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Sudhish Kamath

Barfi: Let there be light

While Barfi! reads like the other side of Black, both are manipulative renditions of disability, thinks Sudhish Kamath. »

Who killed the heroine?

Women-based films have it tough in the South. But why? »

‘Not out to create controversy’

Prakash Jha talks about how his stories are inspired by social issues and the power of his brand of cinema »

The fire within

Cricket fans are bowled over by Stevan Riley’s Fire in Babylon »

Heroine: The dirtier picture

There’s nothing that ruins a deliciously bad film than seriously sincere acting. Maybe a lesser actor would have ensured there was nothi...»

Joggers Park

It comes to life before sunrise, is a favourite haunt of fitness freaks and a Chennai landmark. Sudhish Kamath takes a walk around the Anna »

Spoilt for choice

An impressive line-up of films from as many as 65 countries will be screened at the Mumbai Film Festival from October 18 to 25 »

Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

Genre: Comedy Director: Priyadarsan Cast: Shreyas, Nana Patekar, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, Madhurima Storyline:...»

Documenting craft

Winners of the docu film contest, conducted as part of the World Crafts Council’s ‘Kaivalam’, will be announced during the inauguration of t »

‘I find love everywhere’

Milind Soman turns publisher with an e-magazine on cinema and culture. The former supermodel talks to Sudhish Kamath about his fitness and f »

English Vinglish: The Queen’s Speech

A woman who can't speak English all that well decides to learn the language to prove a point »

The pain of creation

Scientist-filmmaker Bedabrata Pain talks about Chittagong and the buzz it has generated in Bollywood »

The MAESTRO'S MAGIC continues

The concert organised in connection with the audio launch of Gautham Menon’s upcoming film Neethane En Ponvasantham, took fans at the Jawaha »

Capital vignettes

First time director Prashant Nair painted a vibrant picture of India through his independent film Delhi In a Day that released re...»

Raaz 3: Ghost-directed?

We always have a choice. God-given free-will. We choose our destiny.Hang on, why are we philosophising about a schlocky assembly-l...»

Forever Young

Jingles, stage shows, film songs, pop and now writing books for children... Sudhish Kamath traces the career of the effervescent ‘Pop’ Shali »

Saheb aur Alvi

Launch Of Sathya Saran's book Ten Years with Guru Dutt – Abrar Alvi's Journey was replete with flashbacks of an era gone by »

Short films go a long way

A few years ago, making a short film was synonymous with making a student film. The bar has been raised, thanks to film schools, reality sho »

‘Model’ city?

Why isn't Chennai a happening city for those aspiring to pursue modelling as a career? Sudhish Kamath looks beyond the ramp for answers »

Where buses go to sleep

CMBT offers a taste of the big city to people passing through, even in the dead of night »

Why Not?

Between shooting films and designing homes, S. Sashikanth talks to Sudhish Kamath about stumbling blocks and success »

The Saturday Interview — Second innings

Director Gautam Vasudev Menon who re-enters Bollywood with “Ekk Deewana Tha”, a remake of “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa”, talks about the fresh »

Kollywood calling

After Bollywood, Fox Star Studios sets its sights on the Tamil film industry. Sudish Kamath has the details »

Rahmaniacs rock the night

How long would you be gone if you were to step out of home for a concert? Twelve hours, if you had set out for the MARG’s ‘Ja...»

Over to the dark side

Releasing today, “Shaitan” and “Aaranya Kaandam”, both from promising first-time filmmakers, smack of a gripping exp »

Number cruncher No. 2

Twenty-one-year-old city boy Divyang Bhandari finishes second in CA final »

Robinhood is my hero: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao

The Proust Questionnaire is a fortnightly feature that alternates with the Saturday interview. These questions were most famously answered b »

Take Five

Don’t let the limit of five SMSes per day stress you out. Here are five ways to beat the cap »

Funny in parts

The interactive bits were the funniest in Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijaykar’s ‘The Evening That Wasn’t’ »

The Greatbong mines for horror

Arnab Ray switches from humour to psychological horror in his new book “The Mine”. A chat with the writer-blogger »

Magic in the mall

Watch the aerial dancers of Trapezia 09 at Citi Centre for stunning visual effects »

The Real picture

Ad filmmaker Jayendra Panchapakesan on directing his first feature film, his stint in advertising, and working to make NGOs visible »

Lessons from cinema

What's the right course for students of cinema? K. Hariharan of L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy discusses the nitty-gritty »

Child's play

Darsheel Safary on balancing academics and acting and his next release 'Zokkomon' »

The King's anthem

BlaaZe and Paul Jacob have come up with ‘Dheem Tharikita', a new chant to cheer Chennai Super Kings »

Rising from the rubble

It's been 10 years since 9/11. Through “Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero”, Spielberg and Discovery Channel capture the resurrection of what wa »

Ghost: Confused Ghost

When a film begins with a doctor on duty doing the “naughty-naughty” with a nurse in the hospital before the resident ghost bumps one of...»

Ferrari Ki Sawaari - Bumpy emotional roller-coaster

It is never easy to make a film where one of the characters actually gets to say “I just stole Sachin's Ferrari.” And this — the fact tha...»

Setting the stage for stars

CITY 360 Sudhish Kamath strolls through AVM Studios as it is brought to life by cleaners, office staff and crew members »

Teri Meri Kahaani: Trolling Shakespeare

If the other release of the week, Gangs of Wasseypur split its epic story into two parts that add up to five hours and twenty minutes, t...»

Actor Suriya ready to roar with his next

Suriya will once again play cop in Singam, all set to release next week. The actor tells sudhish kamath what drives his decisions »

Voice of the artiste

It was a music label that launched many an unforgettable non-film artiste back in the Nineties. Seven years after Magnasound wound up, Madha »

Memories of Madras - The theatre of time

Singeetham Srinivasa Rao on life with friends in Victoria Hostel, watching the West Indies play, and the charm of old theatres »

Baton and beat

Senior music conductor Srinivasa Murthy talks about his long association with A.R. Rahman, and the thrill of the orchestra. »

Books bridge the gap

“You must have heard of the Chinese saying: ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a l...»

Musicians go online

Music artistes need not wait for record labels anymore. At the click of a mouse, they can release their album for the world to hear »

Rock on the wild side

Long hair. Tattoos. Police records. Rock n' roll. Rockstars. Chennai.Yeah, admittedly, Chennai does seem like the last place to ha...»

The Saturday Interview - In his own frame

In conversation Anurag Kashyap talks about making films on his terms, his ambitious projects and backing independent filmmakers in the count »

A giant leap for theatre

The play, “One Small Step”, enacted by British duo Oliver Millingham and Robin Hemmings took the audience on a delightful trip t »

Double impact

His ‘Aaranya Kaandam” has just won the Grand Jury Prize at the South Asian International Film Festival. And he's had a complete »

We like Chennai because... - It's the right pitch

Director Venkat Prabhu The joys of playing street cricket »

Three's Company

Singers Suvi, Shakthisree and Maalavika tell Sudhish Kamath about the joy of doing original music and the thrill of being in a band »

Better than before

The much-awaited IIT-Madras cultural fest ‘Saarang’ is back with a whole new line-up that'll attract students from all over the »

Living every ‘pal'

They swayed. They sang along… The crowds at IIT Saarang gave Singer KK another night to remember »

The Saturday Interview - Here and there

With a fair share of Indian and Hollywood films in her kitty, actor Shriya Saran says that the two worlds are different in many ways. »

Best among the worst

Enter the virtual awards night! While The Ghantas were given away to honour the worst films made, the Twifi awards - or the Tweeple Film Awa »

A welcome effort

FILM Forget the many problem areas. “Welcome Back Gandhi” must be lauded for having its heart in the right place »

From his mind's eye

He's constantly pushing boundaries, to trap a rare moment of time on celluloid and a slice of Nature in all its glory. On cinematographer Sa »

Celebs cheer for charity

The Hindu's ‘6 For a Cause' brings corporates and the public together to cheer for the Indian cricket team and mobilise funds for a ch »

A tale of two mothers

The non-fiction film “Made in India” focusses on the sensitive issues of surrogacy and women's rights, without passing judgment »

Such a long journey

From eight states, speaking different dialects, with long stories of struggle and a million dreams... the story of migrants from the North E »

Of heights and depths

If you have a bucket list, Australia is one place that will help you cross off quite a few things off it. Given a choice between sipp...»

Pyar Ka Punchnama - Story with punch

When she says she's leaving him, our hero falls in her lap and cries helplessly, like a child that does not want his mother to leave...»

How to…Form a cult

It all begins with you. Your face and your name define the brand.  First, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Is there Or some...»

Sure in the city

interview Chennai boy Sundeep Kishan is raring to go after his successful debut in Shor in the City »

How To... Be taken seriously

The first step towards being taken seriously by friends and strangers is to take yourself seriously. Sport your greys. If you don't ha...»

In the Nik of time

BBC presenter Nik Gowing on how the digital era has revolutionised sharing of news »

In broad daylight in Transylvania

We explore an enchanting little town called Cluj, where the sun sets at 10 in the night »

The drive to Sibiu – and more

We travel to a town once rated by Forbes as Europe’s eighth most idyllic place »

Gossip in a wired world

Information — true, half-true or untrue — spreads like wildfire across social media networks and once out there, is beyond anyon »

The road to Bran Castle

When the countryside got spooky. »

I am Kalam - To Kalam, with love

If someone were to take the most inspiring ideas from the books of APJ Abdul Kalam and made a movie to show their application in contemp...»

Aarakshan - The politics of debate

Remember how Jerry Maguire typed out a Mission Statement in the middle of the night when he couldn't sleep because of bad pizza or an epi...»

Phhir - What the hell was that, again?

“You are being punished for your sins from your previous birth,” comes the answer when the clueless hero wonders why his wife went missi...»

Shortcut to success

The L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy's convocation showcased short films made by its students »

Let the games begin

Miss the camaraderie you shared over board games with family and friends? Gaming apps now help you bond »

Have an idea?

Devices for the disabled, healthcare applications, energy conservation tools… innovations by individuals are now possible thanks to the Gove »

Cinema and the city

REPORT A talk between filmmakers K. Balachander and Gautham Vasudev Menon kickstarted the ‘Namma Chennai' series, organised by The Hindu Met »

Zen and the art of light

Few cinematographers have played around with genres and styles the way Nirav Shah has in the last few years. A chat with the thinking lensma »

Behind the scenes

Madhumita and Vijay Venkataramanan tell Sudhish Kamath how their love for cinema brought them together and their upcoming documentary and bi »

Magnificent obsession

CINEMA Karan Gour's ‘Kshay' is the only entry from India in the New Director's competition segment at the Chicago International Film Festiva »

What's up this October?

EVENT This month, cinephiles can look forward to watching some of the best films, meeting filmmakers and attending workshops at the fests in »

Music on the edge

Songs, dance, fireworks and 3-D animation came together seamlessly at Harris Jayaraj's live concert »

When G-One took Chitti's help

Shah Rukh Khan talks to Sudhish Kamath about his tryst with technology in 'RA-One' and a phenomenon called Rajnikanth »

Is it the real picture?

Panel discusses if films reflect women the way they are. Well, the opinions are plenty and varied… »

The original channel man

Asian College of Journalism chairman Sashi Kumar, one of the first recognisable faces on Indian television, gives a recap of his career to S »

Why this ‘Why this Kolaveri’?

Making sense of a Tanglish song with quirky, improvised lyrics which went viral and has already got about 1.5 million hits on the official p »

Chronicle of a community

Actor-director Mohan Sharma on his award-winning bilingual film “Namma Gramam,” which is all set for a Pongal release »

The Saturday Interview — Against the grain

Filmmaker Onir talks about the struggles behind making films that tread unconventional paths, and the power of social networks »

The Dirty Picture - Only surface level dirty

Picture this: A sexy Scarlett Johansson (or Zuleikha Robinson if you want some Indian blood) in a Kimi Katkar biopic directed by Danny B...»

There's something about Seeta

Filmmaker Chandra Pemmaraju and actor Lavrenti Lopes on “Love, Lies and Seeta,” a crossover romantic comedy recently screened at the IFFI, G »

Now, in the picture!

Photographer and actor Sunder Ramu walks the fine line between darkness and light. Sudhish Kamath zooms in on his work »

A shot at life

Independent filmmaker Hemant Gaba on his maiden project "Shuttlecock Boys" and the challenges of making low-budget films »

Love in the new-age

Sudhish Kamath's second film ‘Good Night, Good Morning' hits the screens on January 20 »

Good Night, Good Morning: A phone call says it all

There is a particular pleasure to watching a movie made by a trained journalist: you know the crediting will be impeccable, you know Bil...»

Big Screen: Good Night Good Morning — Love, of a different kind

Movie: Good Night Good Morning Cast: Manu Narayan, Seema Rahmani The perfect combination of the right i...»

Ekk Deewana Tha: Why didn't we fall in love with Amy?

From the moment he decided to cast Amy Jackson as Jessie, one of the most complex women characters ever written in Tamil cinema, Gautham...»

Performance index

This year's list of Oscar nominees is the most controversial in recent times. With at least three deserving candidates — Joseph Gordon Levit »

The eyes said it all

Sadanam Bhasi’s body language and expressions took centre stage. »

London Paris New York: Love, lost and found

First things first. A romantic comedy about two attractive strangers falling in love overnight in a romantic setting is a fairytale. So...»

Paan Singh Tomar: The man who knew to run

Biopics, intentionally or otherwise, tend to glorify or idolise the characters they are based on. Tigmanshu Dhulia's painstakingly resea...»

Blog route to box office

Want to know about Bollywood secrets, indie films or world cinema? Are you a first-time filmmaker looking for a way in? It's all there in th »

Hacker, Traitor, Soldier, Spy

The most fascinating part of fiction, or ‘story' as the word means, is it is not real. Just like magic. Or cinema. There's willing susp...»

One Minute Review

Chaar Din Ki ChandniGenre: ComedyDirector: Samir KarnikCast: Tushaar Kapoor, Kulraj Randhawa, Anupam Kher, Om Puri,...»

One-minute review: Bumboo

Bumboo Genre: Comedy Director: Jagdish Rajpurohit Cast: Kavin Dave, Sharat Saxena...»

Blood Money: When Hansel got more than just candy

“You thought this was some cheesy 80s film,” Kunal Khemu asks the bad guys in the end. Oh boy, you missed the first scene, didn't you? <...»

City slicker returns

Ganesh Venkataraman talks about what it took to get his first big break in Kollywood and his role in “Panithuli” »

Life as a duet

They are united in their passion for music and have churned out hits in many languages. Sudhish Kamath meets the singer-couple Harini and Ti »

Sivan in focus

Cinematographer Santosh Sivan receives world recognition and will soon start work on ‘Ceylon' »

Reel lessons

At IIT-M on the making of cinema and its many facets »

The Saturday Interview — Agent of change

Habib Faisal's stories are rooted in the Indian middle-class. The writer-director who has quietly been shifting the focus of films to the co »

Riding the crest

After playing strong supporting roles Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has turned director with Aarohanam. She speaks to Sudhish Kamath about her »

‘Sensuality comes in many ways’

PROUST QUESTIONNAIRENagesh Kukunoor is an independent filmmaker who continues to make films that defy convention and genre. His filmo »

Three dimensions of 3D

Why are filmmakers increasingly tempted to use 3D? And what do movie buffs feel about watching such films wearing those special glasses? »

View from a few floors above

CITY 360 Enjoying panoramic views of the city, watching planes take off from the airport at Meenambakkam, soaking in the solitude, l »

Gangs of Wasseypur : Part-time Avenger

Good filmmaking doesn’t always translate to good storytelling. While every frame here is so passionately put together (cinematography by...»

Dark and experimental

First-time filmmaker Arvind Kamath talks about Innuendo, a film made with just Rs. 45,000 »

The path not taken

Tired of having to constantly assert his freedom of expression, filmmaker Ashvin Kumar released his new film “Inshallah, Kashmir” on the Int »




Recent Article in Chennai

FIR against IAS officer in Chennai for cheating

The Central Crime Branch of the city police has registered a case of cheating against a serving IAS officer attached to State Transport... »