosh's Tamarind City, a portrait of Chennai. Voices: Lata Ganapathy, Anand Venkateswaran »

  Over a mic with Bishwanath Ghosh

Profundity lies in the simplest of things, says City Editor Bishwanath Ghosh, as he talks Sunday Diary with Anand Venkateswaran »

Power Shutdown

Power supply will be suspended in the following areas on May 08, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. »



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 A roadside vendor sells water melon slices near the Valluvar Kottam in Chennai. Photo: M. Moorthy

Summer ailments

Doctors are warning patients to stay hydrated, dress in cool clothes and not venture out during the hottest parts of the day. »