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Anand Venkateswaran

Imps of the Internet

Why does a certain young demographic spend intelligence and energy in a process designed to scare, anger and humiliate complete strangers? A »

The chasm between wonder and imagination

A dull childhood reminiscence turns into a bizarre adventure, says the author. »

Going ape, graphically

A Bollywood story where sketches jostle for attention with words. »

Fighting for Abhimanyu

Storyteller and theatre person Craig Jenkins talks about how an episode from the Mahabharata empowered teenagers in London. »

And on prime time tonight

A writer relives his experience in the newsroom. »

Tales with a twist

Anand Venkateswaran enjoys the metaphorical flavour of the stories in this graphic novel. »

Wrestling with poetry

It took a while for this writer to realise that one doesn’t have to write poems to enjoy poetry. »

Sigh-fi: Why I see Dune in everything

Frank Herbert’s Dune lends itself fluidly to adaptation, allowing film and literature to borrow aspects of the book without having to explic »

Shockwaves from the Mecca Masjid blast

With yet another blast in Hyderabad, Anand Venkateswaran remembers the aftermath of the first one he witnessed. »

One hundred (and thirty) years of a Tamil firebrand

Poet, writer, journalist — Subramanya Bharathi was all of these and more, a legend unto himself »

The director and the duchesses

It was a sea of white – sparkling, manicured and accessorised to the T. The Duchess Club, Chennai, was dressed for romance. When directo...»

Madras’ rhythm is unique

The city is warm, welcoming, culturally bubbling and energetic, says Ghatam Karthick. »

The Mylapore home bird

I am pushing sixty now and I’ve never had to move away from Mylapore for work or for anything else. It’s funny, but even a trip to Mamba...»

Cure power!

Getting sick is a definite downer, but there are certain gastronomic upsides »

A legacy of indulgence

Thirattupaal, paal payasam and poli…even the calorie-conscious cannot keep away from these traditional desserts »

UFO in my soup!

There's many a slip between the cup and the lip. Check this list »

The food-mind chemistry

Your body and mind constantly tell you what they need; you just have to listen »

Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam: Dull confession

I went to watch Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam with some trepidation. Not the least because the trailers, posters and the ominous title...»

Sengathu Bhoomiyile - Rural romance

In ornate lettering, “Isaignani Ilaiyaraja's Sengathu Bhoomiyile” flashes on screen, a tribute to the music maestro. The story goes that...»

What's in a name?

Does good food mean cooking gaffes or following grandma's diktats? »

Past is where the future is

Many period flicks are being made these days and they keep the cash registers ringing. What determines their success? »

One man’s food…

There’s enough drama till the dessert arrives. After all, eating out is more about savouring the experience than the spread »

Roots and shoots

It's back to glistening aruvaals, lush paddy fields, gripping cockfights and undiluted love as Kollywood revives its rural romance. Anand Ve »

The delights of your kitchen

Cooking's a fascinating business — there's a lot of trial, but surprisingly little error. The trick is to think with your tongue »

Tongue in cheek

Boundaries blur in the food world as the adventurous embrace strange fare »

Of delectable ragas and soulful snacks

“Don’t miss the kesari,” said Ramanan, an author and poet in Tamil. He then hitched a ride on nostalgia and travell...»

The sabha experience — tuning in to the rasika

A generation ago, amenities at the Margazhi festival were spartan at best, but sabhas today hum a different tune. Anand Venkateswaran looks »

  An excerpt from "Unfinished Gestures..."

Historian Davesh Soneji offers an alternative viewpoint of the history and aesthetic of conventional Bharatanatyam in his book "Unfinis »




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Why Delhi Metro wins hands down

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