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Prince Frederick

The epic in colours of Koothu

‘Inner Flow’ presents little known stories from the Mahabharatha on canvas »

A case for good music

Gary Lawyer is back to do what he does best — paying a tribute to Elvis Presley. The singer will perform in the city on September 15 »

Stressing on the importance of herbal remedies

A one-day workshop on “Health and Herbs” by Post-Graduate Department of Microbiology, Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College, Arum...»

Doing it his way

It was an evening of nostalgia when Garry Lawyer paid tributes to titans of Western music »

Sringeri Seer honours toppers

Sringeri Bharathi Tirtha Trust conducted a programme for felicitating the State level toppers of SSLC and HSC, on September 16, at Mylap...»

Six Point success

With self-deprecating humour and anecdotes from his own life, Chetan Bhagat tells the audience at a recent lecture what it takes to succeed »

Looking back in time

Freemasons of Mount Lodge No. 14, which celebrates its 150th year, recount anecdotes from its rich history. Amidst the chronicle of changes, »

Precious discovery

'Gold hunt' brings Japanese television director Makie Yamaguchi to Pulicat »

Green carpet welcome

Flowers, insects, trees… the hamlets in Kumizhi are a haven for keen observers of Nature »

Bike bonhomie

Harley Davidson enthusiasts will hit the road to Hampi on September 29 »

Listen to the beat

World Heart Foundation comes up with an interesting awareness campaign for the World Heart Day »

Colourful city

Long long ago, there lived a merchant called Vijendra Gupta, who used to sell his goods by travelling to different places. One day, he d...»

Kiran Raj scalps five

Kiran Raj’s five-wicket haul (five for six) helped LHCA to an eight-wicket victory over PSPCA and enter the final of the Master Ashwath...»

Home with a heart

Monday is World Elderly Day. A look at the care and comfort Little Sisters of The Poor has been providing for the aged »

Craving warmth in the autumn of their lives

On any other day, it would have been easy to spot ‘grandma’ Queen Elizabeth and ‘grandpa’ Prince Philip in a crowd. But, not on M...»

Look before you jump onto a joyride

Lax safety measures and absence of a regulatory body ups risk factor at amusement parks »

Straddling two worlds

Rajan Natarajan, who holds the highest position ever held by an Indian in Maryland, remains rooted to India »

Surprises in the wild

Unfounded fears, superstition and misconceptions about animals… British wildlife presenter and author Nigel Marven dispels these, and discov »

Epic revisited

Despite the burden of detail, the pace of this novel never lapses into a lull »

Dear Miss Murphy

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Sainik School, Amaravathinagar, the 1962 batch honoured its English teacher »

It’s all in the game

Feigning a broken wing! That’s what certain birds do to keep predators off their young brood »

The new pigeon-racing capital

With the number of clubs doubling in recent years, Chennai is way ahead of other Indian cities in pigeon racing »

Swim, ride, run…

Enticer Triathlon, the mini version, will be held in the city on October 20 »

‘Music is not magic’

... nor does it have shortcuts. Learning its language takes some doing, says keyboardist and pianist Jordan Rudess. At a workshop on October »

Going the extra mile

Road runners from across the country are all set to participate in The Wipro Chennai Marathon on December 2. »

Boys once again

It was an evening of mirth when the boys of the 1975 batch of Don Bosco School, Egmore, got together for a reunion »

Scaling heights on four wheels

Swiss motorsport enthusiast Neel Jani describes what it’s like driving to Khardung-La in an F1 car. The thrilling journey, captured live on »

Vroom mate

She’s crossed many milestones with ease. She’s made people sit up and take notice of her acts of daredevilry. Prince Fredrick tries to keep »

Signalling a sea change

Having won NIOT's underwater vehicle contest, five city students are headed for a bigger challenge in San Diego »

Signature collection

Octogenarian S. V. Ramakrishnan’s unique collection of autographs offers insights into the minds of people who shaped history. »

Promoters up stake in India Cements

Prince Holdings (Madras), belonging to the promoter group of India Cements, has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that it had acquired 7...»

Pages from the past

With photos, videos and nuggets of yesteryear, nostalgia is what drives My Madras on Facebook »

St. Mary’s Church - Where stones tell a tale

Anusha Parthasarathy visits St. Mary’s Church in Fort St. George and is fascinated by its over-three-century-old history »

The Madras that was

Exhibition Madraspattinam captures the flavour of the city through photographs from The Hindu archives »

City sports today

Cricket: Buchi Babu all-India tournament, Maharashtra vs Orissa (MRF-Pach.), Mumbai vs TNCA XI (IIT-Chemplast), TNCA President’s X...»

All for the love of art

Exhibition of creations by both trained and self-taught artists is a curious mix of themes and textures »

K for Kodambakkam: A stitch through time

Athirupa Manichandar on businesses that serve as a reminder of Tamil cinema’s bygone era »

Kiran and Megha in title clash

Kiran Ravi and Megha Muthukumar entered the girls’ u-14 final with three-set semifinal wins in the KTC-India Pistons tourney on Wednesda...»

Multiples of fun

Meet T.N. Mahesh, a wizard at creating magic square puzzles. It’s remarkable that Mahesh is not a trained mathematician and serves as a deve »


Shades of Sivaji Prabhu has evolved over the years into an actor of substance, taking on character roles much like his f...»

New spin on old yarn

Kannan Lakshminarayan's Fractal Foundation has introduced micro-spinning technology in rural pockets to help cotton farmers and weavers »

Tackling oppression, over by over

Timeri Murari's latest novel weaves fact and fiction to tell the story of Afghanistan under the Taliban rule »

Candid about Chennai

Journalist-author Bishwanath Ghosh's latest book “Tamarind City” attempts to analyse and define Chennai with honesty and sensitivity »

A cue from Chanakya

Radhakrishnan Pillai’s Corporate Chanakya is about building businesses based on ancient wisdom »

Tome raiders!

On World Book Day, book lovers in the city talk about second-hand booksellers who have enriched their reading experience »

Let the show begin

Launch Of Escape, Sathyam Cinemas’ eight-screen multiplex at Express Avenue »

Refugees and rhythm

Kartick and Gotam's concert “Business Class Refugees” kept the audience captivated »

More power to people

Thanks to long and frequent power cuts, people across income groups are opting for inverters »

A scholar's pauper's death

Much of my daily life is beginning the day researching on one subject and finding myself totally absorbed in another. Just the other day...»

‘Be a rock star at work'

EVENT What you do does not matter; but how you do it, does; anyone can be a leader and make a difference, says management trainer Robin Sha »

Fruitful effort

Ever imagined mango, guava and sapota trees on your terrace? M.S. Muralidharan did, and how! »

Frames of time

Technology puts a smile on photo framers' faces »

Before the wheels start turning

What does the bustling Tambaram railway station look like before the first train rolls out in the wee hours? Surprisingly silent, except for »

Sense and sensitivity

Access ramp, soft-textured food, tactile walls, pictorial menu… Kalakkal Café shows the way to create inclusive social spaces »

Run Bala, run

Chartered accountant J. Balasubramanian has drawn up a new balance sheet — 21 x 21 + 46 »

From the summer of ‘65

We hear of reunions all the time. But, ever heard of one that happens 10 times a year? »

Cover story

Cover for your car? Head to Ramanan Road, Sowcarpet, where the czars of the trade flourish »

Business derails

As the Metro Rail project chugs along Anna Salai, sales figures drop at iconic showrooms and small shops. Prince Frederick hits the chaotic »

The two faces of OMR

Behind the modern visage, Old Mahabalipuram Road's pastoral past remains intact. We present you the striking contrast »

Best foot forward

OFFBEAT A charity dance show brings in more than just funds — team work and compassion »

Seeing is believing

CHATLINE The founder of Nethrodaya believes that being honest, having standards and following best practices is the way to make yourself cre »

Stink operation

Sticking around to see what happens to garbage at the day's end is not a job for the faint-hearted »

Mission heritage

Two young men hope that their tour of 28 UNESCO Heritage sites in India will help preserve her past »

Facade and footfalls

A fleet of Audis whooshing down a curving road. Mercs glinting in a shower of powerful lights. BMWs moving in a single file on a posh lane. »

Kicked about a cause

Homeless World Cup Foundation and Slum Soccer use football for a larger goal — development of the under privileged »

A new lease of life

An eatery uses dead tree trunks to make quirky furniture »

The Conrods conquer

The all-terrain Dirt Reaper designed by the team from SRM, bagged the prize at the BAJA SAE India 2012 »

Riding the green wave

BSA Hercules Chennai Cycling 2012 drew professionals and children to drive home a message for a cleaner environment »

The music route

Dutchman Robbert van Hulzen's road trip from India to The Netherlands will culminate in an album »

War and peace

John D. Balian's debut novel is a coming-of-age tale interwoven with threads of Middle-East politics, culture and conflict »

Classroom on wheels

Thirty students cycled from Coimbatore to Chennai and learnt a few lessons on the way »

Hunting for solutions

American philosopher John Zerzan, who is on a talking tour of India, says be connected and carefree like cavemen »

Pedal pushers

Newer cars and motorcycles flood the market. Financial institutions offer attractive loans to buy them. As a result, the odds are agains...»

Happy feet

David Grier runs the world to mobilise funds for Operation Smile and transform the lives of children »

Community sport

The second edition of “A Toast to Hockey”, a tournament for Anglo-Indian teams across the country, is on February 17 and 18 »

Green gets glamorous

His passion for foliage plants has inspired horticulturist Mukundan Parthasarathy to create new hybrids that have made successful forays int »

The fall of a sparrow

K.V. Sudhakar on the birds that once flocked our homes, how books on wildlife deepened his interest in natural history and his outings with »

A thriller and a title

Despite forgettable fielding, Kollywood heroes lift the Celebrity Cricket League 2012 cup in a nail-biting finish »

Memories, in black and white

Newspaper clippings of major events — that's what Vijay Shekhar has been collecting since Rajiv Gandhi's assassination »

Road to adventure

Over 300 lives are lost on the Death Road in Bolivia every year. However, three teams of truckers decide to take that route. Catch their jou »

The light brigade

A see through squash court had the crowd’s attention even when there was no match being played on it at Express Avenue »

Memories of Madras: Moore's last sigh

In the wake of the recent fires at the historic Kalas Mahal and Agurchand Mansion, Prince Frederick looks back at yet another tragedy etched »

Brothers to a TT!

The Rao Brothers are synonymous with table tennis in Chennai. Prince Frederick shoots the breeze with Srinivasa and Muralidhara »

A freewheeling performance

A group of physically-challenged boys and girls stuns audience with flawless dances on wheelchairs »

Vignettes of a village

Director Jayabharathy on growing up in Adambakkam, the Breda train and popular radio dramas »

Train of thought

Announcements about railway vacancies appeared frequently in The Mail, an evening newspaper published in Madras and now defunct. If ther...»

Shakespeare, the desi way

Indian playwrights interpret Shakespeare in their own way, at the ‘Hamara Shakespeare Festival’ »

Put on your running shoes

EVENT The Chennai International Half Marathon on September 27 will highlight several social issues »

Arbours of academia

Protecting ecosystems in urban spaces requires education, sensitisation and sustained surveillance. Urban development is a sad commentar...»

The tree huggers

It's easy to just include the tree into the building rather than chop it down. Prince Frederick and Anusha Parthasarathy tell you how »

Daring to dream

G. Sree Vidhya, who has stormed the male bastion of providing security services »

A passion for cricket

MADRAS MISCELLANY A weekly column that nostalgically turns pages of history and culture of three-century-old city called Chennai »

Chennai's Olympics connect

Members of Chennai-based band Staccato are going to the London Olympics — not as spectators, but performers. On July 30 and August 2, t...»

Finding an anchor

Three men join hands to make a documentary that draws attention to the plight of fisherman Aung Soe, a man without a nation. »

Viscom top offbeat course in Chennai

Pure science courses have fewer takers now, as many opt for an engineering degree »

Riding high and low

Want to cycle for adventure? Watch Greg Illingworth and Paul Ryan do stunts on the new Mongoose BMX bikes »

Pedalling with a purpose

His interest lay in tennis, but a kidney transplant forced Rajesh Devaraj to give up the sport.Unfazed, he took to cycling, participating in »

Passion for pets?

“Is it a hen?” a four-year-old lisps to his father pointing to a blondinette pigeon. Surveying the section that displays macaws and touca...»

Folk with a modern flavour

La Pongal’s debut album, to be released on January 16, fuses Tamil folk with electronic sounds »

  Autographs of history

Prince Frederick is awed by the flip-book of history octogenarian S.V. Ramakrishnan showed him, with a rich haul of autographs from the like »

  Netz Cricket

What would it feel like to face a 160kmph Shaun Tait delivery? At Netz Cricket at Citi Centre, you can find out, says Prince Frederick of Th »

  The bee festival

If you thought industriousness was the only specialty bees have, think again. Prince Frederick crashes a 3-day event to celebrate the bee, a »

  Paranur Station: Commuter's paradise

Prince Frederick of The Hindu MetroPlus discovers a pocket of cleanliness and aesthetics in a traditionally ill-maintained world of suburban »

  Sandalwood Stars

The fragrance of a well-tended garden comes more from the care of the gardeners than the plants themselves. Prince Frederick of The Hindu Me »

  East Coast Racers

Chennai's drivers love to go off the beaten path. Prince Frederick of The Hindu MetroPlus runs into East Coast RC Racers, who have found the »

  Save trees, save lives

The Brown Tree project has grown from advocating tree plantation to now become a canopy to maintain and prune green cover in urban areas. Vo »

  Sun control ban: Dark time for traders

The ban on sun control film, especially during the summer season has hit traders badly. They now have to deal with a large amount of unsold »

  Taking Chennai traffic online

The facebook page of the Chennai City Traffic Police has seen a surge in participation and consequently, their connect with the people has b »

  A Moving Mission

Service has no boundaries, finds Prince Frederick, as he accompanies Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers, a group of Korean doctors and teach »

  Carrying the Olympic torch

D. Sathish Babu, founder of UniverCell, was one of just 8,000 persons from around the world chosen for the Olympic run. Prince Frederick cat »

  Dream Run for a fit neighbourhood

Prince Frederick discovers fitness is a jog with this close-knit neighbourhood group that coaxes and, if necessary, bullies its members into »

  Saving Chennai's beaches

Siddharth Hande, one of the founders of LetsROB speaks about reclaiming Chennai's beaches from garbage. Prince Frederick of The Hindu's Metr »

  The Freestyle Footballer

Without a goalpost, Pradeep Ramesh scores every time he gets his hands on a football. Prince Frederick of The Hindu MetroPlus takes a few po »

  Staccato goes to the Olympics

Staccato, a Chennai-based band will perform to a 250,000 strong crowd at the London Olympics in July 2012. Members of the band believe the a »

Power Shutdown

Power supply will be suspended in the following areas from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday: Sardar Jung Garden: Soorappan Street. Maduravoyal North: MMDA 1st t... »




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Do you Know How the Food Safety and Standards Act protects you

It has been over three years since the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 ame into force in the State. Complaints regarding any substan... »