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G. Ananthakrishnan

Will our tickets ever get smart?

After years of indifference, the Tamil Nadu government acted to fix autorickshaw fares in Chennai under the gaze of the court. That peop...»

Not all together here

What does an international campaign called ‘All Together,’ pitching for the growth of public transport, have to do with Chennai? A...»

Needed: Art at Chennai's Metro stations

Paintings that interpret the city, the region and its culture are ideally suited for display in urban rail stations »

Safe travel? Not on MTC

These days, a ride in an MTC bus is not merely uncomfortable, but actually painful.Part of the pain comes from the fact that many...»

Muted response to a noisy city

Every day, around 1,000 new horns are added to the cacophony in the city — one per vehicle registered »

Preparing for the Metro

CMRL needs active support from the government and Southern Railway to connect existing travel options with the Metro »

Linking modes of commute

Not many of us think of our daily commute in terms of a ‘transport chain.’ Walking, riding a bicycle or two-wheeler or taking an autoric...»

Draw the line at salty treats

Most people consume a lot of salt without even being aware of it »

Petitions, for multiple uses

Procedures for petitions need to be tightened to prevent forged ones going out »

Missing the bus

Now that the Centre has said it will raise the price of diesel by about half a rupee per litre every month, until losses are wiped out, t...»

Will Chennai force us to run on empty?

When you spend more on transport than on food, drink and leisure, something is really wrong. What options are the policymakers exercising? »

Waste can work for us

At ‘Municipalika', an expo held recently in the city, many local body representatives and interested citizens inspected off-the-shelf so...»

Tackling a sticky issue, with technology

The commuter is at the mercy of the conductor, although he is ready to pay for the ride and is entitled to travel »

Footpaths and waistlines

If Rs. 333.27 crore is to be spent on roads and footpaths, how much of it will benefit walkers? »

A service that refuses to take-off

A passenger who wants to reach the city from the Chennai airport has few comfortable travel options. »

Who cares for public safety?

Just what liability do official agencies have towards the protection of life and limb of citizens in a public place? »

The shock of arrival

Why isn't the government doing its bit to help visitors and tourists and make transit easy for them? »

Escaping the petrol trap

The availability of shared transport from most-visited places is vital to serve the passenger at the least cost. »

No city for old people?

So who cares for such people, after all? We must take heart that some of our Members of Parliament are reacting to such distressing aspects »

Eliminate the need for speed

When the MTC bus on route 17 M ran off the Anna Flyover on Wednesday, public attention was turned to a key question — does Chennai’s mono...»

Public places turn haven for muggers

URBAN JUNGLE Many locations in the city seem to have visibly dimmed of late, and poorly-lit areas serve as a magnet for criminals »

Tools to tackle government sloth

How many times have you petitioned a government department, for a ration card or a house site patta and encountered only stony si...»

Footpaths maketh a city

The single biggest activity promoting good health is walking, but Chennai is notorious for its hostility to walkers. »

What’s with the noise?

A practical solution would be to shift the scene of noisy festivities away from roads to community centres and other large open spaces »

It’s time for street view 2.0

An in-vehicle camera can protect the good and expose the bad on our chaotic, badly-policed roads »

A shoddy job on buses

Most of us are caught in the pincer grip of rising fuel prices and costlier essential articles. The government has announced helpfully t...»

Bumping up the death rate

Doctors are concerned about the number of people dying in accidents due to speed breakers »

Wanted: Green activists for city

If you look out of the window of a plane as it circles Chennai, what you see, is only a few patches of solid green »

A waste of Central space

As a premier rail terminal that is used by thousands of people every hour, Chennai Central needs services that are both reliable and of h...»

Give safety a chance, first

Why should stations remain in their colonial ‘hand-me-down’ state? »

A B’lore model for Chennai

Chennai’s administrators should start looking at what is making the city decrepit »

Chennai’s killer bus service

The ratio of buses to population is miserably low in the State capital »

High-tech holes in our stations

Can you really seal up the security in an Indian railway station with a combination of high-tech surveillance equipment and old policing...»




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FIR against IAS officer in Chennai for cheating

The Central Crime Branch of the city police has registered a case of cheating against a serving IAS officer attached to State Transport... »