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Vasudha Venugopal

Despite ban, plastic items still in use on the Marina beach

It has been almost a year since the Chennai Corporation imposed a ban on the use of disposable plastic items on the Marina beach, but ve...»

Special educators stage demonstration

As many as 200 special educators from various districts of Tamil Nadu staged a demonstration here on Monday seeking employment in gov...»

Dazzling dimensions of trade

'At Work' is a weekly column that takes a peak at people with unique professions, their living patterns and the changes the calling has seen »

Additional courses offer respite from regular classes

“When you study lot of subjects, horizons of your knowledge keep expanding” »

Promoting cyber awareness

To sensitise school and college students to the dangers of growing dependence on the internet, the Cyber Crime cell of the city police ha...»

Youth participation in blood donation increasing

“The participation of youth in blood donation has increased by almost 20 per cent over the last ten years and it is steadily incre...»

Tamil Nadu Archives need better infrastructure

Centralising, preserving and improving public access to government orders, historical and cultural documents and manuscripts is often...»

Residents complain of water contamination

As many as 200 residents of Soundarajan Street of T. Nagar complained of acute water contamination on Friday. They alleged that water...»

Unravelling the mysteries of the “dreaded black box”

“The computer has always been a dreaded black box for me, but now I realise it is the only way to stay in touch with my grand chil...»

Green turtle gets satellite telemetry tagging

Now, scientists across the world can track its movement and behaviour »

Commuting, one of Chennai's key challenges

'City Pulse' keeps tabs on what Chennai's citizens think about issues that affect their everyday life. »

College festival showcases human acumen in technology

Thousands of students across Tamil Nadu are participating in ‘Drestein' »

Water contamination in T. Nagar alleged

Residents of Soundarajan Street in T. Nagar who had recently complained of sewage from underground pipes mixing with water in their sumps...»

Fusion of technology with innovation, entertainment

Dancing hammers and pulsating strings create mellow sounds; stairs produce musical vibrations similar to the notes of a piano when you ju...»

Where simplicity and innovation converge

Tom, the big fat cat, exhales a snowy little ball that expands into a pipe which straightens into a candle that sets Jerry, the mouse in...»

Curtains down on ‘Shaastra'

They called it ‘The beauty and the geek mystery' and gave their explanation for why pretty women fell for intelligent men, usin...»

Tamil Nadu's e-district programme to minimise citizen interface

The Tamil Nadu government has leveraged a wide range of open source applications to improve the efficiency of the services its depart...»

Need to improve play equipment, enclosure for birds, animals

The play equipment at the Children's Park, Guindy and the Vandalur zoo are awaiting the attention of officials. Many of the them are...»

More join the chorus for free software

There is an abundant pool of free, community-oriented, creative resources that is constantly being improved upon to combat the world...»

Live traffic updates in the offing

How convenient would it be to have electronic boards at intersections giving real-time updates about the traffic jam ahead or suggesting...»

Pollution, fire safety hazards come into focus

With less than a week to go for Deepavali, the boom of firecrackers has started pulsating across the city. Though pollution and fire...»

There is more to it than meets the eye

The notice outside a room with dull pink wall screen says ‘To avoid merger of colours with the set, news presenters are requested...»

Transforming the idea of library

Shyam Kumar (24) and his grandfather S. Balajee (71) are ardent book lovers. While Shyam, a management consultant finds little time t...»

Stress on potential of free software

Academics and researchers discuss its applications »

Concerns over job portals

Offering opportunities to senior citizens »

A peep into world of Japanese cuisine

“A lot of people in Chennai have been asking me to teach them basic Japanese recipes'' »

Addressing issue of missing children

Kaveri (name changed) was nine years old when she was brought to Chennai from Salem by someone who falsely assured the lost child that sh...»

Librarians play key role in inculcating reading habit

Schools may provide library hours and possibly have a good collection of books, too. But an informed librarian who can guide children ch...»

How safe are social networking sites?

What began as an innocent friendship on a social networking site through extensive chat sessions turned bitter for Bhuvana (name chan...»

A fun-filled, yet thought-provoking trip

Rubbing shoulders with the Khaki-clad forces may not be the average school student's idea of a fun trip, but when it actually happened,...»

When imagination ran riot

The outlines came first, then minute and subtle details added the depth and soon, myriad colours filled the sheets with vigour and ve...»

Serving customers is their cup of tea

“Pour in the melted jaggery only when the water has boiled to the hilt,” Ayappan. K says as he drags along his bicycle....»

Long working hours, low wages

B. Monalisa (32) works for almost 10 hours every day at a construction project on Greams Road, digging earth, and then carrying the mud...»

Mothers discuss kids, music, fashions, on Net

Among the many conversations about behavioural problems seen among teenage children and the benefits of organic foods, there is one t...»

Encomiums for Kathakali exponent

A wave of nostalgia and gratitude pervaded the space that hosted the meeting of over 50 eminent artists and alumni of Kalakshetra her...»

Schools begin to digitise report cards

Manshuja Nair is a worried mother these days. There has been a decline in the academic performance of her 14-year-old daughter over the...»

Campus placements: students have no choice?

It is that time of the year when young men and women, clad in formals, sit outside offices on their college campus revising their much-re...»

“Integrate sports with education of children with disability”

While schools are witnessing a growing recognition of sports and extra-curricular activities in their regular curriculum, many special ed...»

Recruitments no longer merely resume-driven

“It took me quite some time to think and answer the questions,” says K. Sekharan, final year engineering student of Anna...»

Saakshar Bharat Mission curriculum revised to meet educational needs

Process of assessment rests upon identification of target groups »

Their fortune is not on upswing

Little girls with pigtails flying in the air and boys with wide grins clutch on to wooden horses as they swirl around, screeching in...»

Effortless artistry by prodigy

When he felt a little tired, all he needed was a simple tune, luring him to the tumble of rhythm, and the exultations of a 'jugalbandhi' wit »

Projects galore at Kurukshetra

“Of what use is technology if it cannot help the poor farmer,” asked Dinesh Kumar, a manufacturing engineering student of th...»

Focus on sensitising census enumerators to disability

Imagine you are on the fourth floor of a shopping complex and you sprain your ankle, or you are in a city where people speak a language...»

Field day for young brains at quiz

A red tulip placed next to a picture of actor Michael Fox, while the song ‘Stings like a bee,' plays in the background. Might seem...»

Training for special educators

In order to address the growing concern of shortage of teachers for children with disability, the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) will impar...»

Core companies back in reckoning on campus

Aditya Jain stoops low on the drawing board, minutely detailing the elevations of a view of a wall that he is drawing on a sheet. A thir...»

A veritable treat for watch connoisseurs

They are symbols of elegance and prestige and embedded in them is a lasting sense of luxury and a timeless legacy. Exceptional timepi...»

Not many takers for this ‘deciphering' art

Chandrasekhar. V., pursuing postgraduation in Sanskrit at Vivekananda College, firmly believes that study of certain subjects demands mo...»

Attrition worries IT firms

Average rate of attrition last year was 10 per cent »

A reminder of unfulfilled needs of children

They whistled whenever someone on stage did something funny, and responded with spirited retaliatory exclamations when a small boy, a...»

Waste pickers pay a price

The day begins as early as 3 a.m. for A. Renu (33) when she walks through Kotturpuram, Thiruvanmiyur and Adyar, stopping at every garbage...»

Students from lesser-known engineering branches anxious

The campus recruitment in engineering colleges began a few months ago with many IT companies taking in students in bulk. They were fo...»

A school known for its sense of environment

“One day, 10 years ago, I was walking around the school early in the morning collecting the litter lying around and found match...»

Life as bumpy as horse ride

Little Joanna has come from Muscat to spend her vacation, and her favourite destination is the Marina beach. Besides the sea and shel...»

Giving a fillip to sporting spirit

“I like competing, the loud cheers, and the spirit of the game,” says 50-year-old Mohammed Ali with the alacrity of a young...»

How effective are measures for safety of women?

Need to tackle threats to women, which technology brings along »

You can't write off Braille, despite the challenges

“I read with my finger tips and that is the only way I feel literate,” says K. Selvi, a government employee with visual impai...»

Women's day out on treasure hunt

Excitement and enthusiasm pervade ‘Heels on Wheels' as participants ransack the city for clues »

Online petitions add new dimension to activism

But they could instil a false sense of participation, warn experts »

Risks hardly dampen drive

While the number of women driving has increased, so have the challenges they face »

Sand, sculptures and a stadium

Visitors to the Marina Beach on Friday witnessed four artists giving shape to an idea using nothing but piles of sands and buckets of wa...»

Exploring city life on foot

Adrio Wolf (39), a tourist from Italy, has been spending all his daytime in the clusters of churches in George Town since February. &ldq...»

Campaign material traders waiting with hope

“Party workers come with bulk demands at the last moment” »

More testing times ahead of students

“He has lost two marks and with it the chances of getting centum,” remarked a dejected R. Selvi, about her son N.R. Bala...»

Preparing for entrance exams no longer boring

Newton's Laws, momentum principles and derivatives – every problem here is approached via a jingle. It is sung in perfect rhyme to...»

Capturing moods that defy description

For a visitor from abroad, the Indian subcontinent often defies explanation; those who attempt one often seek a cross-section or a sa...»

Hazards of taking a career break

Women returning to work after a long gap face most problems »

Taking candidates' details to tech-savvy youth

“It is quite a moment,” says an excited Dominic Pravin, a class X student of Marian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, as...»

How home-based job offers lure people

Attempts to make a quick buck can often backfire »

For senior citizens, voting is still the highest priority

The city is home to many senior citizens who exercise their franchise regularly. More than a privilege or a right, they consider voting...»

Where DMK and AIADMK lock horns

Narrow roads, heavy traffic, air and noise pollution, poor quality of water and unsanitary living conditions are issues »

What counts here is sustainable livelihood

At first glance, it is the landscape of the Thiru Vi Ka Nagar constituency that distinguishes it from other constituencies in the ci...»

“JEE tests concepts, application, timing”

The three-hour wait outside Ethiraj College on Sunday morning, was not as agonising for Shanti Rajan, as were the last few seconds be...»

Braving age, disability to cast votes

For Selvarani (86), sipping sugarcane juice outside Olcott Memorial School with her daughter Devi (35) after they voted, it was an act o...»

BPOs gear up to face the attrition challenge

Sukanya Jacob, who graduated from an engineering college, in 2008 missed out on the companies that came for campus recruitment because sh...»

Yellow wave cheers Chennai to victory

Amid the sea of yellow t-shirts interspersed with islands of red ones, four children with more than a passing resemblance to each other k...»

Braving heat with tourist spirit

Children in ill-fitting school uniforms playing cricket in the hot sun, people sinking their teeth into colourful ice candies and ven...»

Learning languages: myth and reality

“Spend your holidays in the best possible way by learning French, German and Spanish in just two months - Special discounts availab...»

Testing time for cyber cafes

With rise in internet penetration, not many opt for cafes »

Bus crew resent inadequate resting facilities at CMBT

“Rooms in CMBT for bus crew are infested with bugs and seldom cleaned'' »

Akhanda Bhajan held at Sundaram

With tears in eyes, devotees try to come to terms with Baba's death »

WiFi access a “pleasant surprise” to most users

Public utilities lag behind even as food courts, educational institutions provide satisfactory services »

Chaos, confusion at AIEEE centres

For most of the men and women seated on pavements outside schools, waiting for their children to emerge from “a very crucial and im...»

Assistants of the highest order

“He is a man of few words, and fewer reactions. While the fragrance of dew drops room freshener might soothe him, this mess would...»

Graduates plump for jobs

With just about a month to go before he gets his degree, Jagadish.V, a student of College of Engineering Guindy, is feverishly chart...»

Tough race drives them to forego rest

Thirty minutes after S. Girish took the cab from the airport to Nungambakkam, he woke up with a start from his short nap and noticed...»

It's a day of brisk sale for vendors

Sweetmeat shop owners, flower vendors and fire cracker sellers in the city were a happy lot on Friday, with many of them registering...»

Expensive courses and bank loans

R.V.Vandana, a student of Sankara Vidyalaya, has been reading a lot of ‘math-fiction' and watching sci-fi movies partly because she...»

Cool yourself the right way

Right use of ACs and proper cleaning processes are vital for health »

They make people fall in love with their clothes

“Back then in late 1940s, we used to get the clothes of British officials, Nawabs and princes with not an iota of dirt on them, and...»

Discerning outlook needed on computer courses

Jostling for space among a crowd of women at a recent job fair in the city, were three young women, all science graduates from Sri Venka...»

Options galore for working women

Jesse Thankaraj (72) is busy slicing vegetables at her two bed-room apartment in Mylapore as she has to prepare dinner for five in less t...»

CBSE students worried about getting admission to top engineering colleges

Amidst the many happy faces of students on Monday, jubilant over their performance in class XII exams, there were also some visibly hassl...»

A professional touch to day care

Eight years ago, when Revathi Sankaran quit her job as a software developer, her reasons were clear. “I used to leave my two-year-...»

His passion lies in chemistry

He talks at length about anti-cancer agents and molecular properties, and wonders how nice it would be if all schools encouraged student...»

They help out with speech and hearing

It is not that difficult to get an appointment with S. Manoharan, audiologist and speech pathologist at Madras Audiology and Speech Thera...»

Determination marks their march forward

P. Akshaya's grand father, who is 97 years old, was probably the happiest to learn about her performance in the SSLC examinations. &ldqu...»

Here are some home truths

Minimum standards at old age homes should be given serious attention »

Need for focus on all-India entrance exams

Tamil Nadu students do not figure in the top 50 candidates in the results of entrance tests »

Book banks a boon for students

A.Suganthi, a student of Anna University, depends on her senior Kavya Devi for a variety of reasons, from procuring the right books and...»

Needs of hearing impaired go unheard

Sheikh Aslam (32), hailing from Tiruchi, has changed three jobs in the last two years that he has been in Chennai. A post-graduate in acc...»

Colleges gear up for admissions as students wait for call

Three days after the last date for submission of application forms for Anna University counselling, the admission counter was still abuzz...»

Laptop servicing an attractive option

Despite being barely 21 years old, A. Durairaj had already come to hate his job in a desktop servicing firm where he would merely “...»

Arts and science college applicants in a tizzy

As arts and science colleges gear up to commence soon, parents and students are in a tizzy, anxiously waiting for the admit cards. Equall...»

Driving home the message against child labour

This year, as Issac Newton (14) gets ready to go to school, he has a new agenda. As part of the Child Rights Protection team of Arunodha...»

Streamlined e-waste policy is need of the hour

State's annual e-waste likely to touch 35,000 tonnes in 2 years »

Public parks, playgrounds bear the brunt of neglect

For N. Karthik, a parent of a 13-year-old, a big regret has been that his son has never climbed a tree or had friends outside school....»

Visually handicapped forced to wait longer for textbooks

They hope Unicode format is handed over soon »

ELCOT determines technical requirements for free laptops

While the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu has drawn up technical requirements for laptops to be distributed as part of the free-la...»

A new world opens up

The world of computers has always fascinated S. Vatsala, a Tamil literature student from Queen Mary's College. “But the accente...»

Homeless need holistic rehabilitation plan

In the absence of ration card, many homeless are not entitled to welfare benefits offered by the government »

IT firms outsource training programmes

“Most big companies have reduced training for fresh graduates to just six weeks” »

A timeless tradition kept alive

Calligraphers master Khattati, the Islamic art of fancy handwriting »

Chennaiites looking up to solar energy

There has been nearly 10 per cent increase in sale of solar devices in the city in the past one year »

A slow decline for pre-paid taxis

Rising costs, flawed infrastructure and competition threaten the trade »

How commercial vehicles pose problems

Buses of software and telecom companies parked in Dooming Kuppam every day »

How parents can keep tabs on internet usage

Many parents do not know that controls on children's browsing can be activated, experts say »

Much scope for improving computer syllabi

Only an hour remains for school to end, but the girls in the computer lab at Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls Higher Secondary School are not...»

Initiatives to make city tourist-friendly

One step is the installation of retro-reflective display boards giving names of roads and directions to landmarks »

Old-edition textbooks set students lagging behind

The tendency of many engineering institutions to recommend the same editions of books year after year might work well for the second-...»

How north-eastern people feel at home in Chennai

Over 10,000 people from north-eastern States have come to the city in the last eight years »

Testing times for special educators

Placing a paper over his mouth, S.Dhanaraj, a teacher at St. Louis School for the Deaf, Adyar, recites a series of words, gesturing to t...»

Registering for jobs to be easier

Website being revamped with new initiatives »

Serving as a bridge between cultures

At a meeting of diplomats, a few minutes before a dignitary from a foreign country delivers his speech, a discreet figure walks up to hi...»

How the use of online services catches on

While there is an increasing patronage for online services, security concerns are also on the rise »

Disability no barrier to livelihood

Many of them offer servicing and repair at the customers' doorstep »

How campus recruitment norms are changing

Software companies do away with written tests for top scorers »

Software firms step up efforts to combat attrition

Retention of talent remains a concern despite more spending »

Showing taste for innovative use of waste

For 34-year old Kumaresan, an auto driver at IIT – Madras, a fascination with engineering and robotics has only been reinforced over the...»

Watches, cutting across notions of trends and style

“It is an Audi you can carry into the meeting room,” says Vivek Sharma, a businessman, about his Rolex Explorer, and the comparison was...»

Providing cheer to sailing enthusiasts in Chennai

If you have always fantasised about sailing on pleasant waters to dream-like locations, say a remote island in the Andamans, take heart...»

The tale of time pieces

He knows exactly why the year 1969 was remarkable in the history of watch making, and the passion with which he tells the story is infec...»

Planting right trees and caring for them

He might not get to see the 65 trees that comprise ‘Green Chennai,' a photo album by his grandfather, collected over the past 80 years,...»

How all this projects an unhealthy practice

“Outsourcing of engineering projects can act as a bar to learning'' »

A celebration of free thinking

There is an incessant flow of ideas — from an accident prevention system to a Robot hand to a four-wheeled helicopter — all taking shape her »

A unique NSS camp

Participants are children with disability »

How good are you at making your point?

Debating Matters India showcased the knowledge and debating skills of students. »

The old and the new are juxtaposed

It is home to popular multiplexes, swanky commercial complexes and reputable schools in the city. There are also ancient market places a...»

Residents' great expectations

Playing host to reputable educational institutions besides its well planned layouts, several healthcare facilities and relatively better...»

Deepavali means different things to different people in city

Donors increasing but residents say only few visit them »

The CAT race begins for thousands

Nearly 10,000 students have registered for the exam which is being held in 3 centres in Chennai »

Cricket, a metaphor for pluralistic India

An informed and curious audience elevates the quality of debate at ‘Lit for Life 2011' »

Delving into celluloid

Discussion throws light on luminaries' minds »

Why students no longer pursue CAT doggedly

Focus on campus placements, lack of peer learning culture seen as reasons »

Lenovo, lowest bidder for free laptops scheme

“Company asked to provide nearly 3 lakh laptops to start with” »

From play fields to virtual reality

It is 10.40 a.m. sharp when the bell rings signalling the lunch break and a gleam is visible in 12-year old Rohit Ravi's eye. He has bee...»

Making museum accessible to students

Students of schools and colleges will no longer feel out of place at the Government Museum in Egmore, because very soon they will have d...»

Students come to grips with laptops

Get him to sit on a chair with a laptop and ask him to double click on ‘Paint', and Udayakumar, a class XI student of Government Higher S...»

A rare outing to a unique facility for these children

The entrance to the garden is lined with chequered tiles guiding them to proceed straight; and the floor laid with soft pebbles is to te...»

Grocery shops have a taste of competition

While big players struggle to maintain the footfalls, the small shops start reinventing themselves »

M-governance gains momentum

Governments worldwide have successfully deployed mobile-based technologies for providing a wide variety of public services, and the Indi...»

Not just newsletter, but a forum for ‘em

The IIT-M's ‘The Fifth Estate' glitters with podcasts, videos, a Facebook page »

A record of care for the visually challenged

Every time his mother dropped a cheque in a charity box, he would question her, “How do you know they are going to use it the right way.”...»

Homeless people are miserable lot

Unceasing rains affect the very basis of survival of migrant labourers and the homeless »

A multiverse of imagination beckons at painting exhibition

Why does a trip to a botanical garden always have to be about children standing obediently in a row looking at plants with difficult nam...»

Nowadays travel spells travail

At the end of one of his rare mid-week trips home, S. Anbu(28) boarded a bus to Chennai from Tiruvannamalai, only to get a shock even be...»

The magic of melting pot called Chennai

People from various communities have made the city their home and contributed to its development »

Demystifying film fests, demolishing myths

Panel discusses various takes on importance of the international exposure »

“Local story can fetch global audience''

Tamil cinema has brought new language into Indian scenario: Anurag Kashyap »

A joy ride turns into tragedy, exposing lack of safety measures

Fishermen charge up to Rs.1,000 per trip and customers are normally large families and groups from companies »

How students surge ahead on IT highway

For Shyamalatha Kannan, mother of a teenaged boy who owns a range of gizmos, it is a treat watching him operate all of them with utmost...»

How the season ahead shores up fisherfolk's hopes

Cyclone ‘Thane' and the Pulicat boat tragedy have turned the spotlight on their lives »

Obsession to excel drives them

From scoring the best marks in the JEE and eyeing the most sought-after engineering discipline in a prestigious IIT to being uncertain ov...»

Ripples of rhythm as Saarang opens

Every night IIT-Madras campus will witness performances by different musicians »

Swinging, singing… it's all razzle-dazzle

: Right from the time Shashwat Gandhi of IIT- Bombay, arrived in Chennai with nine of his friends, he has not parted with his camera for...»

Day 3: heady mix of heavy metal and classical art

Except for one's fondness for open source technology, especially an Android phone and the other's preference for the ‘exclusive' Blackbe...»

Five days of fun - the essence of ‘Saarang'

A few months ago, when the dates of ‘Saarang 2012' were rescheduled to ensure that students did not spend excessive time in preparing fo...»

Taking technology to the masses

Just a few months into the job as director of IIT-Madras, Bhaskar Ramamurthi has earned a name for himself with a no-nonsense...»

Now, the battle for the best

With changing admission strategies, increase in the number of seats and institutions and hike in fees, B-school aspirants must pick and choo »

Soon, no more queues to seek nod for road cuts

Very soon, residents can apply for road cut permissions online. The Chennai Corporation will develop and test the application, said its...»

Mathematics paper throws students off balance

For over one lakh students across the State who joined engineering courses six months ago, this week which sees them attempt six univers...»

A coin that conjures up California Gold Rush

About a month ago, the Government Museum Egmore acquired a rare gold coin from the Pudukottai government museum that houses the coin col...»

Alumni young and old, together they grow

For the people of Chennai, the institute is a symbol of heritage, a structure that reminds them of the city's rich legacy in the field o...»

IT companies go the extra mile to ensure that new recruits are at ease

TCS launches ‘Campus Commune' a portal for students to get a feel of the industry »

A world which has a stamp of knowledge and pleasure

Collectors meet every second Saturday at philatelic bureau »

Celebrating solutions: the everyday and the exotic

The story of inspiration and innovation at ‘Kurukshetra' »

Catalysts for the flight of imagination

Budding engineers train school students at ‘Kurukshetra' »

Mastering the science of lyric engineering

Jalin Gladis and Ganga Kameswaran, both students of computer science at College of Engineering, Guindy, have been avid fans of Tamil fil...»

More aspirants take GATE

It all shows growing inclination towards research and jobs in PSUs »

Roadblocks to child labour elimination

Every evening on the Marina, 10-year-old Karunakaran is among the several who urge visitors to buy a packet of pattani sundal. Aro...»

School on its way to normality

Support pours in from parents and alumni; regular classes from today »

Research papers will be available in public domain

IIT-Madras intends to make circle of knowledge complete »

Come May, e-waste rule will become highly demanding

: The instruction manuals that usually come with your cell phone or television set most often lay down ways to properly discard these con...»

US-style debating for IIT-M student polls

The Indian Institutes of Technology may not be known for campus politics, but this year, for the first time, students in IIT-Madras are...»

TN uneasy over scrapping JEE

Education ministers and officials from various States will meet in New Delhi on Wednesday to decide whether to adopt the common aptitude...»

Children play protectors of planet to mark CM's birthday

Students of Corporation schools march for environment »

Chennai prepares to submit to extra hour of outage

“I don't like sitting in the verandah and studying but I have to get used to it slowly” “I just hope they go by the planned cuts, and don't »

Small copiers may soon fade out

If you have postponed taking a photocopy of an important document to the last minute, secure in the knowledge that there is always that s...»

Students board the exam bus today

Nearly 70, 000 students have registered for the class XII exams, over 1.5 lakh for class X »

State aid to boost research in colleges

The focus of the government and industry seems to be shifting towards promoting research-based activities in the engineering colleges. T...»

An expo that evokes memories of grandmother

Customers can order replicas of vintage sarees on display »

School drop-out initiates employment drive

When 17-year-old Varun Sridharan was told three days ago that as an after effect of two operations on his ears last year, it might take a...»

TN graduates at bottom of IT employability list: Study

Survey was based on a test taken by 55,000 students in colleges across the country »

Police ask colleges to list students from outside TN

Institutions told to watch out for suspicious behaviour and poor attendance »

Keeping tabs on tenants raises troubling queries

Rental blogs here say only south Indians are preferred, tenants tell Vasudha Venugopal »

City cold to single women living alone

For female professionals, landing a decent job can be easier than finding accommodation »

Celebrating women of rare grit and courage

Achievers who excelled in professions considered a preserve of men honoured on International Women's Day »

It's official now: Anna engineering students to finally get free laptops

Those admitted under management and NRI quotas not eligible for freebie »

Engineering students fail in maths, computing

Most first-year students lag behind in subjects crucial to software development and code writing »

Colours Of Chennai — Now showing on TV: Life in IIT-Madras

For all those who thought life for the students of IIT-Madras was about juggling between books, laboratories, exams and placements, and...»

‘It's simply a measure to prevent crime'

Commissioner of Police J.K. Tripathy defends the decision »

Other cities saw mixed results

Chennai City Police feels it is already a little late for them to have introduced the tenant verification process, but other cities wher...»

Finally, Sachin scores over savings

Eyes remained glued to the TV screens — first the disappointment of the Budget, then the delight of watching the century of centuries. R. Su »

Blending cultures with a tinge of spice

Vasudha Venugopal has a mouth-watering snack on Mint Street »

Collect e-waste for free entry to fests

Tons of wires, some burnt and some half-used with the copper jutting out, dozens of old mobile phones abandoned on shelves of hostels, h...»

Dow Chemical recruits graduates from city engineering colleges

Most recruited students unaware of Bhopal gas tragedy; say earning bread is their concern »

Engineering graduates falling prey to fraudulent job offers

Names of top IT firms used in email IDs to lure students into making deposits »

Anxiety over changing JEE grips students

With a fortnight left for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) that determines admissions to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), a s...»

Solar panels replace robots on campus

Power crisis has spurred engineering students to devise energy-saving projects this year »

State will train youth in soft skills

Budget sets apart Rs. 75 crore for providing training in soft and vocational skills »

Metro Rail tunnels into IIT brains

New course at institute aims to draw local talent to boost its project »

He fought poverty only to choose death

College of Engineering student, who as a boy was rescued from child labour and emerged top scorer in school, ends life ahead of publication »

Laptops open new gateway for students

For all those who kept wondering why the State Government spent so much money on providing students with laptops, Mayor Saidai Duraiswam...»

10,000 more write TANCET this year

The demand for professional higher education courses in the State is definitely on a slow, but steady rise. So say the numbers at least....»

Charisma in town to kick off IPL-V

Vasudha Venugopal and Sowmiya Ashok catch the action as stars descend for inaugural »

New student norms not moral policing: IIT-M

But students say restrictions on night life amount to invasion of privacy »

IIT-JEE today, 8,583 candidates from Tamil Nadu

As many as 5.6 lakh aspirants across the country will appear for the IIT Joint Entrance Exam on Sunday, as compared to 4.6 lakh who took...»

IIT-M student ends life by hanging in room

He was cheerful, bright and took up many student-centric initiatives, recall friends »

JEE gets tougher than last year

With slightly lengthy questions and a moderately difficult Mathematics paper, the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) 2012 ended up tougher than la...»

Exams over, it's now time to spend on forms

Now that class XII examinations are over, students are busier than ever before. Those aspiring to get into engineering courses will take...»

'Having them in our class'

While there is much enthusiasm over the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the constitutional validity of the Right of Children to Free a...»

Alumni relive student days at CEG

From blinking robots to omelettes in the canteen, old memories reign supreme at institute's annual day »

An ongoing battle against discrimination

Participants share success stories, reflect on struggles at Transgender Day celebrations »

Disabled pin hopes on RTE Act

Accessible curriculum, teacher training a must in schools, say activists »

IIT-M may enforce more norms

An e-mail exchange between professors reveals a line of thinking that students find disturbingly restrictive, report Prasanth Radhakrishnan »

Where boys and girls don't talk to each other

There is something uncannily similar in the way students behave on the engineering campuses here. In one, the buses arrive and the girls...»

First-year student at Anna University commits suicide

Left a note saying she could not cope with college studies »

We'll consult you before imposing norms: IIT-M to students

The IIT administration, in an open forum held on Wednesday, said that no policy would be enforced without taking into account the views o...»

Language barrier puts students from Tamil medium in a fix

Engineering and medical colleges do little to help such students cope with the subjects that are largely taught in English »

Now, banks come to colleges for hiring

About 80% senior executives and 50% mid-level managers in public sector banks to call it a day over next two years »

Good news! Madras Univ goes online with degree certificates

If you are one of the many former students of the University of Madras who have been made to run from pillar to post to get their degree...»

Unhygienic food lays students low

The quality of rice is poor and even the ice cream served occasionally stinks, say students »

No marks for attendance in Anna varsity

The university does away with 5% marks for centum attendance, 75% minimum to stay »

‘Home-based schooling for disabled is non-inclusive'

Activists express reservations over amendments to RTE Act »

Civil Services rank holders proud of Chennai connection

City was stepping stone for over 70 aspirants who cracked the exam this year »

IITians help build a bridge

Rural-urban divide transcended by dedicated student group »

Deemed universities emerge as safe harbour for CBSE students in State

Long wait for Anna University counselling and seat uncertainity are worrying, say parents »

Tryst with global portals of learning

Culinary arts, fashion photography, nanotechnology... the avenues are broadening. Here is a peek into the options available the world over. »

100 dogs killed, stealthily buried in village

Residents had complained to panchayat about dog menace, but did not expect the animals to be killed »

Arrears no longer a bar for jobs

Anna University has indicated to students that with many companies easing their eligibility criteria, an arrear-free academic record is...»

Engineering college student commits suicide

College had given him TC for poor performance, father lodges police complaint »

Industry-friendly syllabus needed

This is a week of farewell parties on engineering college campuses. Talk to any final-year engineering student, and the most common refra...»

2,500 students to take AIEEE today

Nearly 2, 500 students will take the online AIEEE on Saturday in six different centres across the city. This year, for the first time, T...»

Technical glitches mar AIEEE

The online AIEEE test that determines entry to the prestigious NITs, held here on Saturday, was marred with technical glitches for many...»

Journey begins for engineering aspirants

For the last three days, the Anna University campus is buzzing with much excitement and activity as students keen on joining engineering...»

After delayed exams, students hope results will be on time

The semester examinations in over 500 engineering colleges of Anna University, after being delayed twice, finally commenced on Monday, m...»

IIT-M students protest ‘mess'y food

Director of the institute spoke to the students after the protest »

Internet users enraged over blocking of file-sharing sites

While the world celebrated World Internet Day on Thursday, netizens in India woke up to popular file sharing sites blocked by Internet S...»

Only 2 from Chennai make it to top 50 in IIT-JEE

Students from Andhra Pradesh steal the show this year too, with 19 toppers »

Anna University runs out of forms

Nearly 40,000 sets of application forms, coding sheets, information booklets and brochures are being printed to meet the demand. The deadlin »

There's tension in the air

A helpline – 24640050 – has been launched to address stress among students »

Tough times for Infosys employees, here and abroad

Recently, U.S. investigators conducted investigations to determine whether Infosys Technologies violated American visa laws by placing its f »

New doors open for office boy

On Tuesday morning, even as his fellow students of General Cariappa Higher Secondary School in Saligramam were in search of an internet...»

Engineering cut offs likely to go down

Figure likely to go down by 0.5 for engineering colleges »

Now, every drop, every penny counts

Motorists queued up at petrol bunks last evening to stock up before petrol price hike set in »

Teachers battle student stress

How do you handle an adolescent who refuses to speak, even about his project, or a student who is very attentive in class but fails to p...»

More children fall prey to cyber crime as web users get younger

Chennai has third highest number of Facebook users among metro cities »

AIEEE results declared

The top score this year is 346 out of 360, one mark more than last year's top score »

Slowdown won't affect hiring, say IT companies

TCS and Cognizant, the two largest recruiters in the State have also said that the season will see usual hiring »

In hallowed portals, malpractices most foul

Investigations uncover the rot in University of Madras, revealing how the evaluation process has been repeatedly — and blatantly — manipulat »

The grave side of gaming desires

Gaming may be seen as child's play, but addiction to it is anything but that — as demonstrated by the 14-year-old boy who allegedly kill...»

Seeking an answer to Chennai's mounting e-waste problem

Pollution Control Board steps up drive on e-waste »

Delay in IIT seats allotment causes anxiety

The delay in the allotment of seats in IITs is forcing many students to take up admissions in deemed universities where admission proces...»

Bored with like? Time to love and hate on social networking

So, how often have you browsed through you list of Facebook friends and wondered, “Oh, are these my friends? I haven't spoken to them in...»

Sorry! admissions closed, top scorers told

The selection lists are out and the admission process has been declared over, but many top-scoring students of class XII have found their...»

Focus on transparency in admissions

Protestors demand external supervisory board to look into alleged irregularities in the process »

JEE toppers from city lured by IIT-Bombay

Only one student from the top 100 in the JEE rank list chose IIT-Madras, 12 opted for Delhi »

Crucial syndicate meet at Madras varsity today

It’s going to be a stormy Friday at the University of Madras. A Syndicate meeting is likely to raise the issue of only 30 of the 51 pers...»

For some, it’s hard work on and off campus

Two days a week, P. Ramraj is surrounded by all kinds of sumptuous food but that is when he goes hungry for most part of the day. This s...»

Viscom top offbeat course in Chennai

Pure science courses have fewer takers now, as many opt for an engineering degree »

Deemed varsities urged to use school marks for admission

The Class XII board results have suddenly become very important –— they already determine admission to the IITs, NITs and now, perhaps, w...»

28 toppers with visual impairment felicitated

Visually challenged but academically brilliant, Pradeep R., a student of St. Louis School for the Deaf and the Blind, Chennai, is staunc...»

They do clean job, but life is unenviable

'At Work' is a weekly column that takes a peak at people with unique professions, their living patterns and the changes the calling has seen »

Water contamination alleged

Residents of around 60 houses in West Mogappair have complained that the ground water in their area has been contaminated with oil fo...»

A big challenge for IT employees

An increasing number of IT professionals have been finding it difficult to handle emotional stress, according to experts. An ‘occup...»

The guidance that they give is invisible

The string of guiding lights is switched on and hundreds of feet stamp across the lobby, filling seats in the hall, getting ready for th...»

Coaching centres pull IAS aspirants to city

Well-stocked libraries and vibrant study circles in Chennai continue to contribute towards sending candidates to strengthen the ‘steel f...»

Microsoft gives wings to students' novel idea

The translator already has a database of over 500 expressions used in sign language. The students say it was the sheer thrill of doing somet »

Where the line between the ethical and unethical is thin

'At Work' is a weekly column that takes a peak at people with unique professions, their living patterns and the changes the calling has seen »

Price hike fuels concerns among consumers

The announcement about the increase in the prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene gave jitters to many on Friday. From ho...»

Paying the price for taking a loan

Arun Raj (22) Engineering graduate It is never easy for a student of a self-financing college to get an education loan. It...»

Sudden downpour throws traffic out of gear

Subways, main thoroughfares inundated; stormwater drains overflow »

Three-member panel to probe Anna University marks scam

Teachers say they were made to give pass marks to failed students »

School marks now to be relevant for IIT entrance

It has finally become a little clear to IIT aspirants as to what their area of focus should be. At a meeting on Wednesday, IIT dir...»

Now, NAC-Tech recruitment test must for students

IT companies to calibrate scores with students’ performance in individual tests; colleges unhappy »

College admissions spur a boom in domestic travel

Students and parents from rural areas take up temporary residence in the city during April-May »

When wait is longer than the journey

Vasudha Venugopal stops at Chennai’s suburban stations to find the same story: shortage of railway staff to dispense tickets, but no dearth »

Tainted former registrar reapplies for post

Leo Alexander, named in irregularities at Madras varsity, to appear for interview on Tuesday »

Bleak outlook for placements this year

Major IT companies, which have commenced recruitment of graduating students across the state, have pulled in fewer students than they did la »

Such a long journey to a degree

On certain mornings when I head out for a walk along the beach, I often run into Karuna, who joined an engineering college in Katta...»

Police had been warned in advance, claim protesters

Less than ten policemen were on hand to provide security even as the crowd swooped in on US Consulate »

Ticket vending machines gather dust at stations

People desperately waiting at the ticket counters in suburban railway stations routinely ignore the big, red machine that is supposed to...»

JEE aspirants hunt for elusive pattern

With changes to exam system, students and parents speculate on syllabus and types of questions »

When chaos, cops ruled the routes

The anti-US protests that continued in the city for the fifth day on Tuesday turned ugly when members of over 20 Islamic organisations cl...»

City wakes up to near-normal life on bandh day

With reduced traffic on arterial roads and most shops downing shutters, Thursday’s bandh seemed more like an extended holiday. The bandh...»

Science beyond the here and now

The entire project process rarely lets students probe further, rarely allows them a real opportunity to learn »

Snake bite at work keeps cameraman on his toes

As most private hospitals in city don’t stock anti-venom serum, victims have no option but to rush to government institutes »

Placement begins on a low in Chennai colleges

Fewer students selected for jobs; recruiters give lower-rung institutions a miss »

Madras varsity turns back clock, marks 100th year 5 years late

The University of Madras has postponed the centenary celebration of its library that was scheduled to be held on Tuesday. But...»

Salaries of NE workers do a vanishing act

While many who left for their homes last month haven’t been paid, even those who stayed behind have had to contend with missing dues; contra »

‘Madras varsity ex-registrar was whistle-blower’

Officials, Syndicate members claim T. Leo Alexander was wrongly indicted by Subburaj panel »

AICTE warning to ailing engineering colleges

Engineering colleges functioning with minimal faculty or inadequate infrastructure need to shape up. In a public advertisement...»

Formalities delay airhostess’ final journey

As she reeled under the impact of the news of her daughter's death, Afia Magh’s mother had just one request. “Bring my daughter i...»

Now, row over promotion of teachers at Madras varsity

The professors allege no circular was sent to the departments asking eligible teachers to apply »

Let’s talk

In most colleges, the understanding of communication skills seems deeply flawed »

IIT-M computer system gets ‘fastest’ tag

The super cluster — a set of tightly-connected computers that work together — at IIT-Madras has been declared the fastest among all educa...»

Failure rates don’t deter SET candidates

With a pass percentage of less that 3.5 per cent recorded in the last few years, the test is often seen as a hard nut to crack. But this yea »

They’re the best, their students say

Three city teachers honoured with Indian National Science Academy Teachers Award - 2012 »

How the mighty have fallen

The hallowed portals of these institutions have produced a galaxy of renowned administrators, scientists and social workers. Today...»

Thiruvasagam steps down

On Friday, G. Thiruvasagam, University of Madras’s vice-chancellor, will step down from his post, as his tenure comes to an end. ...»

Schools charging fee for free bus pass, parents say

Headmasters say students asked to pay Rs. 25 for processing of applications as transport department delayed procedure »

Two fever deaths later, dengue scare rife in Chennai

Civic body says number of cases now 26, all measures being taken to prevent spread of disease »

City aspirants wait and watch as CAT begins

‘Most students will appear for the test at a later date after initial feedback’ »

Lack of teachers, leaking ceilings, decrepit rooms: rough deal for students

It is the only residential school run by the State government for boys with visual impairment in the city, but it could certainly do wit...»

Home away from home is a nightmare here

Students of the government hostel for backward communities in Saidapet are often advised against roaming about the premises after sunset...»

Communication students denied government jobs

The interviews were for 28 positions in DD, AIR and the IIS »

Rain-weary Chennaiites lash out at Corporation

Roads dissolve, water from overflowing drains enters houses and the fear of disease looms large for city’s inhabitants »

Bonanza for Manali lorry drivers

While most residents of the city were cursing the waterlogging and stagnation in the aftermath of the recent rains, lorry drivers in Man...»

Power Shutdown

Power supply will be suspended in the following areas from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday: Sardar Jung Garden: Soorappan Street. Maduravoyal North: MMDA 1st t... »




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Recognition from an international agency helps local bodies in improving the quality of service provided to tax payers. »