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Shonali Muthalaly

Konnichiwa Chennai!

Chef Vikramjit Roy of the city’s first contemporary Oriental restaurant Pan Asian, talks to Shonali Muthalaly on his years in Japan masterin »

Set out this summer

A look at the city’s newest watering hole and a pizza place that serves homegrown flavours »

Writing on chocolate

My pantry’s beginning to look like a mad scientist’s lair. There’s a dodgy looking bottle of Absolut vodka, sloshing with a dark, dense,...»

The Next Big Things

Cupcakes, popcorn, exotic coffee beans, hi-tech kitchens, casual dining … Shonali Muthalaly on what will capture the imagination of gourmets »

Strings on a song

In Chennai for The Hindu May International Music Festival, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia talk about Strings’ musical journey that began a »

A slice of Sicily

“Look into my eyes” says Dario. He leans forward. I lean forward. He smiles. I smile. He picks up a cheese ball. I pick up a cheese ball....»

What’s on the Chef’s platter?

What do Chefs eat? The answer’s less elaborate than you would imagine. As it turns out, after a surfeit of fancy food, they like to keep it »

A slice of good life

Bruce Cakebread on his wineries’ quiet beginnings in the Napa Valley and how it now draws tourists and exports wines across the world »

What’s baking?

The third edition of Baker Showcase, all set to take place at the Asan Memorial School auditorium on February 2, will see the skills of home »

The Age Of Skinny

You can run. But you can’t hide. Salad bars, jogging dates and zumba parties: this is the age of skinny. Of soups, sprouts and sushi. As peo »

Matters of the HEART

What does love mean in this new age? Sudhish Kamath and Shonali Muthalaly make a case for the contemporary Valentine »

Gray Matter

Best-selling author John Gray talks about Mars-Venus relationships »

Garnished with fun

Rocky pushed Mayur. Mayur pushed Rocky. Rocky danced across the stage. Mayur pirouetted. Rocky flexed his muscles. Mayur flexed his musc...»

A reason to say cheese!

A French family that made Puducherry their home started Mango Hill as a resort. But it’s acquired a name for its handmade cheeses »

The drama unfolds

Launch: The Park Hyatt’s newest restaurant The Flying Elephant celebrates the performance of food in its large, intimate sections spread acr »

Mr. Bean!

What makes Indian coffee special? Marc Tormo, a Spaniard who chose to make Auroville his home, gets into the details when Shonali Muthalaly »

Long drawn-out drama

The Madras Players’ version of Tara was neat, but the play itself seemed like a patchwork of emotions, a ninety-minute tear-jerker »

Is night the new day?

Shonali Muthalaly and Priyadarshini Paitandy join clubbers and party goers to find this city never sleeps »

Taj scores a 100

The opening of the Vivanta by Taj-Gurgaon, the group’s 100th hotel in India, highlights its modern edge and its traditional hospitality »

Chennai bites into sushi

With the city becoming a melting pot of international flavours, Japanese cuisine has found a new home, writes Shonali Muthalaly »

Michelin comes to Chennai

Michelin launches its Green Guide that reviews and rates tourist attractions and restaurants »

The Soup Song!

Jack Canfield has the suave self-confidence of a man who gets what he wants. But then, he’ll be the first to tell you that in the end, it’s »

Here’s what’s cooking

TV Nigella Lawson is back with a show on Italian food »

Raising the bar

Available across 40 countries, ice cream bar Magnum makes a debut in the country with Chennai »

Turban Tales: Dindigul Thalapakatti’s recipe to success

Fourteen branches in Chennai dishing out 7,000 plates of biriyani a day! D. Nagasamy talks to Shonali Muthalaly on the recently trademarked »

Dessert Safari

With ice cream, you can revel in clichés. Shonali Muthalaly and Priyadarshini Paitandy revisit some favourite home-grown brands that are pr »

There’s dough in dosa

Former bankers Jawahar Chirimar and Sam Subramaniam have decided to reinvent the dosa for a global audience with the launch of Soho Tiffin, »

Brand plans

The Park is all set to get a makeover »

A summer mania called mango

So many varieties, so many flavours, so many recipes… How do you make the most of this mango season? We ask the experts »

A flavourful start

The warm sea, trendy cafes and a good swim all at Varkala. What better way to begin the New Year? »

Ice cream dreams

Chef Anthony David looks sad. “We have a term for it,” he states, with a shudder. “It’s called temperature abuse.” I try hard to look sy...»

A spectrum of flavours

Perhaps it’s a symptom of the New Year. Cheery new age philosophy. The whole ‘ask the universe and you shall receive’ spiel. No one seems...»

Worst food trends

LIFESTYLE These days the menu is caught between Mother Earth cuisine and bizarre takes on tradition »

Ease and effect

The new Japanese restaurant Raku Raku which means ‘ease’ is especially for those who want a quick sushi fix »

Soaked in memories

Although the restaurant, China Town, has been around for three decades, if you’re not a part of the original China Town fan club, it’s easy »

A flair for fun

Attila Iskifoglu, the Turkish bartender who travels the world reinventing the cocktail and serving it with style »

Small world charm

Forget hushed rooms bristling with slick butlers, degustation menus and baccarat crystal. Here are two restaurants in Chennai — Chop by Sand »

Brewed awakening

For a country used to bottled beer, the microbrewery trend is invigorating »

Spice and all things nice

You know that moment, right? When your tongue’s on fire, but you can’t stop eating. That’s where we are, when the waiters start to worry »

The taste of travel

Nimmi Paul is nursing a tennis elbow when I call. “You won’t believe how painful it is,” she groans. The cause? Non-stop cooking. From 6...»

It’s time for balle balle!

We board the train at Chintadripet. Desolate and dimly lit, the station looks like the perfect setting for a fight scene. Trains always m...»

The joys of veganism

Being vegan doesn't mean giving up on gourmet delicacies. It means being creative in the kitchen »

Old-world flavours

We go upstairs. We go downstairs. We even consider eating in the car. Then change our mind when we realise the neighbouring vehicle is fi...»

Hot on accessories

You don't have to fret over cooking when your kitchen is stacked with cool essentials. Here's a list of chefs' favourites »

Extra large on flavour

“XOXO? Are you serious?” My friends collapse with laughter. “That’s so Gossip Girl,” they squeal. “So will you smother yourself in...»

The swinging 60s

Fitness expert Namita Jain says her latest book Sexy @ S!xty celebrates a wondrous phase of life »

Mirror to fine dining

The road is a screaming tangle of furious traffic. And I mean furious. Bad- tempered cab drivers yelling at scowling bikers. Pedestrians...»

In the name of love

Theatre Madras Players’ ‘Private Lives’ explored marital relationships without doling out moral lessons »

Disc Drive

Can flying discs be an exciting team sport? Shonali Muthalaly meets the men behind Chennai’s Ultimate movement »

Exchanging diet notes

Even if you’re not on a ‘get healthy’ kick, experiment with a food diary along with your friends to stay fit »

Decoding Gangnam Style

Topping the YouTube and the U.S. iTunes charts, Korean Pop King PSY’s number ‘Gangnam Style’ is the current rage. »

Quick bites

I suddenly find myself friendless. The high-maintenance foodies in my life shudder delicately when I suggest heading out for subs. Then d...»

Shutterbug gets a new look

The Hindu Shutterbug photography contest offers a whole new interface at »

What’s on your plate?

The theme for The Hindu Shutterbug photography contest is ‘Breakfast in Chennai’. Register at »

Self expression

Who are you? That’s the essential question. Think about it. It’s not as simple as it seems. After all, it’s kept Sujay Saple and an eclec...»

Hyatt and soul

A video on YouTube? That’s how the 200-plus staff of the newly-opened Park Hyatt Chennai showcased themselves and the hotel to viewers »

Back to Dasa dosa days

We decide we’re getting old and boring. We’ve spent too many Saturday nights in pyjamas, watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s c...»

Devanshu Arya wins Shutterbug 4

Set in a dynamic, new interface at, this edition of the contest saw more participation than ever. Readers could r »

Shutterbug 4 winner announced

‘Masala Dosa with a view’ was chosen the winning picture in the fourth edition of The Hindu Shutterbug photography contest. The th...»

All Spiced Up

He has set records, cooked in whacky locations and dug out forgotten cuisines. Shonali Muthalaly on Chef Jacob’s recipe for success »

Good things come in small packages

Packaged food seems soulless. Convenient, yes. But also regimented, standardised and unimaginative. After all, we’re a country that exult...»

Travel bites

My flight to Cochin is cancelled. After two days on the phone with spectacularly unhelpful ‘customer care executives' from the airline an...»

Dessert Rose

Oh dear. It's all about elegant dinner parties these days. Wine accompanied by cheese and crackers. Wine and food. Wine and desserts. Unf...»

An amazing journey

Brandon Bays best-selling author and speaker on her self-healing process and the power of the human mind »

Guerrilla dining in Asia

Go underground. Follow a trail of whispers. Eat in a quasi-legal establishment. Discover guerrilla dining. It features top chefs and tal...»

Want to be a work traveller?

Co-working is the new watchword of the creative young. An affordable lifestyle and low rents make Berlin their preferred destination.Shonali »

The cuisine connect

Three courses, fine wine and delectable desserts. It was a full table at the ‘longest lunch' that opened the Melbourne Food and Wine Festiva »

Master class

Chef Adam D'Sylva is surrounded by fans. Journalists are notoriously difficult to impress. Yet, at the Grand Hyatt's Italian restaurant,...»

A whole new world

CITYSCAPE In Melbourne follow every trail of whispers and chance upon coffee shops under stairwells, cinemas on rooftops and bars under brid »

Good Mornington

Mornington Peninsula - Just an hour from Melbourne, this picture-postcard escape wows you with its rolling vineyards, gentle sunshine and fe »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Another chill zone

I don't like ice cream. After years of boarding school, you would think I'd eat anything gratefully. But I have some strange issues. No...»

A spirited shot

Once a cheap, frat party drink, tequila now gets a hip makeover »

Gluten Alert

Many more people are gluten insensitive than is commonly believed. Shonali Muthalaly on the case for giving up wheat »

Cooking, home style

Singapore-based Leena Prakash's cookbook “Treasures Of The Indian Kitchen” is full of easy-to-make recipes »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Back to the roots

Across the world people are growing produce from traditional seeds to keep the flavour of fruits and vegetables intact »

The new party address

Launch Of Bay 146, a three-level club at Savera »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Mediterranean magic

The commute does Sirocco no favours. Getting out of the city sounds idyllic in theory. All those clichéd images of sangria soaked evenin...»

Raw appeal

Shonali Muthalaly takes you on a guided tour of the Chennai's restaurants that serve Sushi and meets the chefs who roll it out in style »

How To… — Do backpacker chic

If it's a regular tattoo, don't even bother. They might have been symbols of feisty rebellion in the 1980s, but now they're the provin...»

The Reluctant Gourmet: The real McCoy

The Indian market is slowly opening up to the flavour of vanilla beans as people discover that the spice is more affordable »

Reluctant Gourmet - Where only taste matters

Hello? Yes/ Madam. Hotel Sudha? Yes Madam. Can I speak to the manager? No madam. The owner? No madam. Anyone in charge? No madam. *Discon...»

Savouring at a snail's pace

I kissed a snail. And not in that metaphorical ‘someday my Prince will come' sense. I mean an honest-to-goodness crustacean (or would th...»

Tastes and tales from the underground

We hit the underground restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and relish every moment of its discreet dinners »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Thailand, tourists and tales

When abroad step away from the usual tourist haunts to get a real taste of the country »

Flavours of tradition

The food at Parambriym is earnest, straight forward, and more importantly, stays close to its roots »

Lessons from Bagchi's book

In the city to launch his latest book, best-selling business writer Subroto Bagchi explains his success mantra for young entrepreneurs »

From the heart of the South

We're headed to Junior Kuppanna. I suspect my friends have chosen this restaurant for lunch just because they like saying the name. At e...»

Eco in Essence

Croc steaks, Kangaroo burgers, smoked quail and much more. Shonali Muthalaly discovers what we eat is who we are at the Melbourne Food and W »

Grace under fire

Thank heavens it's not cutesy. Children's shows tend to trigger an overdose of bubble gummy music, kindergarten sets and exasperating his...»

The Reluctant Gourmet: Little ones and the ladle

In less than a month, a nine-year-old girl has changed school lunches just by blogging about what she eats every day. It all began when...»

The Proust Questionnaire — Remember, you are what you eat: Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma

The Proust Questionnaire is a fortnightly feature which derives its name from the French writer Marcel Proust, whose personality-revealing r »

So much's cooking underground

The new basement restaurant Fresca by Sandy’s tingles your taste buds with a slew of global flavours »

The soup clinic

Ba Ma Se serves juices and soups made from native plants »

Waiting to exhale

Urban yoga is booming as never before. Shonali Muthalaly tracks the twists and turns of 136.1, the country’s first integrated yoga chain »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Turning over a new leaf

Ever considered turning vegetarian? Or experimenting with veganism? Try the ‘Vegan Kickstart' — a programme that handholds you through 2...»

Don your aprons

The music. The flair. The speed. MasterChef Australia makes cooking look glamorous. However, how many of its recipes have you con...»

One budget, many options

A variety of holiday destinations within your reach? That's what TripAdvisor's TripIndex offers »

The sum of us

From Ajmer to Africa to America, Hey Math! has opened up the world of numbers to kids. Founders Harsh Rajan and Nirmala Sankaran talk to SHO »

Greek and ladle

Chef George Calombaris talks about the experience in “MasterChef Australia”, the new season and what he takes back from the show »

Oh! Honey

Meet the city bee. You’ll see him at some of the world’s most swanky addresses. The roof of the elegant Paris Opera house, perhaps. Or N...»

City lights

We walk into Nibbles ‘The Little Food Court’ taking deep appreciative breaths. The tiny restaurant is thick with the scent of caramelly deep »

Connectivity and cuisines

THE RELUCTANT GOURMET Indian food blogs are clicking globally for giving modern twists to traditional recipes »

Core of the crust

Crust, the new coffee shop offers desserts, sandwiches, cheeses and everything else that you would look for in a café down the road »

Sea of flavours

THE RELUCTANT GOURMET This is the island time forgot. More significantly, this is the island McDonald’s forgot. No regimented French »

Tales of strife and trauma

Indianostrum Theatre began in Chennai in 2007. They now operate from an old French theatre in Puducherry. Land of Ashes will be staged at Ka »

East is east

There are tentacles all over the place. They curl lovingly around meaty slices of mushroom, their perfectly symmetrical suckers dewy with so »

A close-up of taste

Appropriately enough, the topic pops up over lunch. Food in film. How much of an impact does it have? I’m surprised at the intensity with...»

English Vinglish!

The Green Room is not just a knotty love affair. It also deals with the struggle of English-educated artists in the country for cultural leg »

Full of Pizzazz

Nine Subways and a clutch of upmarket F&B outlets… to restaurateur Vipin Sachdev, business is about change and consistency »

Tossing up ideas

Butter sculptures, chocolate handbags and creativity with cuisine…the SICA competition turned food into art »

Between urban spaces

HAPPENING The Indo-German Urban Mela through games, cultural events and theatrical pavilions looks at solutions for crowded cities »

50 shows and still going strong

Anupama Chandrasekhar’s play The Snow Queen that has touched a chord among audiences abroad comes to Chennai. Shonali Muthalaly catch »

Spice and all things nice

Curry with a K. Oh dear. Assiduous alliteration can be astoundingly annoying. (See what I mean?) My first meal at Jaavid's Kebabs and Ku...»

A serving of success

She began experimenting with omelettes as a youngster and today leads an all-male team of 14 chefs. Shonali Muthalaly talks to Nimrat Pahwa, »

A modern fairytale

“The Boy With A Suitcase” is about stark reality, not a happily-ever-after ending »

Funniest side up

No one minds being made a bakra when Cyrus Broacha is around. Meet the lovable gagster who, along with stand-up comedian Vikram Sathaye, per »

Love and L’attitude

We watch the sea in the dark. “The winds are changing,” says Chindi Varadarajulu, with a delighted shiver. “It means the monsoon is on it...»

Raise a ladle to…

We have an unfortunate addiction to lists. Perhaps it's inevitable in a world where options multiply endlessly. So many restaurants, so...»

Orient Express

Three Kingdoms extend the territory of taste with favourites from Chinese, Malay and Thai cuisines »

Fitness Quad

Goodbye treadmills and harsh diets. Hello kettle bells and nutrition. A two-coach team shows the fun way to getting fit »

Powerhouse on your plate!

Easily accessible and affordable, millets are making a comeback to Indian kitchens, says Shonali Muthalaly »

To diet or not to

We're discussing detox diets over tiramisu. As we dig our spoons into the creamy coffee-laced dessert, a friend tells us about her Maple...»

Servings from the South

Chandra Padmanabhan’s Southern Flavours brings together the best of her last three books along with 50 fresh recipes »

A taste of the future

New food. Old food. More food. Less food. There you go. These are the predictions for the year ahead. Confusing? Well, in this city, the...»

Canvas, colour and Kudallur

Painting is an all-consuming passion, and colour, a vital force for Achuthan Kudallur. The master of abstract art gets chatting with Shonali »

Sizzle and spice

How about a steamy and out of the box dining option? »

Surviving the ‘other'

It was all about breaking promises and mending hearts, as Dr. Vijay Nagaswami discussed the anatomy of infidelity, the topic of his new book »

Reluctant Gourmet - It's kaapicino, not kapi

EATING OUT Madaras Kafe gives a modern twist to desi platter »

The adventures of Manfredi

Author Valerio Massimo Manfredi takes time off from his promotional tour to engage Shonali Muthalaly in a fascinating chat about his life an »

Bake me a cake!

Look at it from our point of view. It's the thought that counts, right? A colleague's birthday was coming up, and we decided to surprise...»

Spice kids

Children now have enough and more on their plate. They slice, stir fry and bake to rustle up dishes. Shonali Muthalaly meets the little chef »

Celebrating women

The newly opened Jakob’s Kitchen revives recipes of 175 housewives »

Your online guide

Find the best deals, the quirkiest hotels and much more, while surfing »

A story behind its times

The Madras Players’ rendition of Tendulkar’s classic was competent but cried out for reinterpretation »

The Chennai Chapter

The Chennai chapter of the The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest promises everything from irreverence and giggles to pathos and the lofty »

A fairytale for today

With details inspired by Indian mythology The Snow Queen is a sharp-eyed commentary on contemporary culture »

Virtual route to native specials

Oh dear! I really shouldn’t be allowed online unsupervised. Not for the reasons you’re thinking. (Ever considered getting your mind washe...»

Fuse it like the chef

Fusion is what excites chef Olaf Niemeier. Think chocolate samosa with mint-lemon curd and yoghurt ice-cream! »

Humour, home-grown

Evam’s Stand Up Tamasha was a mix of goofy fun, and wit that came as a breath of fresh air »

Live life king-size

The ITC Grand Chola, built as a tribute to the Chola dynasty, is an unabashed monument to luxury. Shonali Muthalaly has the details »

A fairytale ending

Chef Devwrat has just won India its first silver medal at the KA Culinary Olympics, a global competition organised by World International Ch »

The making of the Reluctant Gourmet

MetroPlus' resident food critic Shonali Muthalaly, aka The Reluctant Gourmet, on fan mail, hate mail and what it takes to be a restaurant re »

You’re paying for it, after all

Yesterday, I was denied water. I could, of course, have bought a bottle. But silly me, I was under the illusion that paying 15 times the...»

From modest to magnificent

Capt. Nair is the founder and chairman of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. He recaps his life’s tale, one of the country's most remark »

Eat, pray, love

With Slow Food, the world’s most important contemporary food movement created to counter fast food and fast lifestyles, gathering momentum, »

There’s something about Murthy

He first rode the waves with a broken wooden door. Today, he’s all set to open his surf school. We tell you fisherman Murthy’s inspiring sto »

Gateway to India

David Rocco, best known for his TV series, has found a way to Indian hearts through Italian cuisine »

A royal repast

“I don’t know how many times this story has been told and printed,” sighs Maharaja Vikram Singh Sailana wearily. Undeterred, I spoon up m...»

Run Chennai Run

As the city gears up for the Wipro Chennai Marathon to be held on December 2, Shonali Muthalaly meets some experienced marathoners and train »

Down to Earth

Chennai-based EarthSync synthesises voices from across genres and explores sound that is well off the beaten track. Shonali Muthalaly on the »

Network of emotions

Luca Silvestrini, founder of Protein dance company talks about what energises ‘Lots of Love’ their latest production »

Look who’s making headlines!

Fashion is about communication and it reflects cultures, iconic milliner Philip Treacy tells Shonali Muthalaly during his recent visit to th »

Fun factory

They are an entertainment collaborative with new fangled ideas and creative energy. The members of Stray Factory tell Shonali Muthalaly what »

Ice, ice, baby…

There’s nothing like digging into ice creams, be they home-made or from your nearest eatery Cookie dough ice cream sounds so c...»

For a fine-dining experience

Avial, appam and kadala curry… Kerala’s unique flavours are served in a satisfying way at Ente Keralam I’d given up on real appams...»

Zimbly delicious!

Although most of Kerala recipes use a standard set of spices and ingredients, each dish has a distinct flavour. The Reluctant Gourmet takes »

Love in spoonfuls

It’s not all mashed bananas. Well. Not if you’re lucky. You have to admit the average baby menu is pretty depressing. Especially now, as...»

The flavours of Piedmont

Long wine lists, succulent meat, classic breads, aromatic coffee...all at Turin’s charming cafés »

Net gain

It’s food with a purpose at The Marina. The new seafood restaurant has adopted two villages by the sea to encourage traditional method of fi »

Oh! Honey

There’s honey. And then there’s honey. Much of what we consume today is homogenous, mass-produced and uninspired. So, of course th...»

The Ming thing

Oh dear. Hotel President? Not that I want to sound snobbish. But President? The only time I was there it was more by accident than design...»

Mistress of spices

Targeting busy, young, working professionals, she wrote a book on creating fuss-free Indian meals »

Bay of Bengal

We stand in line outside Flurys. At tea time. “Isn’t this kind of ridiculous?” I mutter. It’s hardly a night club in Manhattan. Or a Guaj...»

All about taste and waste

I don’t know how many children my school friends have but I do know what they ate for lunch yesterday, thanks to Facebook. Or what they...»

East is east

Some tweaked, some authentic, Aromas of China gives you a taste of the Orient »

Body beautiful

Don't starve, eat right. That's the best way to establish a good relationship with food, and be comfortable with your body, says nutritionis »

Cross-cultural journey

Ordering dirty martinis seems appropriately edgy. Especially given our global chic surroundings. They arrive dry and strong, twanging wit...»

Live life king size



USP: A taste of royal splendour I tend to get a little silly when it...»

The Saturday Interview - Chef Express

It's important to simplify recipes, says popular chef and prolific cookbook writer Sanjeev Kapoor »

The Reluctant Gourmet - Ring in the new

Make this year healthier by eating everything that is natural, organic and hormone-free »

Ode to the oasis

Hawker-style stalls and hookah smoke. Waiters in keffiyehs and harem pants. A swinging bazaar and street food spiced right with zaatar. Take »

Culture and cuisine

Chef Brent Savage on cooking traditions Down Under, techniques that influence his food and being a guest on ‘Master Chef Australia' »

Dance your way to fitness

Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and cardio-intensive moves to create an addictive workout »

How to … annoy your colleagues

Lady Gaga never fails. Crank up the volume on your cell phone (it helps if it has all the clarity of a pug wheezing) and join in &mda...»

A tale of two cities

Chennai meets Madras, at Raintree hotel's restaurants, with distinctive coastal cuisine jostling for space with orchid festooned cocktails »

How to - Snag a guy in time for Valentine's Day

Oh dear. You accidentally dumped your boyfriend last week and now realise you're dateless for Valentines. The horror! The horror! Option...»

Thought for food

Chefs create dishes for a gluten-free casein-free diet »

A taste of nostalgia

We smell Kudumbam before we see it. It's the scent of coconut oil: lush, intense and unapologetically powerful. For every other part of I...»

A lot's cooking here

Fish dim sum, stir-fried vermicelli noodle, ginseng tea, egg tarts, sticky rice with honey and pork…Hong Kong's colourful alleys burst with »

Rendezvous on the rooftop

Azzuri Bay's menu canters across Asia, featuring both Indian-Chinese staples as well as unusual offerings »


Last week three yachts sailed in Chennai. Guided by the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association, which facilitated their entry into Chennai po...»

Sun, sand and spice

Chardonnay cocktails in tender coconuts and skewered prawns, plentiful fish and spectacular sunsets. Fiji beckons the food connoisseur »

Mana from Heaven?

In Fiji, the sun pours down like honey. It delves through the sea, lighting swathes of blues and greens. Leaning out of our boat, we...»

Death becomes them

You're familiar with that sinking feeling, of course. It happens often enough. “When you're in the theatre about half-an-hour into...»

Savour this ride

Naans, rich paneer butter makhani, steaming kadai vegetables, the wind in your hair, the bright lights of ECR…hop on Hijackk »

Reddy Made In Chennai

Kiran Reddy is one of the good guys. Don of the glittering world of city cinema, it would have been easier if he wasn't so nice. After al...»

Kitchen capers

Waffles meet vadais, thattai biscotti and avial ratatouille. Welcome to a more relaxed, intimate style of fusion cooking »

All sound and fury

The air-conditioner was turned off, the performance halted, the audience booted out. Sunday night's celebration of World Theatre Day...»

Wake up to wellness

What you eat in the morning powers you through the day. Here are some options to keep your energy levels soaring »

Stories from the past

FIJI In between many fills of kava — the heady drink for ‘every occasion', SHONALI MUTHALALY gets to listen to tales on the coun »

New flavour takes wing

Emu farms are steadily sprouting across the country as emu meat finds it way into restaurants and home kitchens »

A return to Nature

Here's a company that takes pride in its quality organic produce. And for Gomathi Viswanathan, who heads Enfield Agrobase, it's the fulfilme »

Roti, kebab aur makhani

What makes the menu at Up North special is it's unapologetic simplicity! »

Up close and personal

This is the age of sin. Of lust and greed. “Virtues are out. Vices are in,” says Aditya Swamy, Channel Head of MTV India. &ld...»

Musings of a maharani

Hemlata Rajye, the erstwhile Maharani of Jodhpur, on the romance of arranged marriages, the cuisine of her realm and being a royal in changi »

How to.... be a health junkie

If you're not on a diet of some sort, it's pretty tough to hold your head up in the cocktail circuit. The key to standing out is to b...»

That's the spirit

Cocktails, like hot pants and royal weddings are back in fashion. While opinions are divided on the reason why, trend watchers agree on o...»

Taste the good times

Zaica's varied menu is all about quick, practical and cheerful dining »

High five

On a guided tour of five brews, the audience learnt a thing or two about appreciating whiskey from expert Sandeep Arora »

Reluctant Gourmet - Curry goes contemporary

Chef Vivek Singh, Director of the trendy restaurant Cinnamon Club in London, talks about winning hearts with Indian flavours »

On the gypsy trail

Ayako Iwatani stayed with the Narikuravars for more than a year, ate their food and travelled around with them as part of her research »

A platter full

From only-dessert outlets to Maya, a new-age Andhra restaurant, Sandesh Reddy's culinary journey continues. He tells us that experiments wit »

Reluctant Gourmet – A sumptuous spread

Food Newly-opened Triana and Donut House offer a variety fare »

Reluctant Gourmet - How about some dotcom sandwiches?

The Internet gives you countless ideas about the wonders you can do with two slices of bread »

The world on a platter

Vasco's and Est at The Hilton burst with not-so-unfamiliar international flavours in starkly different settings »

Go Dutch for a change!

Fine dining restaurants, take-away stalls and juice bars — food in Amsterdam is an expression of the city's diversity »

A lot's cooking here

The popular Grand Sweets and Snacks launches restaurants that serve a traditional variety »

Shrine to food art

Barcelona's La Boquería, the biggest food market in Europe, is a wonderful place to peruse and buy the best of Spanish produce »

Think before you eat

It's difficult to believe Namita Jain was once overweight. A respected lifestyle and weight-management specialist, Namita has guided hund...»

How to… Party all night

Whether you're grooving with the Armani set at a farmhouse, getting jiggy with it at a beach rave in Goa or dancing to David Guetta's...»

Whip up excitement

Cold stone ice-creams are here. Choose from a variety of fillings to perk up your sundaes »

An interesting plot

Biju Ashokan's MetroPlots offers complete end-to-end services for those looking to invest in real estate »

Lots of smoke, no fire

Staged by Masquerade Youth Theatre, Bhopal is earnest but melodramatic »

On a food trail in Portugal

Grilled sardines, flaky pastries and heady drinks… it is fun to go restaurant-hopping in Lisbon »

Portrait of an artiste as a perfectionist

Kalari expert Shaji K. John talks to Shonali Muthalaly about the hard physical training involved, tailoring the martial art for the urbanite »

The play's the thing

Naseeruddin Shah has high expectations of you. Which is only a fair reversal of roles. After all, he's spent the last three decades livin...»

Small act, big impact

The ‘Little Festival' set a high benchmark for children's theatre in the city »

Cooking up a French storm

The chefs from Lycee Hotelier Nicolas Appert are in India to reintroduce classic French luxury styled for contemporary audiences »

Whoah! We're Back From Ibiza! (Whoah! In The Mediterranean Sea)

We go to the hedonistic party capital of the world to discover that the party is far from over. »

Welcome, new-age yogis!

136.1 Yoga Studio at Alwarpet promises diverse styles from across practices »

The MetroPlus Theatre Fest returns

Get set for three days of thought-provoking entertainment as our fest takes the stage once more in the city from August 5 to 7 »

On a food safari

Ox and Tomato that specialises in pizzas New York style is among the snazzy new places to eat out in town. »

Island of plenty

Café Mambo heaves with dancers, drinkers and bouncers. Set in the middle of the sunset strip of San Antonia, Ibiza, it draws a fascinatin...»

Exaggerating conventions: The Real Inspector Hound

This production is grander than "The Skeleton Woman" as well. Elaborate costumes and sets make it entirely different from anything »

Duchess gets a makeover

The 20-year-old city restaurant is back serving its old favourites and some new dishes »

Kahn do!

Aaron Kahn a.k.a Rajeev, an American who's on a yoga mission »

Why do we eat what we eat

On some weeks this column is torturous. This is one of those weeks. A free-flowing column on food sounds delightful in theory. So much to...»

Hyatt's hundred

One hundred chefs. This culinary invasion promises to be a game-changer. The Hyatt Regency, which opened in Chennai this week, takes food...»

For theatre's sake

Raising funds, attracting audiences, finding venues… these were the focus of a symposium held as part of The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest 20 »

The great enchantress

Exhausted, I stop for hot chocolate. I've been lugging my suitcase over Barcelona's cobbled streets for what seems like a lifetime. The p...»

Whereabouts of fashion

Photographer Manou documents street fashion. »

Tradition on a platter

Nawaab's at Express Avenue offers the splendour of royal kitchens »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Cakes and creativity

Strangely enough, I thought of cake on the treadmill. Okay. It's not that strange, if I'm honest. Sometimes I dream of Black Forest cake...»

The Reluctant Gourmet: A familiar shade

The newly launched Burgundy offers a menu that’s languidly international, with the accepted basics tweaked and amped up »

Butter chicken in Berlin!

The German capital is dotted with quite a few Indian restaurants that make you feel at home »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Bohemian rhapsody

The underground is eternally cool. In edgy Berlin, home to hipsters of the world, it's also determinedly ephemeral. We attend impromptu...»

Cityscape - Endlessly ephemeral

It can last for years or be erased in 24 hours...Berlin's street art scene is vibrant and alive. »

With love from Turkey

Chef Ethem Aydemir of Azulia says that his trump card is incessant experimentation »

All's well that ends well

We're jolting through the jungle. Trust me, it's not as exciting as Jim Corbett made it out to be. My colleague and I are on a mission to...»

India on your plate

Food shows are the new staple of television, across languages and channels. With such a ‘hungry' audience, are we ready for 24-hour food cha »

The reluctant Gourmet - Apple of your eye

American Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, New Zealand Gala, Japanese Fuji. Just five apples. And they're taking over the wo...»

Tales of steadfast endurance

The Taj at Apollo Bunder released recently chronicles the 108 years of the existence of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, and evokes spe »

Balancing act

We're in the mood for kebabs. A friend has given up ‘carbs.' You're probably familiar with the trend. Everybody seems to be doing it thes...»

World cuisine comes calling

Here's how to find some great recipes that are trustworthy too, on the Internet »

What's cooking in these classes?

What you eat is who you are. As people travel the world, they're learning that picking up a few recipes along the way helps in their underst »

Yen for Masala

Japanese duo Hiroyoshi Takeda and Shinji Kashima are cooking up a storm in Mamallapuram mixing styles »

Drawing out dishes

Comic recipes, created by everyone from artists to food writers, bloggers to home cooks, are an enchanting blend of entertainment and instru »

Dixon express

Clive Dixon is unstoppable. Shonali Muthalaly talks to the Michelin star chef who criss-crosses the globe revamping restaurants »

Eat like a king

The guy in a checked shirt unwraps his present. It's a checked shirt. He looks delighted nonetheless. Perhaps, like Simi Garewal, he's f...»

The Wizard's visit

Flamboyant costumes, chirpy characters, colourful sets... The Wizard of Oz kept children in the audience mesmerised »

Fearless perhaps, but not funny

Maya Krishna Rao's act opening the Prakriti Foundation's New Festival was an uneasy mix of dance and stand up comedy »

A cut above the rest

David Nisbet, art director at Toni & Guy, says India is going to be setting fashion trends »

Browse and buy

A profile of one of the country's first online vegetable delivery services. Shonali Muthalaly meets R. K. Venkatesan of Veggi Bazaar »

The perks of being a kitchen geek

Websites are awash with recipes - the trick is to find the right one. Make space on your kitchen counter for your laptop and cook up a storm »

Jist for theatre lovers

Despite flaws, ‘Jist' staged by Thespian En showed how this group loves acting »

Madras, mood and moments

Namma Chennai series, organised by The Hindu MetroPlus and Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, two stand-up comedians captivated the crowd with »

Power of the word

Bestselling novelist Wilbur Smith tells SHONALI MUTHALALY how excited he is about his forthcoming five-city India tour, organised to promote »

All that Anna saw

A story of courage and conscience. That's how Australian writer Anna Funder describes her latest novel “All That I Am', set in the Germany o »

Does it ring a bell?

Of a novel that takes you back to the Madras of the Seventies »

Highway of flavours

T's the one Indian love affair that never goes sour. Gourmands from all over the world may take pride in boasting about the most expensiv...»

Proof's in the acting

“Proof” could have easily been a corny tear-jerker. Instead, thanks to the cast's restraint and earnestness, it was uplifting »

Showcase: Chocoholic’s dream

Gambling with food can net you a winner, sometimes. »

Brazilian fare

Sam, the French Capoeira master, talks about the art form that combines martial arts and dance with rousing music »

Surf's Up…

They ditched school to catch some waves. Today, Juan and Samai Reboul run a successful surfing school in Puducherry. Shonali Muthalaly dives »

Cross-border cuisine

What’s in and what’s out in 2012? Andrew Freeman & Co list the future trends »

Playing to the senses

It's old Hollywood: impossibly glossy, slightly coy and resolutely ambitious. Scarlett O'Hara, mascara-laden and pouty, meets Marilyn Mon...»

Have phone, will cook

Chef Damu looks annoyed. “Now it's become fancy to say ‘I don't know cooking'.” He adds: “I went to speak at...»

Wines and vistas

Aficionados caught fascinating glimpses of Chile, as they sipped on the country's best wines at a recent tasting session »

Metaphor of the times: ‘Antigone'

A haunting and contemporary retelling of the great Greek epic, ‘Antigone’ remains as relevant today as ever »

The last witness

In 'The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs', Mike Daisey traces the Apple CEO's influence on the modern world »

And all that jazz..: 'Chicago'

Gritty and grungy, 'Chicago' is replete with song and scandal, colour and crime »

Bring on the clowns: ‘Hamlet — The Clown Prince’

‘Hamlet — The Clown Prince’ is Shakespeare with a funny twist »

Mirroring conflict: ‘Medea and its Double’

A whirlwind of colour and emotion, ‘Medea and its Double’ provides a fresh look at the Euripides classic »

Just imagine: ‘The Skeleton Woman’

‘The Skeleton Woman’ weaves together an Inuit folk tale and a modern-day story about a writer and his long-suffering wife »

Cornucopia from the continent

The refurbished restaurant has variety on its menu »

A Sangamam of cuisines

Diverse fare from the many regions of the State come together at the Tamil Unavu Thiruvizha. »

Lessons on how not to cook

FOOD Browse through How Not To Cookbook… and learn from others' kitchen disasters, writes SHONALI MUTHALALY »

Taking centrestage

Theatre director and set designer Mithran Devanesan speaks to SHONALI MUTHALALY on his foray into theatre, his battle with cancer and keepin »

A romance uncorked

CHAT Winemaker Salony Kane on the Indian market and the need for good wines »

A romance uncorked

Winemaker Salony Kane on the Indian market and the need for good wines »

Adventure seekers are here

Forget taking a flight to Dubai and shopping for Gucci at a plush mall. Going on a holiday, trekking, covered in grime and gasping for breat »

Active voice

Consummate theatre actor and voiceover artiste P.C. Ramakrishna on his tryst with music, the corporate world, radio and television. »

Garden of goodness

The reluctant Gouremt - Ramana's Garden Gallery Café at Rishikesh serves food that is local, planet-friendly and bursting with nutrition »

Look who's smoking!

After much heat and determination chef Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni sets a Guinness World Record. Here's a ringside view »

Classical yet edgy

Chefs Danny Russo and Nikhil Nagpal thumb their nose at convention during the celebratory lunch at On The Rocks »

Return of the native

It's time to get back to masala chai and ragi malt…Indian traditional drinks that cleverly balance and blend a variety of flavours »

Sophie's choice

Sophie Girot was so fascinated with traditional Tamil cuisine that she and award-winning author Viji Varadarajan have put together a cook bo »

Tryst with good taste

You are sure to commit calorific sin once you step into Tryst, the new French bakery in town »

Bhajji on the beach

There's no fine china, chandeliers or carpets. But, when it comes to beach-side dining, Besant Nagar scores with its pared-down honesty »

California calling

Paris in the mid-1970s. All wine was old world, and all labels that mattered were French. Then an Englishman came along and changed a...»

Das ka dum

No one - from South Indian heroes to Kolkata Knight Riders in golden pants - was spared in stand-up comedy ‘Walking on Broken Das' »

The power of three

‘A Woman Alone', featuring stories by Dario Fo, threw the spotlight on life, as it is »

California calling

Winemaker Steven Spurrier on ‘The Judgment of Paris', and why he holds a torch for new-world wines »

On the curry trail

London-based Colleen Sen on her latest book and the many avatars of the ubiquitous curry »

Cooking up a storm

Executive Chef Rajesh Radhakrishnan on the challenge of cooking up an inventive menu while keeping traditional flavours intact »

Food, blog by blog

Thanks to food bloggers, anyone, including those intimidated by cooking, can now try to create restaurant-style meals »

Smoke signals

Holy Smoke serves global food that is subtly Indianised to appeal to a larger catchment »

A winning toss

Flamboyant chef Oriana Tirabassi talks about competing in a male-dominated workplace, and her hope that a restaurant in India bags a Micheli »

Das capital

Stand-up comedian Vir Das believes in busting boundaries »

Salsa Underground

They're no longer in the limelight. Salseros in the city have shifted from clubs and bars to quieter venues such as coffee shops, terraces, »

And the winner is…

A wave of young rock star chefs, all unapologetically breaking the traditional rules of gastronomy, tops the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best »

Can't dessert this!

Kiwi Kiss' frozen yoghurts combine the goodness of probiotic curd with the tang of fruit »

How to be … A Neo Hippy

* Smile beatifically and say you're ‘spiritual, not religious' to anyone who asks. And, also to anyone who doesn't. It helps if you...»

Listen to the mountains speak

Looking for a rejuvenating holiday in the Himalayas, off the tourist traps, where you can connect with nature and parts of yourself that you »

From the princess' diaries

Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum, niece of Salar Jung III, is not just royalty, she's also a treasury of royal recipes. SHONALI MUTHALALY samples th »

On the puff trail

“Ah, those vegetable puffs!” exclaims Mickael Besse, in mock despair. An accomplished French chef with a passion for contempo...»

All roads lead to the mall

The much-awaited Express Avenue opens with a soft launch on May 26 »

Welcome to a magical world

The Little Festival will feature plays for children from Korea, Germany and the city »

Art for art's sake

We book holidays online in minutes. We buy diamonds on impulse. We nonchalantly swipe our credit cards at boutiques. Yet, when it com...»

How about a hobby holiday?

Get gloriously sunburnt in Greece while learning to sail a yacht in the startling blue Ionian Sea. Start writing your first novel in...»

Head over heels

Women from all rungs of society scrimp and save for his shoes. We meet celebrated French shoemaker, Christian Louboutin »

Pouring over coffee

From Monsooned Malabar to frappuccinoes and filter coffee...taste the romance of the hot, strong, dark cuppa »

Fun takes centrestage

Chennai's first international theatre festival for children had many creative moments »

New face of luxury

Aloft, the newly-opened four-star hotel in Sholinganallur, is for the business traveller who seeks comfort in familiarity »

Keeping the fire alive

The centenary of the fire temple, two centuries in Chennai, forging friendships… the Parsi community in the city had reason to cheer. Shonal »

Love comes calling

CINEMA Sudhish Kamath's “Good Night Good Morning” explores the dynamics of contemporary romance »

Harvest of health

Beneath Auroville's deceptively calm surface there's plenty of experimentation with edgy health food »

Hide and Pride

Luxury comes in many guises. For Dilip Kapur, founder and president of Hidesign, it's the language of his products. For his father...»

Love… in a joint family

Rafta RaftaAugust 12, 7.15 p.m. Just married? That's wonderful. Unless you're broke. And have no option but t...»

A quirky slice of Puducherry

With Satsanga on Mount Road, Pierre Elouard hopes to create a striking space that is intimate and resonates with warmth »

Bustling with flavours

In Bangkok you cannot escape the joys of unabashed, uncontrived fusion of tastes »

Driven by a romantic journey at his heart

A trip to Antarctica motivated Robert Swan to launch a 50-year mission to preserve the continent »

The Chinese connection

Anjan Chatterjee, founder of Mainland China, talks about his just-launched cookbook and the secret behind the success of his restaurants »

Burst of flavours

Dewberry's offers classic Continental fare, interspersed with some European chic, with nods to fusion and individual tinkering »

Ready for the run

The Give Life Marathon is less than a week away. But, the runners began training two months ago. At 5 a.m., we discover the runners' world »

Click to know what's cooking

While you are tucking into your diet food log on to see the exotica the world is eating »

On a roll

Kaati Zone offers tasty combos packaged neatly for a quick working lunch »

Let panel choose my successor, says Ratan Tata

Group's Taj chain launches its latest luxury hotel in Cape Town »

The stage is set

Actor-director-set designer Michael Muthu speaks to Shonali Muthalaly on theatre in the city, the Boardwalkers and the enduring magic of Jes »

Four and a fantasy

With 'Eristoff MTV Male Fantasy 101', the channel introduces a new genre of reality programming. Shonali Muthalaly watches it unfold in Bang »

The big, fat Greek platter

At Kryptos by Willi the food is unpretentious and tasty and the accent is on good ingredients and cooking techniques »

A heady potpourri

Cheerful sunshine, colourful history, rooms with pastel furnishing, and a menu that balances tradition and plucky experimentation. The new »

Light and frothy

Despite a familiar plot and some average performances, ‘Whose Wife Is She Anyway’ ensured the audience had a good time »

How to — Be a wine snob

Be meticulously snotty. If someone offers you a wine facial, shudder delicately, and insist that nothing less than Chateauneuf-du-Pape to...»

Global-local flavours

Terra Madre, a biennial event, scheduled to take place between October 21 and 25 in Turin, might seem like a big colourful fiesta of food a »

Keeping the faith

Cape Town: Harrowed by unemployment, poverty and crime, the city thrives on fierce pride, cheerfulness, and, of course, unbridled faith »

Asking serious questions

These plays weren't fun. They weren't intended to be. Media Mix's recent theatre festival featured ‘30 Days in September' (by Mahes...»

Cooking it right

Ah, the drama of a professional kitchen. The clang and clatter of oversized pans. Food sizzling, hissing and bubbling: incessantly demand...»

The Reluctant Gourmet — The politics of curry

Oh yes, Sri Lankan food is a lot similar to Tamil Nadu and Kerala cuisine. But, where it deviates, it turns intriguingly distinct. »

Sea fever

After sailing round the world in their yacht, French couple Martine and Lionel Mallard cast oars in Puducherry from where they now custom-ma »

Just for laughs

EVENT From Sean Connery to “Star Wars”, stand-up comedian Anil Desai spares none »

Coffee and cream

Caffé Pascucci at Express Avenue serves a big array of coffee-based desserts besides pizzas and pastas »

Tryst with threads

“What we do should normally not exist,” says Jean-François Lesage. “Because it's too complex. Too sophisticated. Too di...»

Past perfect

Three designers. Three countries. Three styles, materials and views on aesthetics. What they have in common is a deep reverence fo...»

Seasoned with sensitivity

We tend to take our chefs for granted. Earlier it was because they were faceless entities, working behind the scenes. Now, thanks to a st...»

In his virtual home

He's a vagabond who is not after creature comforts. But it's technology that helps him make a living and stay connected. Join Shonali Muthal »

Grill drill

‘Teppan by Benjarong' serves Japanese cuisine exactly the way you like it »

Brownie points

Bad brownies are everywhere. No, not in the Enid Blyton sense, so stop looking around nervously for impish little creatures in tall green...»

Dil hai Hindustani

Vark at the Taj Mahal hotel at Delhi breaks the rules of traditional Indian cooking, yet manages to retain its soul »

A new approach to luxury

The refurbished Taj Coromandel's lobby blends the international contemporary and the Indian traditional »

A taste of plenty

The Rasaa has been brave enough to play around with the traditional multi-cuisine format resulting in food that is flavourful and fun »

November Fest: “An opportunity to listen to great music”

The Hindu Friday Review November Fest has “carved a niche for itself and is eagerly awaited by music lovers,” said G. Satish...»

Flavoured with simple details

I'm not just a reluctant gourmet. I'm also an accidental food writer. So after my first few reviews, which involved much frantic Googling...»

The Saturday Interview — What animals want

Ingrid Newkirk, president and co-founder of PETA, talks about the animal rights organisation's journey, its campaigns and challenges. »

Recreating the Taj

Exhibition Watch the monument of love in white Lindt chocolate »

Dine and drama

‘Dine' at Escape, Express Avenue balances good food with an ambience just right for the theatre-goer »

No doubt, a success

‘Doubt', staged by The Madras Players', dealt with issues of truth, faith and morality, without being didactic »

On a food safari

We drive past quiet vineyards, gleaming horses and Hansel ‘n Gretel cottages. Watched over by towering mountains, idyllic Franschho...»

Bespoke by Taj

The Taj's ‘Delhi Dialogue' programme redefines luxury by personalising it to suit individual tastes, says Shonali Muthalaly »

We like Chennai because... - It grows on you

Psychiatrist Vijay Nagaswami This reluctant metropolis is probably the best sort of metropolis to live in »

We like Chennai because... Spice of life

Chef Praveen Anand It's nice to hit the local markets »

Mixing it right

The city is bustling with new restaurants that usher in flavours from across the world »

A room of one's own

Fashion choreographer Sunil Menon talks to Shonali Muthalaly on founding Sahodaran and working for the rights of gays and transgenders »

The making of the giant

Spy thrillers. Historical fiction. Ken Follett explains how he has traversed genres with success in a conversation with Shonali Muthalaly. »

Battle of Basa

Another night out on the town: cognac and conversation. There's a pause when the main course is set down with a flourish. Lemon garlic ma...»

Cognac conversations

Laurent Robin's got a bee on his lapel. Which certainly beats having one in his bonnet. Though, to be honest, he is rather pernickety whe...»

Kitchen musings

When Mita Kapur visited Bhutan, the only thing she bought was a bag of red chillies. “I ran into the sabzi mandi and then ru...»

Brunch by the bay

Heading out for a fun evening with friends? Mash and Funkjazz's Donuts & Hotdogs' menu and ambience will set the mood »

The magic of The Mustangs

The 60s band The Mustangs returns to rock the city after 40 years with a concert. Shonali Muthalaly reports »

The Reluctant Gourmet - Raising a toast to excellence

The ‘champagne experience' at the Taj Falknuma Palace in Hyderabad bursts the bubble about luxury and high price tags »

The Reluctant Gourmet — A touch of Italian charm

Italia At The Park Pod serves up dishes with flavours that lean towards subtlety »

The Reluctant Gourmet — What's the buzz…about?

Elementz, a haunt for the young and hip, is more lounge than lunch, while Kobe is business-like with an extensive menu »

The Reluctant Gourmet: Pricey and pure

Like fine wine, chocolate and cheese, water has its quirks, secrets and pleasures. Premium bottled water is on its way to becoming the drink »

The Reluctant Gourmet…Bruschetta beckons

The new restaurant, Veneto, aims to make Italian food accessible by capturing its more egalitarian flavours »

In search of the mystic momo

Lovely Lady Languid triggers this off. “Such wonderful momos,” she sighs, swivelling on her seat. “Set in soup twangin...»

It's all in the beans! - The Reluctant Gourmet

The next time you bite into a piece of luscious chocolate, think about the long process from bean to bar »

The Reluctant Gourmet - To the power of food

Power food is the latest fad and there's an exotic variety to choose from »

The Reluctant Gourmet - Back to the basics

Isha Life's all-vegetarian Mahamudra seamlessly blends local ingredients with contemporary cooking styles »

The Reluctant Gourmet - Arabia comes calling

Eating out Zaitoon's Middle Eastern fare is a crowd-pleaser all right, thanks to all the Arabic spices and cooks from Dubai »

The Reluctant Gourmet - Burst of flavours in the backwaters

Quirky cafes in old-world Mattanchery tweak and recreate fancy menus from around the world »

The Reluctant Gourmet - The world in a mall

Express Avenue's food court is filling up quickly with restaurants. Take your pick from Indian regulars or exotic platters »

Flavours from far away

Shiraz Art Café draws upon the Iranian heritage to create delicate and subtle food that is laced with healing ingredients »

Charm your chakras

Crimson Chakra chooses to rediscover South Indian food in a contemporary way »

Off the wall

It’s the latest in the world of fitness. Meet the members of Urban Exodus, Chennai’s first Parkour club »

Fine wine and liquor lollies

Can you make everyone happy? We will soon know, when Ms. Tequila Shots meets Mr. Posh Cognac tomorrow, when Chipstead opens. »

How to... Wear Bling

1) Let’s say it together. We are not Christmas trees. So, drop the flashing lights, glittering tinsel and blinding bangles. If you...»

A big cheese

The world of cheese is complex and alluring, full of colourful histories and intricate flavours. For most of us, brought up on bland commerc »

Play of contrasts

REVIEW "Hamlet The Clown Prince" was a spunky approach to unlocking a celebrated tragedy in a way that connects with everyone »

Sweet hope

The Chocolate Room's menu has a formidable line-up but it doesn't melt hearts »

One page, countless choices

Food blogger Ramki’s one-page cookbooks deconstruct traditional Indian cooking. SHONALI MUTHALALY joins him in the kitchen to w...»

Wine gets dramatic

EVENT A recent wine and cheese evening threw the spotlight on Australian wines reminiscent of everything from scowling thugs to fairytales »

Food, films and fun

Thirty counters dishing out over 20 cuisines. The food fair on at Island Grounds in Chennai offers variety in one place »

Eat your way to tweet

Tweeting what you eat is a fun way to learn about food and watch your weight »

Kashmiri cuisine for all

Kashmiri food is alluringly unfamiliar. Kashmiri food is comfortingly familiar. This contradiction is Koshur Saal’s greatest advant...»

Spin is in

The Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on Elliot’s Beach was fun, reports Shonali Muthalaly »

Are you eating right?

A daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables can help keep cancer at bay »

‘People didn’t understand mental illness’

Sarada Menon remembers a time when there was scant interest and little information about mental illnesses »

Long, long ago…

Madhulika Liddle’s fascination for the past inspired her to write her debut novel, revolving around an aristocrat who mingles with the »

Dine with a dinosaur

The watchman looks smug. It probably comes from spending all day with a gorilla who looks like he's got a weakness for deep-fried food a...»

Return of the Dragon

The popular Golden Dragon reinvents itself, with a touch of contemporary chic and an element of theatre. SHONALI MUTHALALY has an exclus...»

Trim your waste

Finish what’s on your plate. Wasting food is not just unintelligent, it’s also morally wrong. Especially when you consider th...»

Best of three worlds

Cultural activist, philanthropist and businessman Ranvir Shah tells Shonali Muthalaly that multi-tasking lies at the core of his identity »

The good guide to bad food

Food news has never been so immediate. Tweeting and blogging can make or mar a restaurant’s reputation »

India is in

Most Indian writers in English grew up on British Classics. Now they’re returning the favour. Louise Doughty, a novelist, pl...»

The great ghee hunt

Fortunately, we’re easily distracted. So our Great Ghee Hunt halts at the Mylapore vegetable market. Well, it’s more of a...»

Striking a Bal-ance

Plenty of people chop onions and dream about becoming glamorous actors. Aditya Bal, however, posed under the arc lights and dreamt about...»

A wok in Pichavaram!

What is it about Chinese cuisine that has enabled it to travel to every nook and corner of the country? »

Weigh and see!

PASSING BY Beauty and weight loss must be approached in a scientific way, says VLCC founder Vandana Luthra in a chat with SHONALI MUTHALALY »

The taste of Chennai

A profile of five modest eateries that offer some of the best food at pocket-friendly prices »

Picture-perfect Pichavaram

Shonali Muthalaly and Priyadarshni Paitandy reconnect with the RLT’s first destination find that it hasn’t changed at all »

He Says, She Says

Since a column with a name that goes ‘Men are from Madras and Women are from Venus Colony’ wouldn’t be taken too seriou...»

Metaphors for wine

So, you like knocking back cartons of wine while showing off slick B-boying moves? Enjoy Barolo with drippy barbequed chicken wings?...»

Booster shot

Canada's Jus Booster Juice is here, with fruit drinks spiked with herbal additives »

A touch of Tuscany

Pizzas and pastas like they should be. Tuscana, which opens on Monday, brings home the flavours of sunny Italy »

One day in the life of MetroPlus

Well not quite really. But this is how Sudhish Kamath, who is hardly ever in the office, would like to imagine it »

The making of the Reluctant Gourmet

MetroPlus’ resident food critic Shonali Muthalaly, aka The Reluctant Gourmet, on fan mail, hate mail and what it takes to be a restaur »

The indelible art

Forget names, angels and butterflies. Chennai is moving towards personal, grown-up, whacky and even scandalous tattoos »

World of words

The latest Collins Cobuild dictionaries are so user-friendly you can just read them like a book »

The world on a platter

Ashvita’s variety of platters allows you to experiment with tastes and textures »

Rustic bites

How about some meen thoppi fry, straight from Kanyakumari? Head to the newly-opened Ayyanar for cuisines from the rural pockets of Tamil Nad »

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Craving French baguettes and fresh loaves of focaccia? Head to Old Madras Baking Company »






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Former CEC N. Gopalaswami has been appointed as Chairman of Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai. A file photo: V.Sreenivasa Murthy.

Ex-CEC Gopalaswami new chairman of Kalakshetra Foundation

The government has appointed former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami as the new chairman of the governing board of the Chennai-... »