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City sees more social cause campaigners

The afternoon sun is in its full glory at Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya in T. Nagar and sitting under the shade of a tree is 65-year-old D. Vima...»

Young professionals show the way

They do not boast of an office or of any overhead expense, but the environment of their home or a humble school/ community becomes their...»

Fifteen years of Indo-Swedish bond at the grassroots

“It has been a very positive learning experience where I learnt things which I never would have. When you culturally try to unders...»

December music fever catches on in suburbs too

With around 50 sabhas organising a mind-boggling 2,000-plus concerts, Chennai’s biggest attraction, the December Music Season, is...»

Stress on the quality of school education

Learning is not a one-step process and the child of tomorrow needs to be prepared differently.It could be by grooming teachers, d...»

Children’s battle is no less intense

Children are a vulnerable group, especially to HIV/AIDS, where it has a harsh effect of leaving many orphaned and without support to...»

Nothing fishy about this one

S. Vasudeva Rao and his family swear by their two-year-old flowerhorn fish kept in their three-foot tank. The family still recalls how u...»

Pet ownership becoming increasingly trickier

The Chennai Corporation issues licences for around 160 dogs a month. But the unfortunate part is that though there are as many buying or...»

Reorienting teachers

Learning is said to be a continuous process, whatever be the field, including teaching where it evolves every day.A B.Ed or an eq...»

Senior citizens take to social networking websites in a big way

It is 5.30 a.m., a time when it is a struggle to get out of their beds. But for the 75-year-old Kalpakam Srinivasamurthi it is time for...»

The tale of price rise and family budget

“How do we cut down on our expenses?” -- this is one question that several families are increasingly pondering over. The rise...»

Enterprising students mean business

The ongoing Entrepreneurial Week celebrations happening in 39 colleges through competitions, motivational talks, skill-building workshops...»

30-foot-long tropical whale washed ashore

In yet another incident pointing to possible threats to marine animals, a sub-adult tropical whale was washed ashore along the Kotivakka...»

Weaving stories into lessons

Shikari Shambu, Rhino and other characters from V. Adithya’s collection of books get new twists and turns when he narrates stories...»

Schools told to resume admissions

Two months after it issued directions to managements of matriculation schools asking them not to issue application forms for new admissi...»

“Free education of equitable quality our motto”

For 22 years, Anil Sadgopal was a field-level activist in Madhya Pradesh promoting development programmes in rural education. Notable amo...»

The problem of copying teaching & learning

It is one unwritten rule that any student must religiously follow whichever examination he or she is appearing for. But somehow sometime...»

Balancing career and home

Work-life balance. That is the most discussed topic by women in and outside office circles, whatever the capacity and nature of work...»

Buzz around schools ahead of exams

P.G. Subramanian has been busy for the last three to four days. As teacher and examination coordinator of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior...»

Time to make plans for summer vacation

For years, the heritage sites around Chennai, the beaches and shopping deals have been major attractions for tourists. Tapping the cu...»

Bid to identify mental health problems of students

He is different from others in the classroom, avoids people and his grades/marks keep fluctuating. For teachers who come across such chil...»

How they do the ‘illuminating' part

At Work is a weekly column »

High spirit ignites college dance competition

Artistic props, dashing costumes, sprightly moves and oodles of energy. College teams participating in ‘Ignite 2010', an inter-...»

Traffic curbs hit commuters

Commuters had a difficult time as traffic was suspended for three hours along Anna Salai on Saturday to facilitate easy movement of VIPs...»

Uniform blend of stripes, checks, colours and patterns

Checked or striped trousers with a plain shirt. Pinafores in colours such as lavender or ivory. Track pants and T-shirts as sports wear....»

Education board matters for them

It is S. Karthick's last few weeks in a leading matriculation school before the Class V student joins a CBSE school, from the coming...»

RTI awareness among students

Sample these few questions posed by children in a private educational institution after the RTI Club was launched and students were e...»

Stress on multiple choice questions

Even a good examination system needs reforms. It is perhaps with this in mind that CBSE incorporated multiple choice questions (MCQs) in...»

Kani konna proves elusive

Botanists say delay in mass flowering could be due to climate change »

Giving direction to the future of deafblind

'Meet' an interesting personality and achiever in this column. »

Commuters hit by tussle over bus shelters

The tussle between Metropolitan Transport Corporation and Chennai Corporation on maintenance of bus shelters continues to put many commut...»

Visually challenged face difficulties in finding scribes

Visually challenged A. Raja is determined to clear the BA (History) examinations, beginning on May 24, with high marks. The student of A...»

City students take AIEE Examination 2010

The All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) came as a respite for a majority of students after two major competitive exams, i...»

Panel proposes Rs.30 per hour minimum wage for house work

Nearly six months after the Labour Department formed a committee to fix wages for domestic workers, it looks like the large unorganised s...»

Summer turns out to be a bother for plants too

It is summer and the rising temperature is bothering plants too, especially young saplings that need more attention. Botani...»

City students set for Germany

A visit to the harbour city, walk along the long sandy beaches and an encounter with schools and universities in Germany. Two groups of s...»

Count on this exercise “thanks to technology''

As Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, C. Chandramouli,is one busy official overseeing the largest a...»

“Promotion is subjective in most schools”

Rules are flouted in some matriculation schools »

Elementary education curriculum to be revised

The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) committee will start revising the curriculum for elementary education in a month’s time...»

They ensure everything is on track

Controllers working in closed chambers are the “nerve centre of train operations” »

Fee structure unjustifiable, say private school managements

While parents welcome the fixation of fees in private schools, a majority of private school managements say the fee structure finalis...»

Into the gap: rise and growth of para-transit vehicles

They aren't taxis exactly, and they aren't buses either, but for a lot of people they are the most reliable mode of transport in areas wh...»

Being a spelling bee pays off

Along with punctuations and grammar, spellings are integral to written communication. Apart from changing the meaning of th...»

Ambition, perseverance hold the key to success

Whether it was the early morning riser or the student who relaxes between studies taking a 15-minute nap every two hours, the results...»

Time to prepare lip smacking pickles

Neatly cut and sun-dried raw mangoes mixed with salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, ‘methi dal,' pounded mustard and oil are getting...»

Gearing up for Equitable Standard Education

The coming academic year will be significant, crucial and even historic for the School Education Department in many respects. <...»

Now it is time to start working towards the goal

The clock starts ticking for students of Class XII even before the school reopens. Especially those who work towards a State rank and...»

Girls outperform boys in CBSE XII results

Students of Tamil Nadu have sailed through the Class XII Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examination easily, with the State...»

Keeping the child in him alive

'Meet' an interesting personality and achiever in this column. »

Six research proposals get Central grant

Six projects being undertaken by researchers on development issues concerning Tamil Nadu have been selected for a grant of Rs.1 crore fro...»

City maintains smoking ban momentum

Two years after the Union Health Ministry declared a ban on smoking in public places, the city has maintained the momentum. Several non-g...»

Revised curriculum for teaching persons with mental retardation

One of the most widely used curriculum in the country – Madras Development Programming System (MDPS) – for teaching persons...»

Teachers gear up for opening of the new academic year

There is still a week for the students to return, but in most schools the academic year for teachers and head of departments has begun wi...»

Fewer centums in mathematics again

For the second consecutive year, centums in Mathematics have seen a significant drop at the S.S.L.C examination. Of the 9,6...»

Girls shine in class X exams

In all the four streams – S.S.L.C., Matriculation, Anglo-Indian and O.S.L.C. – girls outscored boys by a 3 to 6 percentag...»

Stellar show by Chennai region

In a stellar performance in the All India Secondary School Examination, the students of Chennai region, which comprises southern and west...»

Mixed feelings across schools

No pass, no fail, only QUAL standing for Eligible for Qualifying Certificate or EIOP for Eligible for Improvement of Performance said th...»

No time for covering books? No problem!

Working parents seek out people to cover books »

More students going in for revaluation

Every mark counts and can make a difference, they say »

Flurry back as schools open

Teachers, students, parents grapple different issues »

It's not just a shoot anymore

It is noon and the sun is at its peak, but P. Murthy looks relaxed styling up a groom's mustachio, removing pimples from the bride's face...»

All goods, basic to luxurious, under one roof

At The Hindu MetroPlus Lifestyle Show that opened on Thursday »

Host of SSA initiatives

Inclusive education for the differently-abled is set to get a boost in the State, with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan introducing a host of initi...»

Strength of class also counts

'Teaching & Learning' is a weekly column on education and related subjects. »

Over 7,000 schools oppose fee structure

A total of 7,275 schools have so far “raised objections” to the fee structure fixed by the Private Schools Fee Determination...»

Bidding adieu to typewriters

Members of the Federation of Southern States Commerce Institute Associations are meeting on Thursday in Bangalore to discuss implicat...»

Publishers, distributors exploring ways to reach out to students

Publishers and distributors are exploring new ways to popularise non-educational and reference books among students in the face of inadeq...»

Helen Keller remembrance day organised

The Birla Planetarium is Shazia Fathima's favourite place and she wants to become an astronaut. The 14-year-old girl has congenital rube...»

The voices on air that guide passengers

Their identity is their voice. The information they provide over the public address system, in Tamil, English and Hindi, come as a gospel...»

School management interrogated

The management of a matriculation school in Kolathur was interrogated after parents complained to the Private Schools Fee Determination C...»

Samacheer Kalvi leaves parents anxious

A month after the new academic year, ‘Samacheer Kalvi,' or Equitable Standard School Education, introduced for students of Classes...»

Drive to make anganwadis eco-friendly

A smokeless kitchen, a garden in the backyard, where fresh vegetables can be sourced, child-friendly toilets and proper waste managem...»

Photocopies of answer scripts

Photocopies of as many as 64,000 answer scripts were made by the Directorate of Government Examinations following requests from the s...»

Making schools more child-friendly

What is your first impression of school corridors? Dull spaces with drab walls where one can do little. Two architects who changed th...»

Capturing India since 1970s

The vibrant colours of India fascinated this expat to take up a profession in photography. Having headed a magazine back home in London,...»

Where students are a worried lot

It is about 11.45 a.m., and the teacher can be heard shouting at the top of her voice. Over 50 children are seated on the floor, with har...»

Does project work really project students' skills?

Science experiments or project work by schools students are meant to help develop an inquisitive bent of mind and make the learning p...»

Healthy blend of fun and learning

From listening to the varied career interests and co-curricular activities they pursued to getting the correct answer to a general kn...»

College campus abuzz with changes

“Today's students are more outspoken, better aware of their rights and responsibilities'' »

Mainstreaming children with special needs

The new academic session has been momentous for Harini’s parents. The LKG student has overcome her disability (she has mild Down&r...»

Friendly match marks global school-level regatta

52 schools from four countries participate in 250 races »

“Power tariff hike will have cascading effect''

TNEB has explained the need for tariff revision, which has not been carried out since March 2003 »

Technology hardly erases glory of fountain pens

Pens might have lost their significance in today's technology-driven world where the keyboard or text messages are becoming essential...»

Need to attract more visitors to museums

The gigantic marble statue of Lord Cornwallis welcomes visitors at the Fort Museum housed on the Fort. St. George premises. The mild...»

Mobilising students for Terry Fox Run

All that Akash Dube wants from schools is five minutes' time at their assembly. A brief introduction of himself, cancer, the disease...»

Mother tongue as medium of instruction

'Teaching & Learning' is a weekly column on education and related issues. »

Small screen, big memories

August 15, 1975 is a landmark day for Madras TV Centre »

Shutterbug developing latent talent

It is never too late to pursue a hobby again, especially if you have set goals for yourself and are ready to learn from your critics. »

The bountiful rain plays spoilsport too

Many road-laying projects and provision of utility services scheduled for this period went haywire »

Second homes turning out to be good investment options

Developers say there is a good demand for affordable houses in the city »

Pre-paid call-taxi counter at Central station closed

It is likely to be opened soon as a new contract is said to have been finalised »

An evening of music, dance and special effects

True to the words written on their green T-shirt ‘We make you run for the trophy', the team from Jeppiaar Engineering College,...»

Transformational designs

'Meet' an interesting personality and achiever in this column. »

‘Not so fancy' anymore, say schools

Shops that rent out costumes might come to the rescue of parents when their children have to ‘dress up' for a fancy dress competit...»

Teaching no major choice for young professionals

“There is no merit in continuing as a teacher as the recognition given by society is on the decline'' »

Retirement rarely takes away appetite for teaching

“Seeing one of our former headmasters frequent the school and take an active part in the management affairs we would wonder if...»

IT development and residents' fears

The city's expansion along Rajiv Gandhi Salai, GST Road, Outer Ring Road and Sriperumbudur is causing apprehensions among residents on th...»

No book is unusable here

Wondering if your old, torn note books, text books or paper you scribbled on could be put to some good use? Well, recycling is the an...»

With rains approaching, Corporation gears up to tackle tree falls

'City Pulse' keeps tabs on what Chennai's citizens think about issues that affect their everyday life. »

Confusion continues over fee issue

Parents from all over the State to participate in protest meeting on October 9 »

What they want in terms of security

Nearly 33 per cent of the elderly in the city are living alone, according to a recent survey of HelpAge India, a non-governmental org...»

All that she pursues is “well knitted into her''

Professor of anatomy, eloquent spiritual speaker, writer and master of ceremonies, she is all rolled into one. Sudha Seshayyan seems to be d »

Price rise makes festival celebrations expensive

The rising prices of essential and non-essential commodities have made many families remain on tenterhooks. For some families, the pr...»

Treat in store for young book lovers

Young book lovers have a treat waiting for them this Children's Day. The Anna Centenary Library in Kotturpuram, which opened last month,...»

Vital features of play schools

Trained teachers, best student - teacher ratio, concept school, activity-based curriculum… with Vijayadasami a few days away, play sc...»

In search of their roots

Jacob Moses Kodamala is among the lucky few in the group of 40 South Africans of Indian origin who are visiting south India in an attemp...»

Companionship to overcome old age blues

For senior citizens who are lonely, many a time it is another elderly person who is seen as the best companion »

From pencil to pen

Importance for handwriting in schools is deteriorating, say experts »

Protest by parents affects functioning of some schools

Row over implementation of Govindarajan Committee recommendations »

One-way violations an everyday reality

9.40 a.m. A middle-aged man, on a motorcycle, with a bag slung across his shoulder, speeds out of Velachery Road. He rides into the v...»

How to tackle indiscipline of students

Can punishment bring about positive change in students? A survey on corporal punishment, conducted in Corporation and matriculation schoo...»

The School to relocate

The School KFI (Krishnamurti Foundation India) will remain in Chennai but at a different location. On Saturday, a meeting convene...»

The long road to the classroom

G.Eeshma and her sister Deepa are at the SIET College bus stop between 7.30 a.m. and 7.40 a.m. The first hour of class at their schoo...»

Talent search exams explore knowledge beyond textbooks

If you thought national-level competitive examinations for school students start after class X, you are wrong. A number of talent sea...»

Skill development courses for five industries in the offing

The National Institute of Technical Teacher Training and Research here has started developing the first skill development curriculum for...»

New format for Board exams

The School Education Department has prepared the blueprint »

Greening drive promising, yet long way to go

“A tree committee comprising experts, policy-makers, NGOs is needed for pragmatic planning” »

School fee: Panel begins hearing

The Private Schools Fee Determination Committee, headed by Justice K. Raviraja Pandian, started hearing appeals from schools that had pet...»

Encouraging women entrepreneurs

This January, V.L. Indira Dutt completes her second term as Chairperson of South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) C...»

School students visit police stations

To add to the outing, students were treated to ice-creams, chocolates and biscuits at the stations »

How schools deal with students' safety issue

It is probably the first time that three departments — School Education, Transport and Police — have come out with detail...»

Kochi team wins Young World quiz

From being a field day for school students who exercised their grey cells on a day of quizzing, to turning out as a trip down memory...»

Minority language schools in a fix

It is the last few years of teaching Malayalam at the Presidency Girls Higher Secondary School, Egmore. There are only six students lear...»

A pioneer of women's empowerment

In 2004, Massouda Jalal created history in Afghanistan as the first woman to contest for the post of President as an independe...»

RTE Act and the challenges ahead

As the State government gets ready to implement the landmark Right to Education (RTE) Act, which came into force in April 2010, priva...»

Fundamentals key to clear aptitude tests

Class X and XII Mathematics books by R.D. Sharma and NCERT books have come in handy for D. Abhinandan as he prepares for an aptitude tes...»

The value of workbooks

With various national and international-level examinations testing the analytical and problem solving skills of primary and middle schoo...»

Textbook Corporation has difficulty in finding printers

The Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation, which is getting ready to print nearly 6.9 crore books for classes I to X for the coming academi...»

Real estate industry facing twin challenges

A shift in employment choices and a decline in the number of migrant workers in the city add up to a shortage of labour. The rising cost of »

Waiting for Santa Claus

Event management companies also seem to be having a difficult time this season »

Retail skyline in city set to look up

The next time you drive in to one of the upcoming malls, get set to see yourself and the car also getting pampered. From valet parking a...»

Inculcating love of physics

A black board, an array of books on the shelf and cartons of books serving as a dividing wall for the kitchen. This is the drawing roo...»

Concern of students and subject teachers

It is over four years since class XI and XII syllabus of the State Board was revised, but the changes, especially in the core subject...»

Debate on ethics for teachers set to get louder

Should a code of ethics be thrust on schoolteachers? Will it make sense in the current environment of school education? The debate would...»

List of holidays disappoints many working professionals

The New Year has not started on a particularly exciting note for many working professionals, who look forward to extended holidays or a...»

Books from donation drive reach children

Three months after over 2.52 lakh books were collected through a five-day book donation drive at Express Avenue Mall here for the &lsquo...»

75 years of significant contribution to classical arts

One of the finest cultural academies dedicated to the preservation of traditional values in Indian art turns 75 »

Arts and science colleges still have a long way to go

It is placement time at arts and science colleges, but the number of companies, nature of offers and the number of students getting p...»

Admissions to nursery classes still complex

The Right to Education (RTE) Act may have come into effect in April 2010, but admissions to nursery sections continue to be complex and t...»

Madras University to revive honours degree

After nearly two decades, the University of Madras will be reviving the honours degree programme. To start with, students keen on...»

School students' day out at Book Fair

Ajritha Priya looks, through her rimmed spectacles sitting loose on her nose, over the hundreds of children's books at most of the stall...»

Parks, beaches, malls swell with crowds

Almost every recreational area claims to have surpassed its previous record of visitors »

Price hike fuels concerns

Motorists, traders, autorickshaw drivers considering alternatives »

Adding value to priceless works of art

Many are realising that maintaining works of art is both an investment and challenge »

Beaches littered with garbage post-festival

150 tonnes of garbage left on Marina; the litter on Elliots beach and parks amounts to 100 tonnes »

Concert, workshops to mark ‘Kalakrithi 2011' fest

Revenue from ticket sales for the concert to be donated to Adyar Cancer Institute »

A turn to wholesale and co-operative outlets

The last few months have seen a steep increase in the prices of essential commodities, particularly vegetables. The pressure has push...»

Whizkids prove value of speed reading

It took Yalini Prabhakar just 34 seconds to circle keywords from a list of over 300 words. “Last year, I lost after the first two r...»

Trend of business people learning Chinese catching up

Chayan Majumder, 30, a Chennai-based entrepreneur, still recalls the difficulty encountered by him during his first visit to China, wher...»

Inadequate parking space remains a curse

Second Master Plan says Chennai needs three times parking space it has now »

Stress on boosting students' confidence

With the school examinations nearing, it is common to find students tense and stressful. A number of organisations are extending support...»

Concern over declining pass percentage in D.T. Ed exam

“Results are yet to be declared even 8 months after students took the exam'' »

Class X exams: CBSE students have choice

Kurubaran Udhayshankher is all set. In less than a month's time the class X student will sit for the Board examination. Sounding reas...»

This budding artist is committed to a cause

Anjali Chandrashekar is on top of the world. Last week, the 17-year-old commerce student of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Seni...»

Business ideas in children to the fore

The exercise takes them through different stages of setting up a company »

North Chennai skyline changing slowly

It is shedding its crime-prone-area image and attracting more commercial and residential developers »

Technofest takes off with ‘Rocket Raja'

They yelled, screamed, applauded, whistled and clapped to every mention of the actor's name. The Open Air Theatre at Anna University gro...»

Plastic ban: constraints and challenges

Over 300 locations in the city, including parks, places of worship and tourist places, are likely to be covered in the proposed ban o...»

Dinner, beverage and watching cricket on TV

A sumptuous lunch or dinner, some beverage and watching cricket might be the ideal combination during the Cricket World Cup season. »

Women steer clear of myths

Until five years ago, Vasanthi Meghanathan, a part-time teacher, had never travelled in a car. From driving multi-utility vehicles to...»

Doubt clearing classes – mixed responses

P.S. Kesavan has never enrolled in tuition classes all through his school days and has still scored good marks. The student of Kendriya...»

The unsung ayah-amma

Minutes after the 35-odd children settle around a brown table mat that runs lengthwise on the corridor outside the classroom, Kumari aya...»

Students ‘ignite' the stage

Over a dozen energy-packed dance performances by different college teams livened up the Music Academy auditorium here on Wednesday, wher...»

Sample papers remain in demand

“ Introduction of CCE has increased demand as parents are confused about the system” »

Realty sector potential yet to be tapped

While areas in the western suburbs of Chennai in Tiruvallur district are seeing development, growth in some localities along the Chennai-...»

Piped LPG supply picking up

No hassle of rolling cylinders on sparkling, new flooring, or remembering to make a call to the agency, or hoping that every time the doo...»

Drop in number of applications for starting schools in State

The Directorate of Matriculation Schools has received 56 applications from persons interested in starting a new school in the State for...»

Marking International Year of Chemistry

The Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology is coming up with two initiatives that aim to celebrate the International Yea...»

Cotton Street greets summer

Pale cambric material sprinkled with bright pink flowers, blue polka dots on off-white shades of poplin kurtha and light weigh...»

The cards mean business

It took even the creative team of an advertising agency by surprise when a fertilizer company experimented with its business cards. T...»

Vocational courses in schools face tough times

Though everybody welcomes the idea of schools looking beyond pure academic lessons and imparting skill-based courses, vocational courses...»

Questions remain on city's disaster preparedness

Studies have proved northern parts of the city have lower resilience compared to areas in south and west »

More testing times ahead of students

“He has lost two marks and with it the chances of getting centum,” remarked a dejected R. Selvi, about her son N.R. Bala...»

Parents pitch in as teachers

They do not necessarily have the prescribed qualification of a teacher but share a good rapport with children and have a passion for tea...»

The unsung heroes of golf course

The sight of every approaching car to the Cosmo TNGF golf course at Nandanam is watched eagerly by over a dozen caddies, some of whom...»

BeeQee goes down to the wire

It was a tense last round of resolute quizzing. As quiz master Giri Balasubramanian got down from the stage to pose six questions in the...»

It's a season of entrance tests

They are used as a tool to assess students from other boards or schools »

Skill development programme to be extended

The ambitious integrated skill development scheme introduced by the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) to address the shortage of t...»

Braving age, disability to cast votes

For Selvarani (86), sipping sugarcane juice outside Olcott Memorial School with her daughter Devi (35) after they voted, it was an act o...»

Learning is fun at these camps

As far as 10-year-old Mehek's memory goes, she has been picking up some kind of skill since she was five. Her mother and grandmother run...»

For them, every minute counts

A steady stream of customers flocks the cash deposit counter at Cathedral branch of Indian Overseas Bank on Anna Salai on Wednesday,...»

Report to be sought from schools on RTE Act letter

Letter sent by some schools was intended to mobilise parents against implementation of certain clauses of the Act »

A wedding gift in waiting

Prince William and Kate Middleton will receive a special wedding gift from a city-based rice artiste, if T.K. Moorthy has his way wit...»

Mobile magazine libraries losing circulation

Lack of staff, availability of books online the main reasons »

Price of sand goes up after closure of quarries

Tamil Nadu Sand Lorry Owners' Federation demands separate board for sand mining »

Relief for car parking lot users at Central station

Hand-held ticketing machines offer help »

Inverter is no longer a luxury now

E. Suresh, a rice mill owner from Maduranthangam in Kancheepuram district, is quite clear what model he needs while checking out inverter...»

It's parents' turn to learn

Once D. Vignesh's school reopens next month, his mother has promised to pack more nutritional and appealing variety of items in the lunch...»

The intricacies of shuffling batches

One of the first things that upset Riddhi Dugar on getting the progress report card was that her best friend would not be in the same se...»

Fans exhibit matchless spirit of celebration

The M.A. Chidambaram Stadium on Wednesday wore an excited look as happy cricket fans resplendent with sweat and light on their faces...»

Ambattur emerges as real estate hot spot for IT companies

After searching for an office space in Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Alwarpet and T. Nagar, CSS Corp zeroed in on a premise at an IT Park in Ambat...»

Airport facilities sufficient to cope with rush?

In a city that is increasingly drawing tourists and has residents going to explore other places during vacation, the entry and exit point...»

Mobile phone recycling yet to catch up

With cellular phones becoming more affordable, there seems to be few barriers to having one or more handsets. But, what do you with y...»

Are centums the mark of academic excellence?

This year, higher secondary students of the State have scored maximum number of centums not only in maths, physics, chemistry and bio...»

Sale of application forms for re-totalling begins

With the higher secondary examination results declared, the focus has shifted to office of the Chief Education Officer and the Distri...»

It's a day of brisk sale for vendors

Sweetmeat shop owners, flower vendors and fire cracker sellers in the city were a happy lot on Friday, with many of them registering...»

Homemade squashes a smash hit this summer

Six squashed grape bottles have gone off the kitchen shelf from M. Bhanumathi's house in Thiruvanmiyur in less than a week. “My cou...»

Now, the anxiety over getting seats in colleges

B.Com remains the most sought-after course in a good number of colleges, but getting admission is not easy »

Notebooks turn dearer

Shortage of labour, rising input cost are the reasons »

Schoolchildren spoilt for choices

With institutions reopening soon, children are busy shopping for bags, shoes, etc »

Properties in suburban areas getting hotter

High rentals and relatively low supply in the city are driving demand for residential space in the suburbs. The budget conscious are inve...»

It's raining non-fiction at bookstores

A variety of offers and choices are available to keep one engaged with a book »

Chennai region records highest pass percentage

Girls outshine boys with pass percentage of 93.21 in CBSE class XII examination »

Now, an entrance test for real estate brokers too

Looking for a real estate agent who can help you buy or sell a home? It is time you asked for the certification of proficiency...»

International schools a preferred option for many

No regulatory mechanism to check them, say principals »

Ranks are benchmarks of good performance?

Academics think it is time the State considered introducing grading system »

No textbooks for students in Gujarati, Hindi medium

In a State where many emphasise the need for mother tongue education, hundreds of children who choose to study in Gujarati and Hindi medi...»

The way they work is a spectacle

The whirr coming from the electric grinding machines is characteristic of their work, just in case you are lost searching for optical len...»

Teachers worried about dealing with old syllabus

The State government might have pleased a section of schools and parents by deferring implementing ‘Samacheer Kalvi' (Uniform Sylla...»

Binders, too, are waiting for issue of textbooks

Apart from the schools, parents and students, it is several book-binders too who are waiting for textbooks of the new academic year to a...»

Out-of-the-box thinking and newly oriented teaching

Science teachers promise to relate science and values better »

Ensuring child-friendly transition

There are a few minutes for the 11 a.m. bell to go at a private matriculation school in Perungudi but parents waiting outside the gate t...»

Questions persist on school fees

Parents want G.O. to be brought out »

Mix-and-match food options the new rage

Restaurants serve a variety of exciting fusion dishes »

Day care centres come under the scanner

Inadequate infrastructure, lack of staff affect crèches even as demand surges »

Focus on enforcing fee structure

With the Private Schools Fee Determination Committee making the fee structure of schools that appealed for a revision available on th...»

Lesson plan, a vital tool of teachers

Shibe Rimo is looking forward to the month-end. For the first time, the head of department of BBA would be reviewing the lesson plan...»

A world beyond textbooks

Teaching is easier for some, but others say some activities are impractical »

Teaching to suit individual's strength

More teachers required to teach deafblind students »

There's more to glass facades than just looks

There is more to the glimmering high-rise glass facades than the contemporary look it provides. Increasingly, architects and air treatmen...»

Chennai Central has few late-night phone booths

Those manning the booths say it is not profitable to operate them round the clock »

Teaching & Learning

The very appearance of teacher X makes students give respect. Though X is strict, children approach her more often than other teacher...»

PTA members to don mantle of traffic warden

The Tamil Nadu Police Traffic Wardens Organisation will soon launch a campaign to enrol Parent Teacher Association (PTA) members as t...»

Incomplete stormwater drains pose threat

Concern about risk to children, especially during rains »

They too have a share of stress

Being a stockbroker requires concentration and knowledge of the market »

Preview theatre to get a makeover

Three new halls coming up at film chamber »

Court order puts end to confusion over syllabus

Schools say they will have to start working on Saturdays too »

Bringing children under magic spell

Magicians are planning initiatives to further the popularity of their passion »

Pavements shrinking

Footpaths are shrinking by the day in the city, thanks to encroachment by vendors. To add to the chaos, two-wheelers are increasingly eat...»

Initiatives to make city tourist-friendly

One step is the installation of retro-reflective display boards giving names of roads and directions to landmarks »

Schools make projects stress-free for parents

It could be a parent's biggest anxiety. The deadline for their child's project work is approaching and he or she wants it to be the best...»

Some private publishers are in a dilemma

Private schools may have to still wait for Samacheer Kalvi textbooks »

“Nice and colourful” textbooks beckon students

Introduction of Samacheer Kalvi has resulted in a flurry of activities in schools »

Pedestrians cannot take these problems in their stride

Walking on a majority of the city's footpaths is literally an obstacle race. Pedestrians are either vying with two-wheelers, which use fo...»

State government yet to notify RTE rules

The six weeks' time given by the Madras High Court to the State government to notify the rules under the Right of Children to Free and C...»

Fee committee to send questionnaire to schools

New questions will test “veracity of content of answers” »

Sale of question banks extended to all districts

There should be some respite for parents and students, this year, from queuing up at the Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI) here to...»

Common exam for bank jobs set to provide relief

After having written four bank examinations, Harini, an IT professional, is looking forward to the next one scheduled within a fortnight...»

Wait for new textbooks is far from over

The wait to get new set of textbooks only seems to be getting longer for many private schools. A majority of the schools are yet to get...»

How the use of online services catches on

While there is an increasing patronage for online services, security concerns are also on the rise »

Government Museum to have host of amenities for the differently-abled

The Government Museum is gearing up to receive more differently-abled visitors with a host of amenities for them set to come up in the n...»

Verve, vigour and vitality intact

But entertainment options for the elderly are limited »

Call for review of Uniform Syllabus

The first term of this academic year officially gets over on Saturday for government and aided schools, with students breaking for a hol...»

Green aesthetics catching on

One of the reasons for the Gowthamans' decision to move from the hustle and bustle of Anna Nagar to a flat in a four-acre township in Amb...»

It is the best of times for new authors

But, finding a publisher can be the stuff of epics »

When it comes to seminars, quality matters

Subha, doing her second-year graduation in an arts and science college in the city, has lost all interest in attending seminars organised...»

Carry your bags shopping!

A 56 % reduction in usage of plastic bags has been seen at stores »

What's in a name? A lot for trees

Trees on DPI campus have botanical and family names »

What it means to employees

Stores on Ranganathan Street that were not locked and sealed on Monday were forced by a section of the affected traders to pull down thei...»

A five-star place book lovers will miss

The library shall find a place next to basic necessities of life – AnnaThis inscription is found in both English and Tamil...»

Taking regional languagesto the new generation

It is an unusual assembly of parents for a Sunday afternoon on Thantoni Amman Koil Street. They are waiting outside the office of the Ma...»

Robbing them of the fun of childhood

Experts say academics and competitive exams are putting children under undue stress »

Exercise of bringing out error-free textbooks under way

Those keen on sending feedback can email »

Anna library a second home for many students

Those preparing for CA, public service exams study there for hours at a stretch thanks to the facilities available »

Historic school building giving in to rain

This is not the only instance of the old structure facing threat from neglect and natural causes »

Grocery shops have a taste of competition

While big players struggle to maintain the footfalls, the small shops start reinventing themselves »

Exams to have photo finish

They will carry candidates' photos to guard against malpractice »

Children in State can now claim right to education

State notifies rules; public suggestions incorporated »

“All stakeholders have roles in following RTE Act rules''

Academics, schools and parents have welcomed the notification of the rules under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (...»

Beyond the glitter, Anna library has its share of woes

Eight spacious floors with a dozen exclusive book sections in them, one probably could not ask for more from a centrally-located public l...»

Chugging with commuters packed like sardines

Increased frequency, more exit points for overbridges and use of the third track are some demands of passengers »

Schoolchildren's safety at stake

Schools, under pressure to complete syllabus, take the risk of making children travel on rainy days »

Pursuing innovation year after year

The joys of this Panchayat Union Middle School in Katrambakkam village in Kancheepuram district are two-fold. Recently, the project work...»

“Mid-day meal scheme can be spiced up''

While commending the State government's nutritious mid-day meal scheme for children, a team from the Union Human Resource Ministry, whic...»

Tough to make both ends meet

Since the State Government announced an increase in electricity tariff, price of milk and bus fares, the anxiety in the Selvaraj househo...»

How to be at home with cake baking

Rich fruit and lip-smacking cakes are a few weeks away but their preparation has already begun. Seeing a group of chefs dig their hands...»

Numbers dwindle, yet they also count

Among the city's diaspora, the dwindling population of two communities - Parsis and Anglo-Indians - is hard to miss. Known for...»

The younger generation exploring new avenues

Engineering and under-graduate programmes are gaining in popularity »

The tough task of preparing children for interviews

Pre-schools say demand has been less this year for classes that prepare children to face L.K.G. interviews »

Now a countdown to exams, full of anxiety

The late start to academic year, delay in getting textbooks have made it challenging to complete syllabus »

DD giving way to e-mode

No more waiting in queues »

Stress on staying cool and confident

Examination fever hits not just students but parents too. While institutions with dedicated counsellors offer the service to students rou...»

Now blogs clear blocks to kinship

These enterprising bloggers ensure family members »

An age-old dilemma

Parents are unsure about right age for nursery admission »

When safety, not budget, matters

As raids by mosquitoes are giving sleepless nights, more and more households in the city are finding new ways to tackle the menace. Neve...»

Closed to tourists, exposed to risk

Rajaji Hall in Omandurar Government Estate, National Art Gallery remain shut for some years »

Time to check credentials of advisors on overseas education

With no monitoring mechanism, students can be taken for a ride by fraudsters »

A lesson in making learning lively, lyrical

American author for encouraging students to ask questions through poetry, song and movement »

Revival of students' interest in his novels will be the best tribute

You may not have identified Ebenezer Scrooge or the endearing Pip and haughty Estella, but you are unlikely to have missed the distinct...»

Driving home the message about non-motorised transport

Educational institutions do not allow motorised transport on campus »

Outsourcing of child care is the source of trouble

In middle-class homes, neglect of children begins at infancy with parents spending little quality time »

French as a subject may be discontinued

It is going to be the last few years of French being offered as a second language in schools affiliated to the State government. Under t...»

Words count while making remarks about students

With just two months left for the academic year to come to a close, schools are concerned about how to give feedback to students. Teache...»

Government hospitals have a long way to go, say experts

Private sector scores over government hospitals in amenities such as hospitality and after-care services »

As you fine dine, relish art for free

The once plain walls here have a new aura as frames holding different colours, themes and mediums adorn them. These are not ar...»

Schools upset over teacher training programme ahead of Board exams

Teachers say it puts undue pressure on them »

A happy child, a happy school

The ‘School Mental Health' programme introduced in three city schools by a team of psychologists involves parents, teachers and children »

Weekend escape is now home to the rich

East Coast Road is the new address of the upwardly mobile, what with a number of villa projects coming up »

Students board the exam bus today

Nearly 70, 000 students have registered for the class XII exams, over 1.5 lakh for class X »

Metro Rail to eat into landmark shops

Anna Salai, or Mount Road, will soon lose a few of its landmark buildings to the Metro Rail project. As part of the work to build an unde...»

Get-set-go for practicals

For the first time, marks in practical examination will count »

Students have it easy on day one

TANGEDCO has re-scheduled load-shedding in city and suburbs in areas where examination centres are located »

Textbooks to reach schools by mid-May

They will be despatched from printing press directly to Chief Educational Officer »

Over six lakh candidates to take TET

Over six lakh candidates are expected to appear for the State government's first Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) scheduled to be held on...»

Glimpses of a city on the move

Commuters at the MRTS station in Thiruvanmiyur who are used to the drab, paan-stained walls and gloomy interiors until now, were p...»

Landlords remain lukewarm

The Soundarapandiyanar Angadi police station in Pondy Bazaar is perhaps the only sober-looking building in the stretch. Though the buzz...»

Demolition of landmark shops begins

Fears that the rear portion of P. Orr & Sons on Anna Salai might be the next victim of the Metro Rail work added to the poignant moo...»

Getting their students' feet size right

Remember being made to stand on a sheet of plain paper with your foot firm on the ground to trace its outline? Many a time this exercise...»

Historic watch store puts up a fight

“We are willing to part with space for the work but not at the cost of the heritage structure” »

Do students need another exam?

The school and Board-conducted Class X examinations are still on and choosing a stream is adding to the anxiety of high schools students...»

Landlords shut doors on bachelors

Following the Velachery encounter, house owners are reluctant to let single men in »

Investing in schools is imperative

School education sector received Rs. 25,555 crore in the Budget »

Plan to integrate public transport in city

The State government in its Budget on Monday has announced a comprehensive plan to develop mass transit corridors on Anna Salai and EVR...»

The Hindu goes to school

India's national daily reaches out to students across nine cities through its school edition »

RTE Act: Two years on, there's still a long way to go

Sunday marked the completion of two years since the landmark Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act came into force. Although Tamil...»

Uniform syllabus to be put to test

Nearly 11.5 lakh students across State to take class X exams starting tomorrow »

A chunk of P. Orr & Sons razed

First heritage building in the city to be hit by Metro Rail project »

Concern over exclusion of unaided minority schools

When it comes to seeking admission in a school for those from economically weaker sections of the society there is no unanimity. While ma...»

Cocooned college life impacts career prospects

After being cocooned in a protected environment for three years, when boys and girls of this class were allowed to converse with each oth...»

Counsellors a must at institutes: experts

The suicide of S. Dhyriya Lakshmi is the fourth such death by a college student in the last two months. Are today's youngsters taking su...»

Trash, poor maintenance rob campuses of charm

Located on Kamarajar Salai facing the Marina beach, Presidency College is not just one of the oldest colleges in the city, but also boas...»

Libraries set the stage for summer book binge

The days when the pleasure of reading a library book was tempered by the hassle of having to renew it after a fortnight or pay a fine ar...»

Native summer blooms on the wane in city

Gone are the days when bright red flowers drooping from treetops indicated the onset of summer in the city. Many such flowering trees, n...»

Rising book prices leave parents worried

The new academic year is yet to begin, but parents are already a worried lot, with the rising price of books. Book fees for 2012-13, at...»

New NCERT textbooks wear second-hand look

NCERT officials say the quality has been enhanced over the years »

Varsity sets deadline for grievance redressal

Students to be able to track status of application »

Schools get another chance to rejig fee structure, parents stay worried

Not all schools think HC order on revised fee will make a big difference to their revenue. But school managements have reason to be happy as »

Late results may prove to be stumbling block

This year, the State board class XII results are scheduled to release on May 22, nearly two weeks later than last year. CBSE results are...»

Re-thinking evaluation: from marks to credits

Students of the Institute of Distance Education, University of Madras will find it easier to apply to universities abroad, from the comin...»

Interns make big bucks this summer

This summer, seven students in their fourth year of an M.Sc (software engineering) course, will take home a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000...»

Hotel room tariffs show least hike in city

Mushrooming of new hotels and increasing number of business travellers have contributed to the city being one of the most economically-p...»

Pachaiyappas school: Fading legacy

Nearly two centuries of history and accomplishment at the Pachaiyappas college Higher Secondary School call out to the next generation. Will »

170-yr-old school fights to stay open

Teachers set out to enrol students to prevent closing of Pachaiyappa's School on N.S.C. Bose Road »

Countdown begins for Teacher Eligibility Test

The countdown has begun for the first Teacher Eligibility Test to be conducted by the Teacher Recruitment Board (TRB) on June 3. From mod...»

‘No detention' policy works

Teachers complain that students have developed a lackadaisical attitude — ‘why study when there is no fear of failing?' »

Teachers set for new grading

There are at least two weeks for the new academic year to begin, but for teachers in most schools, the reopening day is not far away. The...»

There's tension in the air

A helpline – 24640050 – has been launched to address stress among students »

Morning coffee, cosy rooms are the draw

Most guests at serviced apartments are music season visitors »

Apollo suspends fresh admissions

With junior nurses staying away from work, it was a busy day for students at Apollo Hospitals »

For students, a new chapter begins

This academic year is significant, as it marks the beginning of some key initiatives planned by the State government — introduction of a tri »

Challenging times for hospitality sector

As the hospitality industry readies for unprecedented growth in the city, people from varied cultures and different communities are grad...»

New hotels beckon the business class

Gone are the days when business executives shuttled between the boardroom and the company guest house, on official tours. Today, the men...»

Luxury and grandeur in Chennai

Chennai's hotel industry is stepping into a new dimension, as a prime destination for Meeting, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibition. Catch »

For some schools, the race is almost over

The CBSE class X results might have been announced only on Monday night and the State Board results are yet to be announced, but many ‘p...»






Recent Article in Chennai

The vitamin-rich muskmelon is readily available during the summer and is an excellent way to stay cool. Photo: M. Karunakaran

When temperature soars, drink up and stay cool

Dehydration is a serious risk in the coming months and water and traditional coolants like buttermilk are the optimum solution. »